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Thursday, May 18th


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Born December 25 in Chicago Illinois. He is in need time top fuel drag racing champion who was the first driver to break the 330 miles per hour. It holds the record for the fastest quarter mile top fuel run and an amazing 337. Point 58 miles per hour. And this weekend he brings the footage of the nature bring Hartnell nationals at heartland park Topeka. Please welcome. Drag racing legend Tony Schumacher. July 01. Are now live with the if you are living the dream and you just you're so consistently. In the top end of the first only to be who had to be. Fifteen your knowledge recruit and tell me. The dirt on the purple about nineteen but you know what he. And yeah I had a lot that you just returned or are replicas here usenet. Yeah it already absolutely mad and I was raised nodded Jason Taylor and we're a pro charger and you know. Talking to guys like you and just I just think about that level of speed. 1320. Feet that's zero to 337 miles an hour so for those of that arrangement about thirteen Storey building that's about thirteen out of beet red. So then. Rockets don't take off and get to 337 miles now by the thirteenth story. You know it's it's unbelievable how fast from a dead stop. I think it's really impossible people perceive that as they don't go to the race itself you have to see. No doubt in you. As you're eleventh files and work our work our you know it is it is. It and say you know and in person gets thinner and truck and I guess there's no. And in what we did. What makes and so on it until yesterday with a couple guys there last night in exit you know six minutes year. That if it's funny. But the fix didn't hear. Equate to. Endless hours of preparation by those nice guy it neat. In the future that we'll explore the political. That's how little people pay money to feed. That the week is good you know you paid money that football game see anybody to seek it you know hockey game and paid money that he could break. And are racing now we wouldn't buy it I wouldn't be electric six have thousands of object. Christ it's amazing when you think about it because it's. It's also decided on the line that that's were always I just failed that was just it was such a gift that I didn't you know when you can really. Hit that that light perfectly that's what so many ways races are won right there. No I think that's not my specialty. I'm gonna that it. The people that are great at it. Let the restricted only 2000 but thirteen twenty or more he gets cholera Turkey or. To the racetrack law it seemed so sure you won't adopt three seconds. But making a car with 111000 or a local straight. A cold front will pay like last poll you know everything but go all. The controller. And take all the power and keep it equally on all we're tires not the Yankees at around beats that there. You know it looks so we packed the critical strip and ask reference notes that the straight. Right. Its meaning if you wheeled chatter. You know I mean this is no suspension on it you know if you if you break it into through the shoot if you you slam on the brakes it's gonna compress car the next its top three feet off the ground to a 250 miles an hour. Yeah a future fight and start opt in idea that in in. Pomona last year virtually. Like on top of it you know she came out a clip example Greg thinks. I can keep the interest. I moved over and over its pocket or little you know I hit it in that I'm a blue in the back left and right track slowed down a jetBlue that. You know public watching the Brady Bunch and Marsha because there were a little bit and ordered that AQ are you departure what. Correct you know it and I check it out. How does that it up like we. You know because for a minute there a lot of outlet centers like you're trying to stop. Up 330 miles per hour we'll keep football field per second. He's so humble yet. Happen to be only a 180 miles an hour. And I mean it scared me at the same thing no shoot at the brakes whipped topping its us as. I was so shocked because I never it was the first time ever opt for them and never missed a few probably. Fifteen runs under my period. So it's like I'm. In the art collection is still thinking like that and all of our you know our cars. Or handle principle in our shop would be like. Great special side. Would you won't just taken stairwell one quarter world. Robin you shut its own quote here crossover. Vote keep the key deflection in the in the if Jesse not only this. Flexible. Ed Edward you wanted to flex flexible and won at least if he steps so. First there's an incident ball that goes into it. Part of the interview with the army corps and they are you army about it because you block without a step too cute science technology engineering math. We look at their car it is step marble it is. Really. It came injury and how are. Sure it's save your life and and if people don't usually there's so much goes in the end up 337. Miles an hour in the quarter you think. How much faster kidding go at some point in nature and I feel like it kind of started to click on the eight miles but. Yeah they're they're really they're limiting top speed because it is getting that place where we hope asking only humanly and survive it. Well. Good question to play wouldn't get that article 330. About the first reaper. In a quarter mile and I don't they moved in 2000. I was first 330 yen in Elkhart abruptly 35. In a thousand. Yet. They make rules laws you know that when you kill me because. It. They make rules we see adapt to the rules and sometimes those rules make a car more stable. Learn better and legal quirk we were awarded three point eight. 65 seconds in the called you right now it winning by inch you know. You get Israel I don't know but I cartilage as except Kurt can't go to Harvard and he was correct that day. Those tires and that engine and that blah blah blah but. But don't look out and take it in the bigger we don't know what the technology can be tomorrow there are reviewed by. Young Q school local public plans can't foresee yet. And that's the best part about the youth there we need to change in the bill that we developed in the watching. It's watching the future you know watching 'cause come together. And and keep the old and she's. That would get you to think outside the box. It's early two thousands. That you've broken leg and it was an open fracture of the bone came too risky and you've got sideways Ethier returned to avoid the wall and die edged all went bad for him. Well we can. We'll wing it put a Leo a thousand felt helpless on the broke off under. A smile from the courtroom like local mall and just the symmetry I think it's like that. For the most watched Google couldn't stop. And you do you not put Tony Schumacher in the person of the crash. You know that they that it is but now. I crashed as it actually currently have now I don't theatrical. We put it to slow that are so it's you know debate it right you know those days. They cared much about the driver I hear that yeah I speak to their parts in worker and I'm pretty sure that you die every month for ten year. Do you well as they wouldn't kill people and now there incredible city we've done. Magical job putting this can't appear split the bulletproof car and car. Everything around it then in fact protect and so like in their little false sense of security bill obstacle 330 models but I. I'm glad like teach or shall perked foot by eight feet from. You know my kids like it feels like he went back home. And we work and so we are. People and that still only a couple of breaks. You'll be below it. This weekend's going to be great up and heartland park I'm so glad it's back because. You know we always loved Casey are nick had a dispute and a nice neighborhood built up around that track and they got railroad it's such as it was. It really important part of of the American racing I mean everybody. The snake you know and garlands and enforce they all can remember pulling in there and and being a part of its now heartland is always. You guys need support because in the racing is so incredible and it is such a great American past and it's. You know the guys who do it yourself bigger than black person as a Tony Schumacher John force the funny if you you broke your leg and that he was Memphis and and then you were able to run the clutch and you you back racing pretty quick. That tendency. You don't you have all of. Those guys I got to make it because I you won't bring it. You have finished at we're talking about. He broke his leg it's fractured the bone come through the skin ten days later there's no chance of being healed at all. And he's in a car that shaking and vibrating at a level of anger and incredible power that all is doing just grinding those bones together it's better when you're caught the road like. It's any healing was done that day like you're it's it's all gone. Lucas broke its optimal. Diet but I think. And did you just about 111000 hours but when it is chatters the tigers people lose teeth. Anthony's mouth guards bones a stunt with fracture. Like you get chucked in the bucket seat to apple experience that 200 we're talking about 337. And that anything can happen to me it's really. As safe as it is today I had the student bureau ever registered welcome off the spindle. Like this will pop. Video he had watched it scared me to death. And I learned to never never not check twice that he or probably. The work and that's where you don't you'll do shortcut and there's no reason for my guys. We spent a lot of time talking about what we can't get around a little kick out that there will need you to talk about it retire. You mean it's what a great way to make a living but what terrified me living in as a slowed down few yet we you can look at. Even at that speed that he can somewhat see what what you're going past. Absolutely. Have so ethnic slot as part of its practice at all the operator something that's cool and I'd get too worked two year. Like dot. Working perceive that your preparations such like park exit while all the theoretical performance local hooker for so. And in the flow seems eager to capture that particular that it last week in school right now this week actually. It is next because so many kids to go on the BB edit past that help or at what should probably be stuck and so watched you get a unity they'll put their hand. And that's what they actually changed some that you're going to be the top fuel cars wouldn't be an astronaut engineered. You're curb that they're creating a lot of gonna be gone. That's actually not a typical piece sure the work he giddy. Can you got a corner people think that things apply in my upkeep so what it's like in eagle years and years of political corner over. I keep I give it preparation that I eat it he just how line. And he tie there's no practice traditional with a cracked cracked the tricky. It's you can't practice here. It's intense. And some people have. Natural ability like when you brought up as we racing all the time when your kid. Or so that would stupid stuff so it will heal it it. Political prisoner currently treated. He wouldn't be an account of that we ought Fulmer our third Leo what are the ultra small. Don't want to build upon it try considered the I talk all the guys who are different paths to get their relative wealth. Well the characters that you be along the way they're so good I'm Everett case like the top fuel guys are racing. Local racing funny cars in the it. He's easy to use and just these crazy wonderful. Bigger than life characters that you'd see that crazy bastard driving you know 250 miles outside waste amateur. You know it's Qatar as an animal. You'd better it's the solid pick up but it is incredible and sport like. So acute Kamal that they in the knee. I put out Atlanta last week sort of eye opener before this is it's just you know I like beer but you won't sit well drink and 8 o'clock as governor. Or sport where we'll go toward the family that you check out there that's got we kitchen light at all. We all enjoy it because of what it's not a principle is covered it's we can walks with cars it built. What about the sport you get the ball out and help that you wouldn't think he should do the best at that particular should. It's a special day. Nobody's angry nobody's aggressive. There's no fist fights and nature is to believe it or not sounds crazy but. Policy Amber's here to watch the spectacle to be part of it can close the drivers like we're talking about it's it really has battered the public wouldn't go to football games are just too much ass kicking people. Is it the whole thing is this just enjoy this you go out. Mean you have a fantastic day they'll treat you grated at heartland park you you can get so close to it. If he gets closer to stay in your eyes that measurement. And well. It's so much on the first and stood between that Schumacher to two cores heartland. And top fuel and it left. I literally couldn't wrap my daughter and I just saw you you you can't reconcile. What you just saw with your brain like. The cars were there there's an unbelievable roar and they're just gone and I say go on like you didn't see it believe there has got. I can live magic trick. It. And you can do it. It program that is. Is that there and then go up and it's unbelievable. In the debt can sit up in the standard and keep those lessons with the kids they can go like that dictate you see what would light that's because he wanted you see the other car. He blocked. Yes we're. Got. I guess quarterback give them money right now. Doc today hit it hasn't participation trophy. Exactly right I do well. I get eaten at taco bill are look at the lot that gets what I noticed the difference between the paycheck that. It couldn't put it it is as if you'll get beat UT oh he heard her tribe are there and how we can make it people he's unbelievable. Now that you know what you've never become a champion Adam and he can do it kid but just tell taught you teach look at the difference between winning and losing. Doesn't mean you're correct you don't call it did when he is the look a day you didn't win tomorrow you can't win. Like this is what it's like. It at a certain that there is different look I had a lot about why those 82 New Orleans eat so much. Little bit parts that are IR two and like. If you are going to if you Alcatel they all day right. And how much each that in look at Richard Petty Allison got further although that's current and that's it. I'd bite you wanted to laugh. It took you so that will all stay at that you understand over the last forty years old. We purchased a trip and so what we're essentially killer is gonna change the whole thing goes all object that guy that is. The same public lust for it as a rookie of whidbey. The only reason to be great but we shall look they look up to that in that. If you all got out there you can just beef from the practice Gershon who. Purchaser can happen in the cal. That's OK it's like them so you know but it decent. Crude cheaper popular cars you can astronaut at this their thank you get beat better than. The average. A lot of that referred to all of the couple that that would let go we sweep of the elect a. You're gonna CPU speed that we're CTV in your sport and I mean you've had some crashes and it you know obviously it's an incredible force that that. You know when you when you hit and tumble like that. You can scan it have you seen any evidence of of stuff like that your sport. No but you know to. Kiffin concussions. In eagle to get older you'll concussion and excellence. In these does that tire shake. I can tell you that that won't crash I had remembered that quite as good. And that. Well well English well and from a supplemental. Aid groups bought. But just he crashed in regards. A look at downforce that it crashed expressed. In dollars and he's almost almost little. Ethnic I think he's always been do piece of expelling it as a job boards normal. I. Think nobody is. You know because it's real we heard you talk with church people don't know but I think crash and crash and that higher chatter when you're. You know could you you warmest except expand and that's huge grip this and you and your way but the adults in purse is much as though bill coached. And they'll work up on you and that. Violence he knocks teeth out of people it shakes your brain starts little bleeds inside. It's the people. I mean because it's not so obvious when you're a spectator but man if you have been one of those and a maximum level it's it is absolutely bring Joseph. You know the tribunal paint pictures and our keynote he could you. Just expect this resident I'm guessing it really does that all of a duke. Looked like reverend got as lucky shot out of the candidate well I don't let out of the challenge it that. It is in a fight that yes you deity equals about understated the child. I only other immigrant one friendly adventure we can't actually at one end and swept. It was Dupree was Jesse James Dupree Opel models and for the TV show that he did an entire set would you tackle. And then backed up and shot him from one end the full house and the other two and into the core. Oracle offered you'd love that you'd even have to Sturgis. No I would I would dispute micro that you you should. Be about right. Well it's actually after. Seattle in the greater you can give it away sort of a street race. He'll get ready for indeed. I don't know where to look I look right. We had a 600 acre campground after the popular campground the full throttle Lou which is the biggest biker bar in the world. I'll make sure those guys are guarantee we'd get to the cabin. And ditches and this and because worker broadcasting every year and shoot the TV show and all that business but that man if you have some time up even if it's for a couple days and what will accommodate. I can do I get my currently spot easily sprint car you buy it if Kerry spot. They're partly pipes are sent out and he is in Phoenix so those guys will pick my trailer and the bikes and tried to oracle. Wherever in the you know much like there is what is he up like a flight from their cute or what about. Like Rapid City. And Jake give you my email for real like that under the guise that the outlook public utility everybody's motor sports fan they've got a little racetrack up there they put it's this. Huge new facility it's it's a huge issue machine guns where. Right now I think we're get into. Think the guys bought Sherman tank rent it's contrived. Plot out. Your. You're it's it's absurd like it really is good you should everybody's Google wants future. Are very. Good this week come out and and we'll catch up a little bit on the tree Hewlett from a district that's a genuine and real open invitation. Operative as good here voiced only got to give up.