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Nivens Log, Vol. LVIII * New Music Friday * Fire It Up with Disturbed * AC/DC at

Tis New Music Friday and finally TEENAGE TIME KILLERS "Greatest Hits Vol. 1" has dropped!! The laundry list on this Massive-Supergroup is long and wide! No word on how a tour will go or if there will be one! I'll keep you in the loop on this!! 

SAINT SONIA have dropped their self-titled debut album!! They'll also be in KC in October, at the Midland, with SEETHER

Speaking of new stuff, I cover much that's coming in this weeks Weekly Rock Wind Up!! 


Here's what else you can expect....
MASTODON “The Hunter” Vinyl Reissue August 4th
MISS MAY I “Deathless” August 7th
BUCKCHERRY “Rock ‘N’ Roll” August 21st
POP EVIL “Up” August 21st
P.O.D “The Awakening” August 21st
DISTURBED “Immortalized” August 21st
FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH “Got Your Six” August 28th
MOTORHEAD “Bad Magic” August 28th
NIRVANA “Self-Titled Best Of” on Vinyl August 28th
SOILWORK “The Ride Majestic” August 28th
“CLOCKWORK LIVES” Rush’s Neil Peart + Kevin J. Anderson Book September 15th
IRON MAIDEN “The Book of Souls” September 4th
SLAYER “Repentless” September 11th
SAMMY HAGAR “Are we having fun yet: The cooking & partying handbook” September 15th
CHRIS CORNELL “Higher Truth” September 18th
QUEEN “18 disc box set” on Vinyl September 25th
HUNTRESS “Static” September 25th
TROOPER (Iron Maiden) Beer October 1st
TRIVIUM “Silence the Snow” October 2nd
SEVENDUST “Kill the Flaw” October 2nd
MASTODON “Once More ‘Round the Sun” Vinyl Reissue October 5th
PUSCIFER “Money Shot” October 30th
SKINDRED “Volume” October 30th
VINNIE PAUL “Drumming Up an Appetite with Vinnie Paul” Book around Christmas
UGLY KID JOE “Uglier Than They Used Ta Be” TBA crowdsourcing
RICHARDS/CRANE “World Stands Still” Whit Crane UKJ + LEE RICHARDS (Godsmack/Another Animal)
 “Montage of Heck” KURT COBAIN Doc. DVD November
MEGADETH (with Chris Adler of Lamb of God on drums)
SEBASTIAN BACH “18 & Life on Skid Row” January 19th
ROGER MIRET (Agnostic Front) Bio TBA
ANTHRAX End of 2015/Early 2016
SIXX AM (Shooting for double disc) 2016
RAMONES meet ARCHIE Comic Book 2016
DEATH ANGEL April 2016
ZAKK WYLDE “Book of Shadows Vol II” Early 2016
SULLY ERNA (Godsmack frontman) 2016
Who knew? That DISTURBED are "Pot-heads"? Their new video for "Fire It Up" clearly states so!! 

Here's the audio-video, from Dailymotion, I mentioned on air about AC/DC playing at the now defunct CBGB'S

AC/DC 08-24-1977 CBGB's New York by acdchighvoltageaudio
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Nivens Log, Vol. LVII * 1000 Musicians play Foo * Big Boobs a Bouncin * Trebek d

This is absolutely amazing, beautiful, and utterly awesome! 1000 musicians got together in Italy and perform the FOO FIGHTERS classic "Learn to Fly"! Super stoked to see the Foo in action in August at a Sold Out show at the Sprint Center!! You can register and try to win tix HERE!!


I don't know why, but I always find it hysterical when Alex Trebek reads lyrics on Jeopardy! Here he is doing, "Girls, Girls, Girls" from MOTLEY CRUE


And inspired by my buddy David in LA, BIG BOOBS BOUNCING!! 
It'll put a smile on yo face!!

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Nivens Log, Vol. LVI * Nick Swardson * New Video from Clutch

Inspired by the lil lady and I watching GRANDMA'S BOY last night I give to thee, for today's 4:20 Smoke Break of Stand Up Comedy, Mr. Nick Swardson! 

As I've shared in a Weekly Rock Wind UP, CLUTCH is looking to drop their next album "Psychic Warfare" on October the 2nd! "X-Ray Visions" is from that forthcoming album and is their new video!! 

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Nivens Log, Vol. LV * Louis CK on Kids * New Puscifer * Cats

After spending over a week on family vacay with the misses and her six year old daughter I can absolutely relate to today's 4:20 Smoke Break of Stand Up Comedy from Louis CK! If you have kids, you'll understand completely what he's saying! 

Somehow I missed this the other day but here's a new jam from PUSCIFER, "Grand Canyon", from the forthcoming album "Money Shot" which will drop on October 30th! 

This video may be four years old but holy f*ck it's amazing!

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Nivens Log, Vol. LIV * Back from Vacay * HBD Ride the Lightning

Had a blast with the fam whilst on our vacay into Rosendale New York and Brooklyn/NYC! Plenty of photos on my Facebook page here ---> https://www.facebook.com/nivenspage

Happy Birthday to METALLICA'S "Ride the Lightning"! Released on this date in 1984! Wow, 31 years old and still kicking ass!


I absolutely love this Stand Up bit from ERIK GRIFFIN for today's 4:20 Smoke Break! Fortunately me and the fam didn't have as bad of an experience on an airplane last week while we fly out to NY! Oh man!! 

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Nivens Log, Vol. LIII * Tomorrow is My Birthday!! * New Lamb of God

So I'm trying NOT to suck today as we're getting out of town and on vacation for a week!! 
Given that my B-day is tomorrow, I figured I'd find a solid 4:20 Smoke Break bit about one's day of birth! 
Check out IAN EDWARDS! Funny!! 


Another new LAMB OF GOD track dropped today, "Embers", with CHINO MORENO! Hey yo FRITZ spin this sh!t!!

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Nivens Log, Vol. LII * Danzig Will Choke a Fool * Ralphie May *

DANZIG comes to KC on Sunday (day after my birthday) at The Midland and know this much, Glenn does not like to be photographed! Proof is in the puddin'!

RALPHIE MAY comes back to town on October 1st. He'll play The Uptown. He was also today's 4:20 Smoke Break of Stand Up Comedy. Here's the full version of his "Smoking Weed with Jesus" bit! 

I love the webnets for this very reason: A story out of England had me cracking up on air today. Seems a squirrel got all sorts of fit-shaced, tore about a private club busting up bottles and kicking on taps and leaving in its wake a bill of about $400 in damages! 

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New Soilwork - Is it Pit Worthy?

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Nivens Log, Vol. LI * Dov Davidoff * Another Dave Grohl Story

I've been enjoying getting to know the comedic stylings of DOV DAVIDOFF! In today's 4:20 Smoke Break comedy clip he talks about his issues with condoms!! 


Surprise, surprise another DAVE GROHL story!! Seems the FOO FIGHTERS frontman found out a birthday kid was in the crowd, who supposedly can play the drums. Dave invites him up but warns him he better not f*cking suck!! What follows next is every-single-Foo-fans-wetdream!!

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Nivens Log, Vol. L * Kevin Hart Is Afraid of Gorillas * Nirvana "Best of" is Com

I'm really looking forward to seeing KEVIN HART in action on August the 22nd at the Sprint Center! Here he discussing his fear of gorillas!


Word on the street is NIRVANA'S self-titled greatest hits is coming out on vinyl in standard & deluxe versions August 28th! I still say their rendition of "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" aka "In the Pines" is one of their best covers and one of their best songs they've ever done!! 

This story certainly falls in the, "Oh how the mighty have fallen!" Seems you can join former frontman of SKID ROW SEBASTIAN BACH'S Wedding Reception for the low-low price of only $300!! It'll happen on the 21st of August! 
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