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Sponsor overload

So, I've been watching the Chiefs pre-season (I'll talk about the team later in the season when I have a chance to get a good look at their plan) and the thing I have noticed the most with the TV coverage is the absolute sponsor overload. Am I the only one that noticed this? And get me started on turning the field red inside the 20 yard line....I assure you that I know that is the "Red Zone." I don't need my football field color-coded and I don't need a giant sponsor there either. I'm OK with putting a sponsor next to the score at the bottom of the screen....I'm even fine with the announcer saying things like, "This injury report brought to you by....", but do they really need to sell the air between the goal posts during a field goal attempt?? Seriously!! Hopefully its just a pre-season thing and we won't be bombarded during the regular season but its starting to be a little over kill.

Ok, off my soap box. Go Chiefs!!

09/03/2009 8:21PM
Sponsor overload
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