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Rev Theory at Best Buy


First of all, let me say how cool it was that Rev Theory stopped by Best Buy to perform and hang out with us here in Kansas City. For those who don't know, Rev Theory was on the second stage of the Cruefest tour when it stopped by KC. Since there wasn't enough room in the area of Sprint Center for said second stage, all of those bands got the day off and we didn't get to see them when the tour passed through. Most bands would take that day off and sleep in or just lounge on the bus, but Rev Theory decided to have an in-store performace and autograph/photo session with their fans here in KC. Hats off to them.

That being said, let me talk about the performace itself; Awesome/incredible/amazing....pick one. All of us at the office (and anyone who breathes music) understands one thing; if you can't sit down and do it with an acoustic guitar, you can't do it period. Rev Theory can do it. They laid down five songs as if they were written to be performed in that capacity starting with "Hell Yeah." If you were there, then you know what I'm talking about. Speaking of which, for those of you who were there.....thank you! The band specifically came to me after it was over and were absolutely floored that over 400 of you came out on a Sunday to hang out with them at Best Buy. They appreciate the fans in KC more than you know and I told them that if they, or any band is looking for the best fans in the world, then they need to look no further than right here in the Midwest. Those of us at that station have known that for years and feel fortunate to have all of you as our family as you invite us into your lives everyday. Thank you and thanks again to Rev Theory for an incredible performance!

08/21/2009 8:22AM
Rev Theory at Best Buy
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08/24/2009 6:12PM
Nathen Atkinson
Hey sorry this has nothing to do with your blog but i joined the army a little more than a year ago and i just wanted to say thanks for the awesome music even though they moved me down her to bumble...LA i still listen to you guys like crazy KC rocks! thanks again.
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