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New Music Coming Out...(UPDATED 4/9)

So much new stuff is lined up for 2010, it's just bananas.
Here's a quick rundown.

Sevendust drops Cold Day Memory on April 20th
Airbourne's No Guts, No Glory is out April 20th
Ratt returns with Infestation on April 20th as well
Drowning Pool's Self Titled Album April 27th
Godsmack puts out The Oracle May 4th
Jackyl's Moonshine & Dynamite Collide also drops on May 4th
Vince Neil's Tattoos & Tequila should be out in early May
Faith No More's Mike Patton will also be putting out an album on May 4th, Mondo Cane
Stone Temple Pilot's are putting out their 6th Studio Album, which will be self-titled, on May 25th
Saving Abel puts out Miss America on June 8th
Hell Yeah is putting out Stampede on July 13th
Also in July Ozzy puts out Scream
Korn's putting out their 9th Studio Album, Korn III: Remember Who You Are, in the summer
Stone Sour's 3rd album is tentatively scheduled for August
Disturbed sometime in the Summer
Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier in late summer
Red Hot Chili Peppers - TBA
Linkin Park's putting the final touches on their 4th album
Alter Bridge with Alter Bridge III
SIXX A.M.-Sometime around X-Mas
Saliva - Take That Society - TBA

02/11/2010 2:26PM
New Music Coming Out...(UPDATED 4/9)
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02/23/2010 10:14AM
thanks for posting that info. i've been trying to find all the info in one place for awhile. You still remain the best drive home dj on the air. You rock!! thanks again. BTW: Rob Zombies debute as a director of CSI Miami airs next monday @ 9pm on KCTV 5. It looks interesting. not sure if he is full time or if this is a one time thing.
03/03/2010 6:12AM
Wha?! I was listening to you yesterday and when you were going through the list of new music being released this year you mentioned Seether on the air, but not on your blog. Are they coming out with a new CD this year or was I just hearing things?
04/27/2010 2:16PM
michael anhorn
whats the date on that seether CD???
05/26/2010 7:41PM
When is The date on seether's new CD? Please tell me it's going to be more grunge than finding beauty in negative spaces!
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