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My New Favorite Video! NSFW!!

I've probably watched this close to 100 times, and it never gets old! The back story is a guy, Dan Deacon, was all wacked out on something and was recorded by his friends. Then Liam Lynch turned it into an animation. Again, NSFW (Not Safe For Work). Enjoy and comment!

06/08/2010 4:14PM
My New Favorite Video! NSFW!!
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06/10/2010 7:13PM
Fucking awesome video man
06/11/2010 1:33PM
Hahaha damn dude, my friends recorded me when i was, uh, "very happy" the other night. And i gotta say, i sounded WAY more retarded than that. But i GOTTA give em props for animation. Thats awsome. :)
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