Rock Features

Every Friday is Free Beer Friday on 98.9 The Rock! Each hour between 6am and 7pm you’ll have a chance to win a case of beer, just in time for the weekend! You could win a gift certificate to pick out the case of your choice in stock at Hops & Vines Craft Beer, Wine & Spirits Store!


Moose will play it all, from hair bands like Dokken, Ratt, and Warrant to the old school metal guys like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Rush! If you know your rock, you could even win prizes with daily trivia.

Every week day at 3 The Rock goes an hour commercial free to help you wind down the day.


Who doesn’t like a laugh in the afternoon? Tune in and catch the 4:20 Smoke Break comedy clip with Jason Nivens.

You can never have too much Metallica! Every week day at 5pm it’s two in a row to end your work day.

Everyone knows you can’t spell METAL without Metallica!  At 9:00PM Ryan Westward fires up three Metallica songs in a row!

Not for the faint of heart! Hosted by Fritz, The Pit is the heaviest hour of radio in Kansas City. If you like tattoos, piercings, and your music up so loud that your neighbor's house shakes, then you're in The Pit Monday - Friday.

Every Saturday night from 7pm – Midnight our own Dave Fritz hosts “On The Fritz”! Fritz will play requests, talk it up with listeners on-air and giving away prizes each week.

The Mens Room was born one evening in a dark bar during an argument over tater tots. Months later, after all jail time had been served, all that was left was the community service. In a fortunate turn of events the judge sentenced the crew to an outreach program for troubled alcoholic loudmouths. The rest as they say is history. The party has been raging ever since and you're all invited.