Is new Paradise Lost Pit Worthy?

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Nivens Log, Vol. XXIII

Holy Hell, Batman! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who came out and rocked out at Rockfest! What an amazing day & night! It's truly an honor to be part of something so special!!
Now it's back to the grind!!

Big news this AM is FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, PAPA ROACH & IN THIS MOMENT are coming to the Independence Event Center in September! Rockaholic pre-sale goes down on Thursday at 10 AM!

Last night the misses and I caught a documentary about one of the wildest - roughest - possibly the inspiration for ANIMAL of the MUPPETS - drummers on the planet, GINGER BAKER! Most notably with CREAM but his body of work is insane & impressive!


Here's a new trailer for the film "Soaked in Bleach" about the murder conspiracy of KURT COBAIN, late frontman of NIRVANA!

This is most certainly a gnarly music video from FUTURE USER (which features RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE'S TIM COMMERFORD) "Voodoo Juju". You may recognize a couple faces working away on Tim!

JIM CARREY was today's 4:20 Smoke Break of Stand Up Comedy! "Forgetting problems through an orgasm!"

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Nivens Log, Vol. XXII

One Day Out & Waking UP!!!!!!
Crazy to think that we're already here again! 
Where does the time go?!

I was catching up with my buddy Wes the other night and caught this ad on the telly for a new BATMAN: Arkham Knight video game and couldn't help notice the music sounds awfully familiar

RAMMSTEIN may be taking a little break from TIL LINDEMANN from them is staying busy with his LINDEMANN project. Here's their first video, "Praise Abort". 


Jacoby, Tobin & Jerry along with producer Kevin Churko talk about the new PAPA ROACH track "Gravity" in this video clip. 

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Nivens Log, Vol. XXI

We Can't Stop Here... This Is Bat Country!!
Looks like AVENGED SEVENFOLD have plans in the works for a new DVD/Blu-Ray!
Here's the teaser trailer.


Today's 4:20 Smoke Break of Stand Up Comedy was JIM BREUER. Just found out Jim's working on a Metal album, produced by VOLBEAT's ROB CAGGIANO, with special guest appearance by AC/DC's BRIAN JOHNSON


There's been a lot of speculating on whether or not we'll see Ms. MARIA BRINK, from IN THIS MOMENT, get on stage with PAPA ROACH at ROCKFEST to perform their new jam "Gravity". My money is on YES we'll see it! Here she is doing it to it for the very first time!

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Nivens Log, Vol. XX

Who's ready to do it to it?! 
It's crazy to think that we're throwing it down this week!
Don't procrastinate on those tix yo, this will sell out!!

Today's 4:20 Smoke Break of Stand Up Comedy was Mr. GREG GIRALDO discussing love & marriage!


I'll be interviewing ALL THAT REMAINS on Saturday at ROCKFEST! Here's their latest single, "For You". Thoughts?

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Rockfest VIP!

Rockfest is Saturday and every year I get calls from people asking if they can buy VIP tickets.
Or even worse they did buy VIP tickets online.
And every year I have to tell them that they they are fake.
You cannot buy VIP tickets to Rockfest.
Someone is ripping you off.
Save yourself the cost and embarrassment. 
Sorry for the rant but I just saw some for sale on Craigslist and wanted to let you know the truth.
See ya Saturday! 

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Nivens Log, Vol. XIX

It's Friday Fools & a Memorial Day Weekend! Pool's open!!

The misses and I caught OF MICE & MEN last night at the Uptown and I gotta say, I was super impressed with the audience turn out! Don't get me wrong, some of OM&M's set I really enjoyed! When they went towards that New York Hardcore sound, coupled with that pseudo European rock where the room's pulsating up and down but when they veered into FALL OUT BOY territory they kinda lost me. Front man, Austin Carlile, is the real deal in his stage presence and ability to hold the crowd in the palm of his hand, I just wished he'd stop fucking with his hair! Leave it alone, dude! 
Here's their latest jam on the rock charts, "Never Giving Up". 

HARLAND WILLIAMS was today's 4:20 Smoke Break of Stand Up Comedy! Here's the full performance that I pulled today's bit from. **NSFW**


FLAVOR FLAV is the lead story in this week's Weekly Rock Wind Up! PHIL ANSELMO's "Housecore Horrorfest" is coming back for it's 3rd year down in San Antonio in November. We've got a release date for CLUTCH's new disc "Psychic Warfare". And much, much more! 

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Nivens Log, Vol. XVIII

David Letterman said "Goodbye" to the world last night! 33 years, over 6000 episodes. He was truly a titan of his business. Anytime you can leave your flagship station (NBC)  and go elsewhere (CBS) and succeed means you're doing something right! And Dave did it right. In a previous blog I posted up Eddie Vedder's performance, I now give unto thee last night's final musical act; Foo Fighters with "Everlong". Letterman's favorite track by the them! It's complete with a career montage that's one of the most impressive ever seen.


Today's 4:20 Smoke Break of Stand Up Comedy was brought to you by Mr. Jim Norton discussing having a girlfriend! 

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Nivens Log, Vol. XVII


EDDIE VEDDER was one of DAVID LETTERMAN's final musical guests, this week. He does a stirring rendition of his PEARL JAM classic "Better Man" and gets a standing ovation from the audience. 


Speaking of Letterman, it was announced today that the FOO FIGHTERS will be his final musical act tonight. I personally thought TOM WAITS should have been the final act, but I wouldn't kick the Foo outta bed!

For today's 4:20 Smoke Break of Stand Up Comedy, sponsored by 816 Vapor, was the legendary RICHARD PRYOR talking about his time in the jungles of Africa. 


Here's what happens when a autobot calls into the studio. It's the little things, people!

Tons announced recently... ANTHRAX working on a 17 song album follow up to "Worship Music"... CLUTCH gives us a month for "Psychic Warfare" in September ... AUDIOTOPSY (featuring Matt McDonough & Greg Tribbet of MUDVAYNE) sign with NAPALM RECORDS ... FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH are gonna drop "Got Your Six" in August on the 28th ... GEORGE LYNCH's "Shadow Train" 2-CD set & "Shadow Nation" documentary will roll out in July on the 17th (a day before my birthday!) 
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New Lamb Of God!!!

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