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As I play G-n-R, I gotta ask...

Would you like to see an ORIGINAL Guns N' Roses reunion. I'm talking about Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff, and Steven Adler. THE line-up put them on the map with their debut album, Appetite for Destruction!? And if YES, how much would you be willing to pay per ticket?

08/05/2010 2:07PM
As I play G-n-R, I gotta ask...
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08/05/2010 2:28PM
I would Pay $9.98 plus ticket master fees because i would get it on pre sale as a Rockoholic LMAO yes i would like to see that show
08/05/2010 3:43PM
Hell Yes!!!!!!!!! I'd give at least as much as I gave for AC/DC maybe more. Just because it is very unlikely it will or would ever happen again. $100+, can't take it with you.
08/05/2010 8:43PM
Tickets to that show would be priceless..literly. lol
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