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Friday, March 17th


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You know we're here fingertips information technology dollars classic videos as two girls like I'd like his. Haven't seen now and I'd also like today I was going to bleach my breath when we hear the Johnny air morning Joseph understand that sometimes. Just like your job. Although I don't. But now there now and as we strive to bring technology here Thursday that Johnny ceremony showed great that looks great. Oh Johnny welcome to the show negative right after the did you build this is just. It is just so it's so good naturedly built in one place. While they either much or certainly appreciate it yet haven't done. He looked like that the story about significantly whereabouts of like overgrown children I pretended to be adult. And that it would wake up and Charlotte. And we saw what they don't stop online and out. You know one day we disturbing customize the shipping labels to a customer that say it victory ordered. And then there was a forward when Daly like we it would not disperse right now but it got up and yet summit that look at it like it or hate it picture content purchased. And the kind of book that there. And they're coming up gears turning. And that's something detonating. In a big bet they'll dot com yeah put that on the packaging. And now with and it turned out because that was my comment that was the bail out the URL but what are we gonna do not die at the N double. Reacts and moral imperative that it the. That is and then that was that yeah like we can make you'll find it in person or just like the greatest thing on the planet. That's that would that would that iPod. We would like I driver Erica check my big body. Hope I always like let's actually born whatever in the memo says he hasn't even been content that. I did it. Or edit window because he's raising you guys have a hard penis sticker the jewels illegally when your body's killer. I mean we we try to be you know crappy people or much. And by the court. It isn't he cute I want it. Wood about intimate Jeep into the we'll cover the jeeps there and size of its dirty. You can write I would think so acutely hard it is well goodness DOC you know. Or what Democrats sunglasses store that's next what I notice he's written three sunglasses narrow. Though this is the next evolution this is this is actual things. You've got chicken meal that instilled a package to implement your boss would ever have a deliberate work here becomes important fantastic but if you don't odds. Written that would get people that cannot. Look at most of the package in their work. That mailman delivered to the house but they're not there. The deputy go in particular got. Go down to post up as we land behind what people and then they have to pick up at the end of the package you know confront everybody and I decide important person. That pretty much that the best thing we'd love. Don't you should get an abortion after care package. Up. June oh. Then that they had that. Which I'd like what you thought people. Like partly shot in line. Between cabinet line that the joke and maybe domestic terrorism. Could you imagine the refused Angel and unplanned parenthood. Think that that is. Bad weather there like I hope they didn't do I think it is an. Hope you do I love a but I love the idea because this is. This is exactly or wheel house man dies so many parts are able to lose his apartment it would stick right in the front of the window or your C. Such an I think see god damn. He sees no detailed people in the parking lot a deceptively in the neighborhood just viable for the apartment up more than people like in yup. Some no doubt that trucker at the personal like that that take up yet she knew he popped or something like what you do what you need something to give back to people. In fact that the pin is right now itself is keeping an I didn't know partly enabled bicker and our segment operating area anyway. Shirt in an violates this brilliant. Voice activated or motion activated sticker you can put other objects so people stand there and talked all I don't I don't. Know. Except I would that they like that it did this so there's deceptive about that motion activated it exists. It was activated. It's just like you don't have somewhat nervous. Arrest or some like that is back on there and you know I had a good time. The other the other sicker so I thought would be perfect for you this. So on medical a lot of medical stuff you get to boo whatever and it'll say for rectal use only for national use only. But you can get it interacts and put it on this peanut butter everything in his house. Everything looked at tape and gradually use the top. And the minute it hit good practical thinkers like you just never know like maybe it is a man but made it up and up. Sells equipment didn't. Yeah we're doing we're doing our small part in outset that help you. Oh we need this one at work here just a big warning sign that you know. Blue and yellow with a big red warning says moving parts present serious wrist addicts do Richard Dickie machinery and I. We all know that that would actually like. Legitimately might put that they can something's. But Ahmadinejad. Yeah. Richmond gives us a long travel boy were joint book as a kid. A group pretty trashing my dad bought some new album as trash cans and neighborhood kids about scramble we couldn't play them so I filled up I was swimming dad came home he was less than pleasing essentially. A genius. I could Dagen you let them do that under present. You so. The land and got those big days for trash and litter Hewitt but no diving stickers yeah. You might. It's fantastic what a great idea it's the all the stuff is available in ten packs you can get the cards by the way. This is my legitimate favorites close its high definition fake or that you must be walls sticker sweeps the global. Think it's going to be playing that good about what god airport identity card started finally see an outlet at all cannot. And you know plus it's good and bad idea David Norris certainly get a you know put political can't. I've got I gotta get some of those kids travel enough it's enough airports how much fun leads to put and I watch people go. Just videotaping it. It's no good way. That was the big yet another thing we're got a lot of request you know it actually does somebody that they get build out and if you wanna get like that of the that's lightweight that that was supposed to happen everything but. If you guys happen to know somebody who can sell me built in bulk like I'm I'm in the market for it. The guy at work now it is whole job is to try to find out how to build that. Clockwise that they did not look at delta can make it fires. By the way it's witty yet he dot com WI TT YYETI. Dot com. Yes you can ship your friends embarrassing package it says because builders that album. But I. They were to come out with like little full we got about a guy working on an actual legitimate bonds might literally months now. But like that that the topic is like an envelope like a quarter up and glitter like fifteen boxes it's totally out of Portland but. We finally engineered something that there's going to be formally jet like this guy. The last few might look like cheap stripper discovering little. It after the Taliban opera entitled to get product coming out of beverage and it. His problem is it it would they would do it the old as it was put a letter and then if you might open it up and drop of job but it's never really had them boom that you wanted to ask who. Yet the that we rent like intact and and put in my 51020. And thirty pound spring about the package. And you know one would that would Google literally wants you know two we actually won an intern at the. I didn't get to lies and you're entered to come. That we have. We were it not probably read. If you don't know Johnny last year may be the new best friend of the show. Lulu what you got that you got a lot. They got double that I kinda guy. Oh look I I got a guy. Try to joke does import export it troopers at the house that joke contract which sport that you might have to buy container. That is permanently I'm. But our gold talent spread you know more happiness in my notes. America but it made it like when we got a bit. But it's so hard do like anybody that took him more if you like junior high school you're looking to crank what you might get to spend or expelled. And I think Toby being where that is not the way. If we kind of see it did. Vision for America. Like I don't like oversell myself I'm not doing the lord's work Thursday but also like not not they are not doing all the artwork. I. Right. It was the biggest builder is back you'll maybe he should go get a bit. You shouldn't see if there's when they do with their second like if that's the detonator into an era where it's got to walk him in the fill up the chart new you need to build those kids. Ballot box now the other and we waited after the we have we've got credit to. If you are now. I remember unplanned parenthood abortion after care get. It out apparently that that your your vote they can adding I think. You know some more insight as it did in the market now yes so nothing else we're gonna we're gonna figure out some of the board and marketer palace. If T unplanned parenthood is dirty Dick. It clear that we had at perfect. I listen you enjoy look forward to your package. I think that my little bit and I would. Really big anger we just a bit like. I think equitable back. May good to meet you will definitely stay in touch our Johnny. Often done in attributed this kid I had. If anything Winnie Eddie don't come from the ITT YYT.