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Who's the bigger PUSSY?

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith for being a judge on American Idol or Vince Neil of Motley Crue who's to be competing on a new ABC show Skating with the Stars (It's like Dancing with the Stars... but on ice!)

Talks amongst yourselves!

11/05/2010 3:31PM
Who's the bigger PUSSY?
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11/05/2010 3:44PM
It's gotta be Vince Neil. No doubt. Now, if you had Bret Michaels in the line-up, he'd be the No. 1 Pussy! {There is no whining in Rock 'n Roll}
11/05/2010 3:53PM
Vince Neil is the bigger pussy. By far. I think I could give him a pass for being on Dancing with the Stars.
11/05/2010 3:59PM
Tyler if you judge by dress aparel, Neil if you judge by the pose in the above picture. I ponder though, with this forfeiture of their rock god status, will it in any way affect the way we view the rest of their abandoned colleagues.......
11/05/2010 4:01PM
Vince. He's had lypo, now he's on skates. Man card taken.
11/05/2010 4:04PM
I can accept Steven Tyler doing American Idol, after all He has been a succesfull part of the music business for 4 generations now. But seeing just the picture of Vince on ice is just too pussy!!!!!
11/05/2010 4:04PM
Def Vince Neil.....really? Skating w the Stars?
11/05/2010 4:12PM
Jay Salmans
Gotta say Steve Tyler. Ice skating is tough and you can get hurt. I wouldn't call hockey players pussies and they all skate.
11/05/2010 4:19PM
jenn borry
I would have to say Steven Tyler with aerosmith.
11/05/2010 4:30PM
Scott Anthony
Vince obviously is the bigger pussy! Along with all the others that do that dancing/skating with the stars crap lol
11/05/2010 4:35PM
Tyler by far, it is ALL for publicity anyway.Vince isn't just dropping his band like Steven is. Looks like Randy "Dog" Jackson will be on a panel with two bitches this year?!
11/05/2010 5:11PM
The Steveo Abides
It's a trick question. The answer is both.
11/05/2010 7:18PM
Hmm, I dunno, if you put Randy Jackson next to Scott Hamilton, Scott Hamilton would be the girl for sure... But singing "I could stay awake, just to hear you breathing..." vs. "I dream about your booty, ya I can't wait until ya do me again" gives Vince some of his man-points back. I'm going to have to go with... Vince Neil for the RATIO of man-points lost compared to Steven Tyler, for this to even be a question.
11/05/2010 9:21PM
I'd probably join the Vince Neil group, but you gotta remember that ice is frekn hard and has been known to break skulls, elbows, tailbones, and legs - plus there's this whole deal with skate blades being sharp enough to slice your jugular with ease. So the obvious answer is Steven Tyler and the cast of American Idol, since they're all pussies that ruin good music and make asstastic-craptasm music even worse.
11/08/2010 7:31AM
Cynthia Schneider
At least Vince is DOING SOMETHING. Steven is TALKING. I gotta go with Steven.
11/11/2010 8:44AM
i say neither. steven tyler pretty much just made me wanna watch the 201 season of american idol more and skating with the stars should be very interseting to watch. i not gonna pick between two of my favorite groups sorry bout that. [and aerosmith has some killer music!! :)]
03/08/2011 3:51PM
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