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Labor Day Weekend

Hello all!

Sorry its been a while since I've posted....been a BUSY summer!!

Hope everyone had a good Labor Weekend! Mine took me to Beaver Lake near Eureka Springs, Arkansas. If you're looking for a weekend to relax but still have plenty to do, I highly recommend it! I did a lot of scuba diving with my friends at Frogman Scuba Center from here in KC (if you want to certify, that's the place...ask for Manfred and tell him I sent you). Of course, Turpentine Creek is near by...that's the animal sanctuary Johnny is always talking about. Eureka Springs is just a great town to drive through and check out as well. LOTS of scenic windy roads to ride your bike on (saw lots of them this weekend) and good places to eat too. We went to Gaskins Steakhouse which is this authentic log cabin built in 1860 that was turned into a steakhouse...very cool. Not a very big place being an old cabin but it was very relaxed and the food was great! Plenty to do to fill up a weekend if you're looking for a getaway.

Hope you had a great weekend as well! I'm well rested and ready to rip back into it, so I'll see you on the air tonight!!

09/07/2010 9:48AM
Labor Day Weekend
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09/10/2010 6:08AM
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10/22/2010 10:21AM
Glad you a great time traveling this summer. I've listened to you for years and of course am a BIG fan of you!! Miss my home, miss Rockfest, and basically just wanted to say Hi. I reside in Ohio but listen to you guys religiously online...luv ya.
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