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The Countdown is ON Bitches!!!!!

It is on like Donkey Kong, my friends!!!  Rockfest 2009 has been announced and it..is..going..to..be....AWESOME!!!!!!  15 bands on 2 stages for 12 hours of non-stop rock!  If you have never been to a Rockfest before, you are certainly in for a treat.  If have been before, then on behalf of everyone here at The Rock, let me say thank you very much because YOU have made Rockfest what it is today!!  We can't thank you enough!! Last year's Rockfest was, in a word, humbling......so we're going to do it again and here they are, the details you've been waiting for...check out this line-up:  On the Main Stage...Korn, Buckcherry, Shinedown, Corey Taylor (his first EVER solo performance), Theory of a Deadman, Saving Abel and Rev Theory.  Not too shabby, huh?!?  OH BUT THERE'S MORE!!!  On the second stage:  Drowning Pool, Duff McKagan's Loaded, Dope, Parlor Mob, Veer Union, Burn Halo, Crooked X and Federation of Horsepower.  You and 50,000 of your closest friend all at the Liberty Memorial May 30th!  If you are a Rockoholic, you can pick up tickets right now THROUGH midnight Friday night for only $19.89!!  Did I mention that the concessions and ice cold Miller Lite are all $5 or less?!  It's going to be one hell of a throwdown!!  Hope to see you all there!!!!!

04/01/2009 2:50PM
The Countdown is ON Bitches!!!!!
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04/06/2009 6:26AM
I was just curious why Rockfest was so early this year... Is it not always later in the summer? My concern... My name is Laura and peeved at the fact that Rockfest is in May this year!!!! I am a single mother of three that has worked my ass off the put myself through college and become a teacher! This was a life long dream that took me 6 years to accomplish. Not only have I just found out, that due to a couple parents not liking me and targeting me as a mother, teacher and person (oh my god I have a couple coverable tattoos and drink occasinally on the weekends when my kids are at their dads and ride a wideglide OH MY), my contract will not be renewed next year but I have recently been told that I need to move outta of my dream house becasue the landlord is a jerk, Now all my friends are texting me telling me that they will not be at my wedding sceduled for May 30th because Rockfest is the day. So here I sit soon to be jobless, soon to be homeless with my fiance and three daughters, knowing that Rockfest is more important to my so called friends then sharing my wedding day with me! I choose my date nine months ago, being sure to avoid any conflicts in schedule and low and behold Rockfest swoops in and threathens to ruin my wedding day!!!!!!!!! Just wanted to say man this is crap:( So if ya get a chance to get on stage and give a shout out maybe you could shout out to all of Bob and Laura's friends that are there and thank them for missing our wedding to share the day with a bunch of drunk strangers! ~Laura
04/11/2009 6:29PM
Hey everyone I really wanna go to Rockfest but just my luck when i went to get my tickets they were already sold out, so if anyone one of your rockers have 2 tickets to sell that would rock so hard!
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