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Even at the age of 32, cartoons still rock!

If you heard me at all yesterday talk about the show at the Uptown Theater last night, you know where I'm going with this.

Before that though...

I missed the opening band, High on Fire, which I heard kicked some serious ass. Converge came on after. Yes, they were intense, but I felt like they could spread their songwriting skills beyond, "Orr!! Orr!"... although they are from Boston and possibly giving props to their boy, hockey legend Bobby Orr.

Mastadon was the co headliner. For those that don't know Mastadon, they're considered by many to be one of the more solid Metal bands on the scene . Great set, but for me it was the necessary time needed to leak and get a beer refill. And before I forget, mad love to the ladies in the back bar for hooking a brother up.

I'm not even certain that I'm qualified enough to comment on the awesomeness that is and was Dethklok last night. I was  curious how they'd go about putting on the show seeing as they're cartoon characters. The live, flesh and blood, band was up on the front of the stage dressed in black with not much light used to feature them. Really just enough for them to see their instruments. Behind the live band was the cartoon band, complete with mind bending video that had I been on some form of hallucinogens probably would have totally loved. Best part, for me, was when Murderface left the set to take a leak. If you weren't there, you definitely won't find that as funny as we all did!

10/13/2009 12:40PM
Even at the age of 32, cartoons still rock!
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11/10/2009 12:34PM
Having caught the same show a couple days before in Denver at the Fillmore. I too, was happier than hell with the lineup. Mastadon is a bit more prog rock, but definitely solid. Brandon Smalls, one of the creative forces behind Metalocolypse (aka Dethklok) is the voice of Nathan Explosion, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, and Pickles, and the front man of the actual band that plays on tour. The lighting and video clips that were played with each DethKlok song were truely amazing and most of the videos can be seen on youtube.com. As a late 30 something'er i agree, cartoons still kick ass.... rock on Nivens.. Gundo
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