Friday, July 14th


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Friday is our here tons of crude to come though happening in Kansas City. And once a premium now there's a dog melee I got my head miles there right she's Guber and I got larger and Alou ball pledging to certified and everybody's. And I am trying to say highly. I guess offering a wide variety I think experience to the table. Is a Louisiana born Texas raised actor who we've seen Walking Dead. In the films the devil's rejects Halloween and third. I'll go born California restart the cult classics. Like school. This made appearances intends intend to the third. Or if you've seen in HBO's band of Brothers film grossed point. It was one of the centerpieces and one of the most talked about season he's in television this insurgency for him forward on the Walking Dead. In this you can read them all to come Casey. Please welcome actors. Sanjay Jones and Michael could let's. Going on over real. It is like so much usually. When problems. I schools. Solicitation or sale by apple hold. Funny guys you excel outlook and everybody blue yeah yeah we've been running and I had just come out of Texas just finish number of Claremont and mountain west Texas in the mosquito shouldn't and here we are in Kansas then and this seems like home breaks and Asia time here unless. Yes and who's new and welcome news shouldn't think your brokerage revenues discover tomorrow I turned my area where you won't go class too nice way to beautiful yeah. Beautifully did you detect any illusions open now yeah I missed that. I have to I'd I took the called the black cab political tour that was very in the red nose all very real measure certain or Alexandra my mom's from England right polarized than an orange and she should prove Asus did some terrible things. He is Hillary's advantage when I was a kid and and then I'm like well no entirely honest studies on this and picked the bit. The amount it would really okay it went on all this one girl country and and it's beautiful and it's I love the officers let them a great place as a walk in the show men and just this one. Also the site and filmed alleged pull. We've got there they kidding me Momo. Have Intel and you're can mimic reality every OK and I curriculum and how does that your for the gift I appreciate. I didn't have many others do you think they're crippled you know how many things I've lost artists over the years because they didn't have something that they used to have they're managed to have. Am I here you go. I don't dump McCain even Guns 'N Roses there was a limited edition was 200 use your illusion gate folds. And that friend might give it to judge wanted to get it signed news like. He knew I had one of these men in my adult court found those things here you get. I hadn't gone forever Johnny I don't have a dog I had no right well we'll just take one yeah. Different Bigelow won police opened a little too much and you and you I would never met before now and show it. I'm still a series tomorrow I know. Don't let them I don't know if it and I understand listen to my body blows land again I changed his last name and run him over the first time. Both swimming area. Yeah that's much better and that's not gonna flash but he made it should create my mama's like what is truly lump big bomb golf courses Yahoo!. She did so we start them out right yet now CU. Thankfully there's eight seasons a walking and. I didn't do a good they're dating a guy that I did three and a half was camera came on middle men mid season four and finished up. Did the book ended its seasons I think. Cruise line ever on the way outside when that is when they lost that. It's. Insanely my pay Sierra. We are today and how much you love to hate me and like just the whole thing here now relay judges gave him. Yeah is to Derek. They Syria put. I was right and you already know and everybody you doing stuff you can and then like they got on sees a guy to my dad right. Moved out your UK with the writers now. It is totally blue you went through you daddy. Did it happens you kind of note on hand you don't believe it right. You only oh and. I mean I was affairs show for a camera and so I had seen my favorite characters leave and I would say good you come on the show after. Season three. And you can you were surprised when you're gonna leave you show your media Diana. Point that. It's execute and they told me I was in me on seven years now and I've built a pool and. It's a skateboard ramp now garnered more memorable to pool now that's like radio ready they'll look. Now I always read nothing vicious smoked radio would fire house. You we first make sure you knew you were going out though didn't you know we pray for spectrum whatever we couldn't talk about us trying Michael our talk and on the way over about how he had to. Barry himself. We have to become a recluse because if people see you bright and your not in Georgia filming. Sums up. So you know I knew moved to meet beginning. Matt and I mean we knew way earlier in the week we filmed my leaving the show. Men may and you guys working as he talks over a long time send them to die anywhere in the I mean it's like EE. Be it would know so we have to keep up to lose so he's just 100 just would you go to stick around did you. Really yeah it over to Moscow I'm not crazy. And Saint Petersburg. I've done the same ouster uneasy when you're about four years ago bill Fred were fine he's good for the bumble regret the day I pulled in the Moscow is it not. A genuine Pink Floyd movie and I thought. It was Indian home leg everybody at the same thing you know whatever your you know without getting getting into whatever your political thing hasn't site. Did the people are walking around just onboard that analysts are the people in charge due in here. Look like they're just normal people don't through their day has finally connect with them. Well last push for academics and we're the Internet just weird high seas of New Jersey shall folk. Guns and soldiers and cops do almost as cool as they do that really really really well yeah. Yeah no I'd be a tough yes and it lying area already. We stand or fall into a perfect view down. But it was it was Saint Petersburg is amazing Moscow's amazing. Flea markets and we wish I mean deep into the Moscow space museum when did it. It's not the greatest and hear it here. Half truth half propaganda we have I think to say just stepping into a code of movie it was mayhem. Sixty years ago I couldn't be I still have a money and that's got a plastic. They showed everybody when they when they first built that. And Germany and Russia got these little waves. Additional option occupational and do you imagine it's actually send out a little boo boo boos cure is stacking dolls and we have bower with. With. Yeah Hillary is where. And the others said that has trump. Yeah all the home after right there and he dozens of cameras and here whenever there was no us or we actually got a pink orange a collector's item. Yeah I'm not sure where she didn't leave the smallest front command of Hillary it's a. If I remember who only I have recollection I've grown into you on your action figures yeah. I usually don't do well and that's it. He's so calm look on this cryptic this weekend is that. It does is but the greatest of fans and I would never thought these can become so popular man I really can't accomplish not much fun at. Very first one I realized Perry's first Kansas City cryptic calmly we did that in the this shows grown yeah I'm misses that this is really taken off to people think its closest friends who have harmed in Kansas City and now. They're bringing up they bought a swamp vortex leisure room. And they move the entire thing up just a TrueCrypt account for the weekend it's that I'll play that hole it's everything's experience editing meetings credible people these guys watch television. And it really is and you look across through right now it's not lost on me like this that big slice of pop culture. Who now. You know historically. And they were the fans get to tell us their story that type of impact that we had on their lives and the more travel you know. When Michael do we're starting the year. More more stories and I get this forty year old man wife three kids he's you know I'm I'm expecting your same thing hey you know a grown up watching you and your result. But you say that I'm here in the stores now saying we don't understand when I was twelve years old came from a release dysfunctional house. I wouldn't Somalia's famine words in my room to take my life. And as for is always put. Just back on you know that that queens soundtrack to a movie fun. And and he told me he did that indecency amp you're curious to Flash Gordon not only gives me hope he gave me value to continue to live footage. But I've got to put my glasses on goes to her funeral and all questions if that's what I'm hearing how wonderful it was like different a lot of kids and you know how we judge and a metal records or which you know whatever was in disagreement with Libya. And I'm a movie with a great message a great hero or an album you focus. Not all kids are popular not all kids play T sports and just tried about everything he's perfectly OK and you've got to find your place and I definitely was literally hundreds monster we John you know if you. My back. Let's let go live wonderful dinner or daddy hello mom you how my husband doesn't hurt her feelings and it doesn't hurt her Sheila and I think after she hasn't won my mom told me. Birds and bees a true story Tony any get a little sleep have you run away sleep with anyone. Because you're not special or. 100% through its exact truth hurts. The truth hurt yes at the time it really well. And I thought I'm so magical objects just leaves a British right now and you'll elect on the amount you pretty slow down the party didn't hear was just ask your father yeah. It's. Right you know machines and. The region a bar and it and it might marry her right to a different though you know built she's only sixteen years old. Did you were red neck and the well let us Tennessee. Every time home to west in the same bag and resilient and are now Siri relentless desire. Shut out there and lose zero Jeanne moos is more fun yeah I'll. The guys so early Tuesday like do you have Louisiana. Not my only I'm Louisiana Louisiana mr. de would you brought Ahmad born in New Yorkers in Jersey. I'm really guys get back to new York and a great man by the grace and he did in the world actually more fun anything and these. And would you grow up Saint Petersburg. Suitors for a while Russia belt right now. But well we get the Russian government roster but I've been seeing Pete yeah beaches a lot of humidity rented yes you try to agitate movie this is such a terrible thing I honestly wanna do copd. I know that I can read I don't know end. Zeller so early well I know that Ted movies like reigniting. The memory of how much we love that ugly Flash Gordon is it. If that was off the wall what do you call from. Seth MacFarlane and went my reply was no reunion. It's a he said listen let's say a mean my god I was nine years old when I saw your movie it changed my life so how do you change your life. Well I knew when I walked on a movie you are wanted to be creative type guy as who will set you know what became creative deal also became a bit overrated Q did you call what they. It was funny so look I want you played duke parent what you do or did you spoof on yourself. And that's about sounds like fun until you read the script if it's here what. All that I had I was OK that was funny leg. Just let me just a great goof manages this is there wasn't on the have to left there is an almost no less it's like. You know you guys you know it is it's it's just wrong lets you be here I want you know every works hard and in the end he can't you know taken so seriously is going to settle this. It's a blessing to work you know you hear all these stories. Yeah we who do you allow these Q&A some panels and hope you will be you're going to be happening here as well and your current account. But I won't get a lot of questions are well you did you take a long deciding if you want to do that project. Is suddenly give you some statistics right now. 97%. Of all actors don't make a living in the USS okay only 3% do so we can project and less work. Unavailable due nobody in real issue here is yes of course come off. Intel has everything ends yeah yes did you use ultra right what ours is gonna ask your mom dad yeah. You'll Brent Johnson I thought. Don't be bashful your mother wasn't. You so you have that you just use this New York in just it just that bad yeah. I don't know if you heard Jersey new and. I'd urban Jersey Arabs doing theater since like fourth grade. Nice and yeah a day and I actually went to school abundance and did construction repair America's school doing construction the carpentry. I am because of urban Jersey names they give him an actor hearing you're gonna job which is always the million coaching guys like whether you Hollywood and little weird. Man they're worth credits as an audition despite whatever there. You know my dad Idec caromed down off workers I was. Starting to go from engineering degree and you said what are you doing. It is not what you wanna do go for trial where you want to do all yeah that's us and that's and you know I did because he's a he's a year you have you have fought fallback is. Construction firms are going which you know I taught you you learn from you love doing it so that's you know that can be your phone back go do your thing. You have to let the fact that you meet people every day that can't do basic construct and they can change a tire on a garden like. Wow yeah I'm in the mud moved in among blue we have a fixer upper that we are my wife and I we're gonna have fled in ninety. We're still in the house. I can't afford to live there we were gonna flip and I was right on me like you know to make him play thirty gram or whatever so moved in this. Neighborhood gnome all around your doctors and lawyers and earlier I use that you know who can somebody get a day you have you know like in three weeks later on cable a year. Can fix my own did you borrow I had one and oh yeah oh. A lot of McCain we go to yeah and for the neighbors there. And them then we finish how's the earthquake hit and 99 before and he was forced to. 34. 94 I was there loser Turkey too big enough and I diligently here and I feel like I had. It's very that you earn and anybody Exel more info that I need. Early ninety's river house drops in we couldn't afford to move so we stay there are still there. And indeed you've got it walking down and that's that's the biggest regret I mean that's in terms of like. Okay stop I mean that's a what do they say that you know any time there's there's you know TV money like that you're a dear dear you know you go three years and he really is settled in a bit. It's it's a great work is then when your off you can go do movies you can do other stuff good rebellion these great projects. Yes for me more it's more of herb it's just more just spit of sand. Interaction that was different than anything else. That got what he did she if you fan base's walls is intense and and loyal. And they're gorgeous. They're missing. He had the visibility of the Walking Dead is it is overwhelming coming to do we mall or to block my claws had an amazing career ending for the Walking Dead and in continues stay. But when you get on the show it's it's rather. Overwhelming how visible it it puts you in its Russian out in the public. None of these is like that yeah real exactly how to meet gross Pointe blank you think. When you're a movie that's like you're gonna do this and crumbles are Flash Gordon led the truth is when you get somebody's routine and television in the world and in tonight's and that's. Like I watched my friend Jesse to prove the reality show their binge. In all of a sudden they're going to you. They're gonna digest you end in one helping in two evenings and just seeing you every night. Or every waking hour they have out which is. Over twelve. You get so inside the -- been watching I've become consumed with it and you really didn't get lend America. I don't know McCain because you all three centimeters have pinball machines now there are you all you know you around those sodas are okay now you're inhabitants and. Well we are just to the Texas has been involved festival I'm a huge shared why crawled O'Connor myself do you guys have to do it and he fun Frisco Texas. Chris the only thing. To be Minor League Baseball to one of the deal was they gave me a brand new restored to 11980 flash weren't involved in the home against Mardy and images as a kid or that was split right there really well today that he's do you Brennan with them it. Call record Michael what do you write my wife just called it while American nice did you sort of. If so are you. Yeah we'll come back a married guy here and I knew I was right I was like yeah yeah. I don't know it was a monsoon time. You're an idiot I don't want to get booed pinball. I'm sure we have a pinball much news. Yeah their own machines we have we got aid Israel ever LB personal any of them on Abrahams okay I. You know I love that I could have warned but I don't someone should tell you luxurious locking them both you can you can be receiving lump in that production I don't know if you're. What that who promoted that menu you will get a restore Campbell I get a lot of prisons. You know. Kind of prisons we may mean pretty picture frames. I read actually and the am jailhouse tattoos your sketches. Really honestly drama. It's a lot of phone numbers yeah. Call me calls from them will you would accept the charges stuck calls. Yeah he can you. Another size well actually lost a girlfriend like that. As a loss would you have any idea of the joint heatedly to broke you're broke and had an apartment that's why only us that's and there you go. Getting back to mom you're nuts. And that's how they get a degree yeah. It's. Did you NASA cute. By the way jails because that retirement earlier I. We're and a jail that's when me and anybody like Johnny one yeah I've been in jail would you ten days lock up. Lou good ones hit early hit a police officer in the nick it's about a little altercation species and realize it was him and then when they know we knew they were police officer. I didn't know anything else play. They know you get in trouble for the I don't know it was it was silly and John and I was a guy that. Got. Caught on this earth actually. It was an ugly if you've seen mortars radar this morning and you'd you'd understand down the ladies. Little very little almost rules gone down today at Starbucks closed but the bears using a real reasons and had a new win new new barrister the fact that there is there any better as your birdies yeah. Yeah. It's. And we Michael has no allegiance now. You Ali and Palin and he is physically intimidating because a million for Walking Dead usually known on this character you have the sweetest guy in the world huge fastest I used to get that it would be good gingerbread desolate no I don't super. Yeah so anybody during so you do you guys as big guys that I didn't. I was with Mickey Rourke I we did domino and we would go out to dinner and stuff great movie and everybody big man wanted to challenge Mickey do you get that Michael. Yep I know anymore but when I was when I assume like high schools there's not a two and now. Yet this but now my home yeah I don't care fiasco with Mickey's because used by Christmas and I don't know do a midseason let's go let's hook but I give to his credit he'd never do it publicly go meet him in the Alley this anyway. He won a few. Any well we all right so yeah I mean as a bodyguard won a lot I. Not that. Yeah it's interesting because. I'm walking here I'm not a big man and all that I'm with these two guys and that's a good place to be seen with big digital. You ask our Rob Zombie has that he always has big two run his until wee little thing yeah he's out there yeah ever guessed that but nose at it. I can tell in my around Soriano be spoken since. About the so you don't huge fan wheelchair and I like went to the army into stalking the Rob Zombie out deacons against the new book of this 55000 version music festival I can't spend three months talking about how huge the show's going to be still a spook show. International black nose of the I usually never down Bryant who literally brings nothing. I'm back well you're doing and he doesn't fly in Dayton for screams and I must come into Jacob backstage and we're talking this is an hour before he spoke to 155000. People on the other side of the trailer. Yes John you know and people who really reacts the show he's selling the and I go out. And I give you diarrhea coming. Please tell me how he just wants to music and my handgun used in what's been the way to bring the show ya know how are yeah. I'm not kidding I've never been so sick. A mile at it wasn't like he did it can potentially be that nobody asked nobody told nobody had a discussion again as well and I guess he walked over to 55 after three months of time as he did a great show they've ever seen it was just him and then it's and then went for monster screens and then some paintings on the on the edge. Until you shaken and I couldn't run away fast enough. John and his son. And we both walked outside like little girls of all a bit like wheezing well I might. I just remember when he said that I remember all of all the blood going on your face I don't. And I literally I trust my son and pull them back towards me he. Yeah Horace you know we say that. John you're not special. I don't brought this show. You know president chairman and told lines like that's which by the congratulations on 31. Yeah that was that was easy and once you miss. Now he wanted to Rob Zombie it is so creepy if it is it took a year out in my life I mean essentially judging it now. Elmo we know media you shouldn't let your your mom see it right or just that and love life is that no actually. Nobody should. I'm elated we want people notices can now. That was that was some more now was you know those things that you just. Is it hard to do and then you do it and it's hard to undo. Lunch from your person you know how that is why I think these descriptive line is film doesn't lie you know. Something to do what I. You're getting so essential to dark like how parliament and it seemed slightly yeah. Isn't good work but it is dark re like yeah federal street and magna mileage jump pass out one. Pretty much everyone yeah armed armed. Try not to mother needs to third they're gonna go what's wrong with you. Listen he's and we want you dead stuff you know family at some point we're like yeah. A lot of film I guess this weekend that I do dirt tourist. Though it is his. Pretty slick now bigger better and you are the protagonist here hence me inside. You know hundred minutes of me oh we make it. Oh why Iowa I have an hour now what now and Oceanic and partially can remove side. I have a dark make your story might make you happy and I do this go now targets they get you're got me go to Raleigh. It's sitting on the edge of my see this movie called Mon chauffeur was maybe former many years ago. And anyway he went 6 in the morning wintertime only about 31 degrees outside the director so look to strip naked the cameras it to back. You run down the markets will leave the park is anybody's scouted. But you know couple are yours to make sure that nobody is certain there's nobody here 6:30 in the morning. So they start running naked okay when my back record and I turn this corner there's cameras and all the sudden hello to my left. There's a senior Citizens Bank. Yeah I know these certainly are women so they. I don't see bigger. Girl singers shouldn't. Laundries. And story only only only it was that or Giles yeah. Those are that sure yeah. So I have another yeah solar years this coming out is it this weekend we know they're shown at this week. So I have one coming on August called kidnapped with Halley Berry. Announced and you know he's. Her son and I take that little. Yeah I know what you know children's body parts or worse. You know or insecure director harvest them op Chop Shop the sweet is taking me and how old is he held his six full out lord man. Yeah little hearts and long seat on the right away can kidneys. Almost as much as you drink and lakers are good at this you know they say Iran and the highest values that are in the womb but they're out outside the noon eastern he's still get through she's delightful child. He was great and and nephews and Geithner got and here's who I'm make his accuser here the disk yeah. If you don't know what he's gray. How did this kid because. Typically. Well we do today we we we post our dealings and I knew exactly where mom was going to be this weekend at the birthday party in the part of that was the only way you can what are responsible kids. Oh yeah let's see if she wants him back. All checked on him want to win and he could give me. So she's by citizens got a little time he's got a little a little Leah Neeson now. How it's. Very little. Yeah just to make the world legal worker I was with a buddy in Nicaragua all places Whitewater rafting. And they told you don't speak to local because and is that a rash of of propaganda go do that Americans were coming down the harvest little kids organs go. I don't talk to the locals when you go to the river because there was an instance and whether that's a snow or that they were still visit telling us. Don't do it they just beat two people to death oh wow yeah because it's a direct to your kids some sort of I don't know what you like forget it here and durable. You're working and what is the did he just say that no no no good. We have our own puppies or didn't say yeah ma it was he give you been scared traveling between DC and you jumped out with the Moscow Elysee piano. Human that please feel mammal little freaked out radar does actually is a place because I had to happen I mean just in my mind. Happen anywhere there even a negative in the city in the states where we're I've traveled so much he has followed the same thing reasserted you know you look at your phone you have to map New York. That's under a mile hike and while there and then you get like sort of halfway between where you go and where you've been you look around you're like. This is maybe not a good chemical. Queens around that city yeah you had rumors are like he can't you soon too far to go back. Acting you almost. There and you're like where is this there and who know Woburn high. On the move in there my hair out at the New York City hello and I did and album and I'm trying to get the Mercury lounge in the east village negotiate bay and I realize I'm in the wrong place. Halfway between here where I'm like. Hough didn't start this underhanded as your confidence gets in trouble and users turn like him but can't easily do so today like I was just there come a. Months ago is entirely different now it's it's really Lilly Lilly it's endlessly gnome and I spent ten days than it used to be cool again it's all central fund and that isn't Michael do you know my my vacation notice in the yeah it was that. Oh we got daily news that's wimpy yeah should I. Or people hit the ground running like there was a there's a pace right it's gone you know why black. Bullish on the cell phones all I know it's entirely slowed that movement in the city now what's crazy out who she faces a bird in their hands. Well a New Yorkers it. For other reasons yeah yeah of course yeah no we have a rule we take motorcycle trips and challenger Brothers like god you really love I really weird start to do that years ago. Everybody stacks and the middle table where Bart you touch it you your Vanderbilt. Why are nice easy entire bill and these guys yeah they may be some problems and yeah your hair for a semi. There were some adrenaline junkies sodium TV I see it on yet it is by the barge that that's all you gotta do what you times a stop go. Yeah I'm I'm I don't have formed human simple. Yeah I didn't assistant. Yeah you're really impress the world around you now. Like key. Like. Johnny Depp doesn't have one either based got force instance what makes someone. I think they took it easy and yeah. And AT&T senator Bradley and then I'm these fake outrage if it's just. These should be great problems that he's so much do you think what is his Big Easy carrier bono's lawsuit through myriad mean I'd sediment chair. The Norman Norman wouldn't none take pictures well that and those are your temperatures are there in union the camera shake my thing is ice like to an enormous trailer. When he was shooting just because this mystery is young. For a salute him some good. I think on step here on the show we had to put them a moratorium on that because you would literally figure in the senate balls on the front. My dads kids in here we have depth that was a forever. Did Norman did banded Brothers we had a lot of that stuff going tried. It's fresh and Jamie Jamie Matty Aaron Neil McDonough. Had a a running feud and to me these new. Trailers that we had exceeded they may be trailers for a sees the comb through diners there's three rooms per trailer. Ben the show so big that England didn't have enough. Motor homes to refresh progression and so they made them and they've made but I should demand. And Jamie Neale got a new written they would go leave each other gifts then each other's bathrooms and more until I guess the trick. Neal when an end and did a number. Lift the lid open lots of their farm and then Jamie went into meals room close the lid let's show. They're on top. Now. Rain and frankly he can't. Yeah and then we left for about nine hours alone right. And I really match up for the win yeah yeah I believe they had to. Throw the trailer. Think Houston fire hazard. K yeah. You into an upper Decker is a lizard down Jamison yeah do in the tank. On the lid off off. Delhi some just don't know what's happening on the lunch and just feels global volunteer good for man's and then so take that movie can't count or are you going to be doing she noted Mary. I don't know in stock amount I'm sort of trying to figure at the gymnastic set it up there it's creation like it seems like you and your your speakers you know. The O'Donnell so that be great seeing a movie you're doing upper deck and the loser for the cure yourself. He died what he wind up in the mirror. Maximize fears dying in a stupidly like I know it's gonna be like masturbating in the shower he slipped and injured many it has bought an apple bars on one hand and a bicycle grip like I can bring them artists and they don't find you for only. Paramedics are there and say I've seen bigger yeah. At. Any moment yeah. Business news. You're usually show you got it could've gotten what you listen to history and it can you talk about again and Walking Dead band of Brothers Flash Gordon. You know all the Rob Zombie movies agents it just goes on on its. The change for people to meet you guys and say hey and really there's no barriers and into The Daily Show it to the patient now get a conversation than inside it really is once in a lifetime if you're fans of the genre and it. They put together could take on Kansas City. I'm sure looking through this yesterday. In his chest it's amazing amount of guests have come and you know it it just goes and goes and goes when you guys have you guys are running and his people still. He's got a really wanna make that person like before you mess and we don't see any other guys you what you walking better bring to bear your gross point like he just coach Jesus Christ I'm getting to meet these guys. I leave it sitting across from Robert Englund this year and I'm not only a year ago and I was like you know I didn't. PM and everybody gurus have worked in the table with Maine. He's a good discussion I had good Denham I'm totally freaked out a settlement and you know and look at and then after launched. I look across and it seemed like running over to meet obviously you don't you shall find. And I. How great is that I. He's a candidate or measure my own and he's a literally mamet you've. Bergen kidding me quite as pitches good that the dumbest look at my face. You're asking her own destroyed. Even the bus so yeah I think we Michael Cain. We're ignorant. Connecticut you know you can't and we're the bar. And watch and UFC fight well you don't use really we had talked that much mousse that I and also and I get to step on my shoulder pads around this Michael Michael says hey. Do you sit down talk a lot supply contract it's. There's about a bargain yeah. They blocking out and tired no. You're and my dad get your enthusiasm but you walked in late and I was living in front another. Nothing he's a body guard yeah I was pretty cool deal with and that's my body. Looks like a special ops guys are better now Luol you lose by not only talk but I read his bio. And John I know you know some bodies involved current share and one of my sons is on the baseball scholarship this year. Doesn't sign before we talk to about about the pending in the future yeah. Supportive of the royals warned him there to. They're trying to put trying to turn around or turn it over a single bad girlfriend. Yeah tell feeling like the slow anyone you like on that someone go back like that lends a series for us like she's changed she's done and he liked it out and bad you want in the rim it's above got is that going out now we're back now and we're doing that was yeah circle. It's symbolic. It's jesus'. There's room for the yeah yeah it's ever expanding the use. It's a course you guys being devastating supersize it never had a better relationship bragged never dated the wrong girl chose the wrong one pretty much always in damage in his own home doesn't own. Then went to the same one for. How long they're twins were come on 32 years its. Critics furniture lazy. I I guess I use weight of every day here. She and yeah. And left yet. This is there and I know obviously gains could be nobody that. It seems though that went with success comes options and most people are staples are current options so when you get into a huge show a band of Brothers your or be you know talk about the stuff like that what he did there's always opportunity. Let me well Veronica tonight. But I think any within your relationship meant to just go with. This type worker makes it more intense junior did grow. Part we've grown together rack you know I think they've had this it's so crazy I think they can help make it the relationship stronger because you. You see everything for what it has secured Kaiser. Open if you try to prove something entire Muir had done pretty much addition yesterday aided what makes you think here. You know so especially if your specialty. I don't come here on television you know they. So it's it's a little bit lack. It's false. You know silly you if you got a hold on the one thing is going to be the grounding of your. Integrity your your your philosophy or something and that person with you is probably the air for about. But the funds if I'm single list from the challenge for shirt yet well this is the you can't turn around the I don't know assistance all right you can let and then Herman is in the UK UIIII. Have a and at that time no but I have a remedy now because of the B a we've been I've been we've all been through that. On the road especially on the shirt him so much remedy might fix it. Is special and beautiful young lady gives me or older lady. Stressing her sudden these you know currency and the keep. Proposition Yorman give me your number from that I that I see here take my number this is this year is always yourself it's my wife's phone. I don't know what Canada but I think yeah. No mechanism that's why do. It and then you noted that this. Yeah it must get her involved too yeah. Louis because. Yeah I was music and salmon just talk to some woman she's gonna make another hundred. I'm going to be watching me I'm going to be asking everyone I mean if they've got Sams was announced this here. Because you know it is Kansas City and I'm sure you know what they have here that's crazy little women oh. They got everything. I would presume it could be an exit from this these critical dimensions because everybody comes it is similar backgrounds these actors but. You these are certain kind of girl that you know rodeos have buckled by Asian baseball as. You know there's you have what we have great peace now yeah awful lilies and you know all for NASCAR persons. Actresses is that they are we have actors this yeah. There and I just so no I don't I don't we got a pretty but I mean these guys got these type pale girl and you can't use our world following day. Pretty diverse. Audience entirely that you have you have very under very old so I don't know if this is the type. No you meet and the high end business owners. You know eat eat eat right and not business owners. How devastated their Smart out. There. Okay yeah yeah that's the high and I am pretty much anyone. You know and then everybody in between yeah. Lol yeah wrestling world and cannot. All for a while in my single days in LA irons I didn't say you don't because of of the atmosphere the environment I have to say let me see currency and of course I couldn't jammed up a little bit. At first I. And radio the sweeter the voice in this section of the girls out here she's going to be played you gonna call your own you know always does and as you said the overnight guys it was a girl call it she'd be flirty sexy talk and she's so incredible Amaechi at 6 AM you know we're. Intel it would be a straight down the bottomless well. Yeah. Anonymous was gonna be out there secretary Dirk crazy hot under him yeah yeah. It's true this is save its universal truth that the catfish drive but I know the crazier the girl about the sex. It's just there's certain matters and as well. There have been reduced this our podcast Saddam cronies like that we want human aboard two and are really enthusiastic. Six he has six. Everything looks like. Everybody I don't know our Internet there's a good yeah that's right. Yeah one more disappointment you're limited use sex to distribute that this is going to be great nearly you're dead inside yeah. It's awful. It's not fun at all this. Strong yes why you single. Well that what's the upside of not being while you've been you've got an adamant about what's oh man. Other people got that rare animals and ran head on collision at the end game so I just for me it's it's not for me like I see people at these very real the people grow barely let junior's I have realized we put everybody I'm eleven or legal and don't. Where I can have their radar until I got some catching up to do madame I'm willing to them I'm willing to oh I'm not against it I'm all for. I just one of those guys like I'm simply combatant should have separate quarters you know they go to your thousand miles got everybody's happy person. An admission if you won't go that are usually on the road isn't really don't yeah you know it's. Actually this year but this is great for him and just nine to 54060. Hours a week session at seven days that we did you like. God damn it's a job don't JOB well people tell me that like it's a lot of work I'm like well I do that work so. I don't I don't work at home and you hear at all it's a lot of work the work that's actually it's not. Well tonight censorship is no I mean I think in a lot of work and it's. Probably not it's not not not only moment as well as a fifty year mark and oh good Hayward. Amounts can mean trouble you can take your parents did and there was a party whatever I guess I should have maybe. And she's still in real trouble that Eagle County mom goes like anybody wanted to interview like the last. Yeah. We can still are just being together you know. Jesus. You know one blue bomb followed. Well yeah one. Paid for the other fake alerts until balances we have family added in my mouth that lived there Holman and editors think Evans and she's got breast cancer twice and done well because I am god has blessed OK okay so we don't you we joke about everything yeah everything is what it is and I have to go to museum on the EU took rhetoric have to concede Thanksgiving with a -- sledding offered it. You think your calls and yeah Jesus Christ mom but that it provided interim. It's awful and she knows who's did you see people and she doesn't drink OK so I brought her bottle once and two classic. And I. When it comes on you get my Brothers and a freak out they can't watch they can see some ownership they're talking to her if she's you. She bought me if you're sticking your chest out and light shed a mistake upon a single and I. Until well Mosul a couple of days and I'm angry about how mobile it's 01. And I mom's breast. I hit I got underneath that I at all and album amazing time rather you so. You know. Now back on scene it's really good. I. I'm skeptical that it is curious that yeah yeah well I mention I'm actually elbow room yeah. It's nice she's so yuk it at that. You can see it's fun with this this is like Freddie fail you guys have kids you guys you know yeah fun of the bad parts commuting you lived through other alleged you'll freak out. Somewhere you that you become the parent built this in towns like my time in my mind you I didn't know. That it cost money you know for health care these days so we're going to vet issues. A month in that period of water deductions your kidneys shutting down that's an idea I know. Should I don't like quarter. Can change the laws that Daniel candidates say I don't like when Kitna. As well as an illegal among whom she is I think Tiago that leads me my next discussion you have to stop drinking tea with sugar we've talked about is this your diabetic. Here's some not all the time I spoke it. I'm glad you're not elevated too late losing your Joe's used to diabetic no it's not right. We can't really turn it into a house pulled a cigarette it's totally you have to be in the pits he's got aliens are given has blessed with a terrorist there's. Maybe I hope my mom had snuck him out of the country and a Mexican groups you move on in Mexico for twenty minutes at all unlike. Fine I don't want to put it why did you hide my whole family. And she just because we knew he wouldn't approve of wolf and pay for it then god dad yeah yeah yeah but you got your mom your mom tells addition. Yes it immediately. Years before she passed on the objective was just to make her laugh you know that's exactly yeah you know it you can't take offense and stuff when your mom looks at you and says. Were you didn't hear more about your favorite song well gentlemen I graduated I love you yeah. I would never pick someone like Q okay. My parents and a much bigger yeah. I think he's bigger yeah. There's a mom you know stop saying that you I want it you can draw 150 Porsche right now that and that she just came alive all I won't be doing that might be your son. I hope you find things of the beetle but made them come alive with my dad's fishing I'd want in my room. A built a decade bought this land and the social and pictures she's got a very ambulatory now it is sufficient and I go yes. Sure like to fish again and it's like the light bulb Greg so venture within two weeks to twenty by thirty dec shrewd and Rockwood your friends others waiting like. Hello just day after day get it done these newseum pop back into that you'll see your data getting it. He was awkward. It was weird it was a new place and then you some settling the toothpick comes out of the pocket and I was in the most guys had the terror over us well this is catching fish he's tell me and do it wrong so I know he's really their assets of consumer documents and I don't believe so much you have to laugh I'm sitting with a the other day and I told my went to college. Oh yeah and she doesn't wrap me up I'm like you know to gradually. It's companies alone are birds are getting knows that's a member Orrin save the earth and I don't remember I was. And if you see people like you're talking about and so it's which you just you know muscles not unhappy is all that skins not a freaking out and that's like the national level right. Usually a tamales to get your parents. Yeah well he do mark my mom my my father. Past when I was younger and my step dad's always always been there and they're they're okay mine. My mom's going through that sort of time. Going to be my own thing damn money given my mom's disgusted moved to Alaska. I mean from Tucson Arizona and she's. Eskimo boot very machine will I forget load herself out true story and I know we're all animal lovers especially Rob Zombie on a when she was nineteen she went to Alaska from Louisiana. Learn to fly a little bush of playing. How it looks like a couple of days so. Gotten out in lane ended down on the ice berg. And popped out with her seven mag in Charlotte polar bear. And you can get back into the hole. And you're gonna. I couldn't love that story more and got an up off the iceberg she still has that mountain. Eight completely erased inserted serious and you know there of course so that was in 62. When that was OK you shoot the ball bearing but. You can't look like it's big so it doesn't. It's no place for plus it's you know access to pollute area around me. Like you want it to you want your house who. Men don't imagine taking them so but you can't sell it is the thing that's my point one he's put has its illegal that's right you know you can't and you can't leave the country is all actually runs dead yeah. America can't cross the border. So she's gone back I don't know she's live confirms that another period yet again a you know alerts while wheelers experience. But that's her thing she moved to a town called North Pole, Alaska. Which is a sudden your fairway. Her Fairbanks or manner I road trip on a motorcycle all you have here yeah it's definitely a lot of I didn't got to let you we rode to fair makes less western North Pole. And it turned around came back to Kansas she tells me like everyone I think her papers didn't she's a single ladies and the odds are good but the goods are on the. I'm a little bit. I feel about your mom wanted to play an airplane age Bluetooth but goddamn page nomination he Moeller in nineteen that was her big move now. I'm gonna allows big moves traffic my dad. Yeah often that not pressing charges to get the vital yeah sixteen I guess so I'd pour ma level Arkansas English girl. Imagine that redneck wouldn't. Going from that mild as possible via climate to. Arkansas in August Michael just who you know here's how thing meltdown. Yet didn't match. It's everyone's name is wine. And not the kind you dream dinner and its winds worldview. Yeah so I don't put that your religion moment where you swear I don't know tomorrow night. Benefit bulls lives. Both doing well. Not. Doing it together. I'm glad they're greatly once it happens if you own man when there's nothing they've been separated since I was fifteen. A whole bunch mom and did that initially breakfast every day together while well. Osmond their modern do and that. There's no matter what time they do you know about you know someone's mad about some. Yeah well but content mom's dead couldn't stop TSB is the other girls hit easy punch in a restaurant parking lot on fox Tuesday. And how they say yeah yeah you can think. You can always annual bubble like the love of the full second so he told me. Raised and military and that that's a hero. And and that is to have her real hard. I am not cook pulled up on your livelihood Jake thank you. And not having sex and other ladies and so they're having dinner itself Father's Day to bring into the room and leather wrapped lobby their mom. I don't know hundreds of Father's Day I drew my mother's okay a month off even so your mother bird magic amount of Herbert yeah. By then take my mama two dinner for birth date they have their dinner they walk out the restaurant and a guy walks right up to my dad for my mom and his under the bright in the face per bank into the water. It's. Got little or do by the whole thing about boys they don't about what's leading tone. Happy birthday is on lawyers. Yeah that was the final catalyst for the the. Calm down Shia and your dad duty go to jail at the age of seventy some years old for this fight you VFW. If you do it I love this side before the answer for it. This link is the villain the VFW all Leo's Leo's my dad his ex army goes the only marine god are you talked about us. All of them innocents like it could even if everything goes your mom I'm not sure what happened but. What I looked up the other guys hit within the jukebox. It's. I'm pretty sure we know what happened but it didn't. Go feel good about 3 o'clock in the morning you found that mama please car handcuffed to use. You build either gonna take me downtown to spend the overnight in jail or some of that to pick me up he goes. You'd rather be says. I called her mother. I should've went to jail. Yeah. Oh you know filming my battle is walking my mom felt mega fan would say hello and walked out leaving may have so they they've they've they basically don't know how about a mile apart from each other for each other every day creep. If we ought this relationship but it seemed to work for them to. You can still leaves me with us for late forties early fifties are younger in my first period. Australia is still I think there's still Dave bang and men. Now madam your mom dad Leo she's pregnant you know she doesn't you don't think so are you hope not he's only walked in on that that's. No I don't think so highly for my mom bought my my guess is you a little on the BB frigid side. Yeah angry angry Canadian races which you don't normally see those computer. She's able we're ready to Mexico to get rid of the Muslim what you say about that. Oh I don't know why you're doing your you and your friends are going all the way to Mexico one your bicycle if you wanna see some Mexican there's plenty around here. Or were deployed hundreds more resilient. And I'm here Bob the black she could you reds motorcycles. Yeah I. You have met immortal even keel human being and that's what Hillary is never come on I'm getting together let's go out. I'm Brian Andrew might be some other delta guys had me mule drugs over a border one time let's move when I'm edited on radio if they didn't yeah let's just say that maybe there was. A facial recognition stuff that just popped out to you read about that so he created someone didn't know they wouldn't give it away and then maybe someone to the next minimalist just read an eighty. A slow down why he got drugs on your dot com I'm asked her just her story on the Leno scheduled deer in the best friend. And I love that's. The interesting thing like EU our military has EU Russia and you often do authority figures as as you're in year old spends so for me. As a I'm not term that's not my fabric of my skin and so I'm always looking to do that I'd never get the opportunity do. Like uniformed police. Maybe the dishonest it's playing close to tell you tailor your detectives on the take IA. But now or never like a military guy so I'm always looking to conduct some sort of like you Johnny typically I'm I'm always looking to go high and tight end and try to you know. I'd say it was like military might daddy's militaries so but to him is that something that you snapped into easy to put both of you when you're asked to do it. Rami when you anyway yeah I was in record who cares what the high school 1972. So. Yeah I forgot you're going or not. Well yeah army DE seventy and he's he's older guys you respect. You know on the football field who signed up for. The so called cause of the I had had a margin one of its that you respected that injured thirty you have to be there and and thank god there's no soon. Doggone gun ho well done anything I that in Europe we have them we don't because of need by that time they were bringing was winding down and here's why downsize state dinner. I was in the Amtrak's amphibious tractors. All right thanks all that meant is that you. You eat you would drive this ball beyond the beach and then it was time to take it out in the open ocean member to take credit I can't okay. And you would drive this puppy Susan the ocean you would sickening but Bob. And you close I have to live for big old doobie man yeah. Drive out the lowest bidder and up. Well it was your militant. No no you might know let's play my momma gonna tell my doubt just all the sudden he did know how did that then he did we turn in the platoon system four boys don't analyze your I'm like I don't know what those seven as and a. You know and you're mowing the lawn picking up dog poop you do your chores and then he done everything possible my house by 8:30 in the morning you're staring at the wall like scratched. Mum comes back money not a unbelievable. Ugly but my glow when you get when you because you've done some really cool you know military and are doing cop roles Steve do you find that easy. Because they're tired common outside the box thinker in life yeah but it's a guy I mean I do and they were is there might Jessica Rabbit I'm just drawn that way. I think I'd have no choice items and you know we look the way we look around has stumbled big. You would mean people that you know and now you meet this invigorated them the minute you grew up with that fabric meaning you glad now. Do you organize and they don't. Am doing theater and you know Jay Sugarman twice as tough as you've either got to hear manage what is hanging grown out I was soprano on requirement is a little do well. That's all they wrestle main. Don't always agree you know anymore are now. It's. And that wasn't hurt him didn't go so look. Hillary Rosen did and that's all American and you can't you even look all Americans enemy if you shortage everybody's geared to basic critical I think it's clear that this Angela Flash Gordon just think that what you by the way it was. Or how did that 1979. Came out Christmas eat it too early 81 here. Thirty years ago we filmed it here we are the soundtrack and sit right here yeah I don't believe yeah. And I know to launch did you did you ever play any chance get to meet the band the media I. I give congressional tired you don't they get him also intermarriage there's no senator has more Russell Brand is acting as well yeah normally. Get to meet it has got such a huge advantage is an amazing Illinois has had Adam Lambert. And he is a gentle good bad places are actually giving them. If you live lets you run. You when you're gonna that you Louisiana yeah old school when you yeah totally old school so I've I'd love Flash Gordon. You know that's that's cool and all the things. I understood that they were really actors. May not not that there was. Steve Austin who at that time was the Six Million Dollar Man and I just was fascinated. Him that they did this we believe lawyer heart I didn't even consider that there was some Mahan and actually was due in Amarillo right move to Marino released a halt to me it didn't ruin it in today EE no my daughter wants to know what Dan. You know it and knew Abraham is what's his real name and I'm like no easy answer is just you watch. To be you know once knew exactly and so there in Libyan friends and I thought he didn't write the motorcycle ever known hole and I love I love every week when I mean I've been speaking of a fisherman that I'd love. Station that look let me jump to subject and I were talking about what you see somebody on television. And they're not really who they are like you're the farm's super tough he was the guy yeah now tied it in Austin you know these these risky Boston Six Million Dollar Man chair. Well the exact flip of that ice cube who's on the phone right now he's you know I'm a huge and obviously now. Every image of the documentary of the movie Touche Chet Compton it's brilliant a washed it ten times in two years in a year and a half yes hey he's on the hotline right now. Let me introduce everybody. Or do fifteen from Compton California. He developed a love of teams performing at parties while spending more potential for the Phoenix institute. So would you if there. In the late eighties along. Surgery again Z band he helped form the rest group NW and release the landmark gangster rap album strange sound a constant. Multi platinum solo career they need the looser acting starring in such. Always and it's triple X state of the union. Just find it in the right along movies it's he's celebrating the 25 anniversary of this album death certificates. He's just launched the three. Basketball league semi recently received his star on the Hollywood walk of things. He's welcome here population an actor finds you. Think Cuba or. There nearly. So we'll let eight. Tell me about gonna kill me today. Can you then NBC though we lost in the mail to sell all you bastard. He's calling bad call drops he called in from our lives are correct yet yet so I'm a huge cubes so yeah that's like oh yeah and imovie so good in his son O'Shea. If you see it he's looked at me it's identical I mean you watch it yeah you're never out of the moment because it's so rich Cuba. And the stories and the truth of it all how we're all really went down to heal the idea again back to the actors being real he was more real. And it's an unbelievable level yeah and then to go and I was most beloved you went to the movies but put your kids your car drive across America when it was you know literally shooting bastards. You know grown up but it. Of Florence and Normandie defining a generation note I am getting arrested for doing music. While I was working at a record store that came out and remember the Jonas there's a chance you can be arrested for selling this audio pornography. It's one the last bastions of law authentic poetry yes but if America real rebellion GAAP and intrude on a voice some to say and it's let him out here either. Hey man welcome to the show so glad that everything he. Its friends in the studio today lieutenant who's acted doubles reject the Walking Dead and that. Michael could blitz Walking Dead end a band of Brothers the course and Jones Flash Gordon himself or on the studio today. Yeah. Hi how you and you didn't really like your 3030. My boys are. Watching that all of the main reasons right now that's fantastic. Hey there are wanting it and that's growing if I'm glad let me like he meant. What do you have an idea and how how long did it. It's actually implement that. Well I had the idea. Back yeah four while. You know maybe over. Yeah I have Brady says like. I was would be cool but I never thought long and it. You know so you don't call before it retired. A year ago. Look like they're Dudek scores sixty days. I still want to see him like you're not still Warner would pay to see him play and I'm pretty sure a lot of guys out there like he. That's really out of all of starter role. Are valuable partners and you just work it out it. A lot of our work in New York. Isn't it isn't just like the way everybody started don't you know if you grow the neighborhood where people play ball there was a lot of three and three he didn't have complete teams and it takes a back to the original even though he's the best of the best. You take it back to where it was really a different game. Without a doubt that we all look and work we don't read it tribal art. We'll start to get a bottle for a full court days. Without you know. Other people on the other happened. More should just a full court was sorry. Yeah I think we're all three is what most people grow up playing actually and what I could be at fault or not to be like put up on the pro level. It was pretty pretty well we just kind of job did you fill that void in my yelled let's say there's. All the playground out the backyard out black are also black carpet and let's go get an outrage with this as a great. Now it's fun because it does it take to all excuses. You have it it's these teams of the greatest of the great and there's no money. There's there's no extra component to it it's only that but that I mean how exciting is that because every moment is just fast with. Exactly and it's the seat by seven foot is me you guys as they say they are imported. Both companies that was pretty incredible you know heat guard play is. Before Rosh spirituality and and it's just co yea you right it's nowhere I know double seeded. And help bad. Showed them where and four point shot to less that's incredible. To you I don't have me back for a moment cube like in the movie. Well it was done perfectly it could not have been done better and in my opinion to what about you. Our stress prompted. Yet you know we. We when you got me yet dark betray. Yeah people are being universal. A F Gary gray yeah heavy hitters that. We look and act better you know. He knows opponents aren't made that movie. Great. Maliki is just a great movie. It's great to be able to tell your story. And the reception that Garrett is like icing on the cake you know people love people he. So are going to be happy. And I love and I don't remember selling the record at streaks and records in Kansas City here now until it's like how much trouble we could be in it what it was and then you couldn't sell enough copies of it you can you couldn't. That kind of of five say you know rebellion and that kind of censorship only drives into what you saw firsthand. The crowds couldn't be bigger than that then opponents could be angry the politicians tried to ride you guys. It was it was the last great rock and roll rebellion storm. Those pretty incredible. You know they say they've made us put it all in all advisories this good. On our record greatest yeah yeah. I would have birds he thought that would hamper. The sales. That is made a silly remorse. Share and made an easier to find yeah. Others about it. It is that people. It won't look at it surely orators. Yeah. Yeah. This early in the beauty or fail anyway you know one of them aren't so. They're looking weird because the world is you don't get caught totally understand. What kind of impact from making history. The Charlotte if not today. So look at exactly was incredible her. Well and he's a good movie catch late it's so great shared account in deciding what. And an amazing job amazing. It was so crowded here yeah you know he's he's got his movie career goal it. And his dog got through it flew out so. Bad it's a big movie also. It's pretty cool you know I'm only get it will became our great good. You know at a mosque side and it and having it this is such a page out of it it is career grand. Is right. But he has greatly spectators they're basically where it's. Basketball's good do you. My only congratulations on doesn't get the 25 anniversary and you're a star on the walk of fame I. Great year pro or appropriate order you can always hope is to go. Hope so too. I really. Doctor yeah. We don't really know yeah. Everybody's got that your story but there's very few of them that. That that aren't that good impossible nature at all or anything but I will address how she did you really bear I. You're. I did when he's got a place in LA and Newsome can constructions I tell my buddy took over this is. Construction Foreman and out it can still listen in the car. Steve. My listeners I think some of them and mostly wants us for America that Steve Doocy confusion situation yeah. How has got both parents I think. I know I'm not gonna I'm just a market that few thousand dollars in construction to how other good news is beautiful beautiful house and beautiful family. He didn't I didn't even know home for many things you just. He couldn't have been more kind is just just in just a nice guy. Leslie Graham who police say they need you wanna know who somebody is see how they treat somebody gave you an informant as trying to play candidate whoever they give Kris really that attachment they really aren't sure and so adding it's funny do you look at that. That neighborhood you grew up in a huge huge cash value there have been you know I mean I was eighteen and I moved to Hollywood from only three cases. And that Clinton hi Linda and Yucca. In black and I yeah ha ha and I mean it was my first data's triple a dead guy out of there a dumpster outside my window until palms apartments. And in intervention John vause is important already and go I was hot tar Rupert. Any idea that that brilliance that level meeting let everybody that that NWA touched like. That's pretty that's an impossible story. To find that defined an era changed it change. Into the genre and the news I come. Comment he think about the cops drag him off stage you think about the center should be what people really it's true establishment so frightened little white kids listen that record and it was just freaking out so bad that at the time I'm sure you hate it but when you look back what a badge of honor. I'm one of what can now much more real than know look there Nixon Reagan put those figures are there different color different terror scorers are down but still I can still fight and her arms and Tipper Gore and literally can't run like. So was. Yeah agreed that stood on the Big Three were rock and roll then how come there's no alchemy tiger couldn't dropping hammer home. They were all nervous about that don't against the system do you know dealey we grew up in new York and let Illini flu like yesterday was hammered out twisted and and if you ever read these literally I had a big deal goes opportunity when he sees it as a he's never shy and he always has an opinion and he's a Smart guy operating out right he's like I'm gonna get in front of the setup and I loved Graham and filibustering when he led the apple Dee Snider bottom there's those guys Howard Stern's sack and I told Gene Simmons that got totally Rob Zombie second absolutely innocent as there are those guys did. But keeps different than that guy well then and they didn't go public key and yeah cute and like again there's been Israel and then there's a pistol lake is twisting was. You know it was a bit of a manufactured. You know dirty your anger either we're Kelly but there was no guns in their lives usually shoot anybody there was no drugs there was no we don't. I love interest side there's nobody Twisted Sister friend and I'm a huge twisted and as a fan club did you know interesting. For so they day they made they made a movie. About that incident in Nam. And I was. I was believe it or not gonna. Play Dee Snider. In the camera she movie yes that's correct and not and I always like this he's a big dude he's like yeah that is all that and a much. I'm not really no home and do that and then just who played Dee Snider. Dee Snider. Dvd has the best US the other day and didn't really good job. It's unbelievable how silly ass and let himself say I'm married to his original girlfriend he had he ended she and they've been married for like thirty years. Like if he doesn't drink doesn't mean Jesus and he may be filled with his self but he is definitely that Phil would billboard or. Or laziness I mean he would about a guy that knocked down you know what happened in the 84 after the Twisted Sister could have been bigger Friday albums were huge that video re defined the genre. And initially they just screwed in it it it just dropped off the face your fuse. Read a courier in New York City almost hear happens out of a hat literally with a bicycle delivering packages by 1988. And Oliver gave up just kept stick to say we're just finish are doing radio getting to a radio in Connecticut I think and and then he had death house impair the syndicated programming did that. Strange land grind his movie right engine started making just happy just came back and everything's headline in the left in festival. A year ago for 90000 people injured and well and I mean I. You're talking about a guy who got his ass handed to him like he went from the biggest of the big two I mean broke broke. Bicycle riding broke the hey buddy buddies are souls day with that man's name is gay men and he's really Smart guy I met him several times he's markkaa houses in big spring Texas you'll appreciate this. Of all places and they handle festival and quiet riot plays. And losing infant that was a jazzy before those of the missing the brandishing. It's a new guy from American other yeah America's terrorists I think so yeah that he was. He was good and dignity dig it then the non great life followed up. On the go Kevin and I were dear friends before he passed and passed him on her own yeah we have been super close you know. But I hotel room and his weight was a cricket and both the nose of a sore and that was all kinds of bad and just all I ask him out let side I think back. If flash and then there and the graves yeah. The character not the man it's -- it easier but I know you would never I don't see any separation between both. It's. Here yeah yeah. It's June car ride this reason. I never did is move toward good. And this is talking about you're looking at me. I'm never thought people. Imagine you know we do you think about all the all the but the great launching pads because we're lucky and I include myself as being lucky. Not disintegrate just like you don't have any message Tony good skills and we'll drunken all wanted to be a part of that was they can read. Album covers and a back just like I loved so much and you know everybody's saying right you get you your contractual work but you get your break. No either you could have been and you've faced down to go. You know you can name on a walk right in and you become part but I can't write an understanding that that movie that does everything about him and blue you know men baseball game at a couple different. You know I had to do amazing and they're usually use of the country yeah honest because I've actually got an album out with a parental advisory today. Live without easily curse word thanks to him hey sells anything it does help sell album within the Rob Zombie and John Solomon you know things like coming home getting hammered or she's out it may older. The. It's it's. The players and ask yourself. Home getting hammered while she's out didn't name. It's okay. Are out there Missouri that's some honest. In this so hard core around. Country that it whiz don't you use and we do this you know we're pleased for Rob Zombie he wanted. I played a country music singer and and banned it. We came hostage in a hotel. The devil's rejects and at Tommy had a radio show he was Steve Jones right. You don't think tank Jones he's Juba there you know it was it doesn't know Gigi I still wasn't it was it was it was the precursors that was it wasn't John G shoe box that they had to show and Enron said you know we had done a movie said he decent music I'm one. Is there chance we can do an album for the anonymous like how we can probably do and so. Com. I just wanted to do. Randy Newman thing tongue she lived only and so on they re the man in the iron and so and so we want to turn now also Willie studio and cut it we got so there's a great great great sessions and all the songs. Our. Kind of a seventies tone bluegrass. Country but with a little message you know little. Let's see you know that is so it was. It was a lot of fun and and down it certainly did week change of generation away and are skewed to eight years old Louisiana where where were you what do you do today or shall we. Armed Hamas first baseball gloves my grand and it's like in 1940. Three piece of leather which was awful. When eight games and careful yeah because all the kids got cooled new globes right and I got grand dad's. And I'm really rather. Disappointing because everyone's got the new cool stuff and I got this relic. So I lost it. At all. Oh yeah. So I get an in las yeah and then I didn't realize how cool it was that I actually had something that I was playing baseball with in the forties. Yeah I and so yeah I was starting to sort of give that baseball bug and that was. That was amazing because so you know those turned big red machine and Johnny Bench was playing and then Pete Rose and Perez and I liked I liked bam and and I was thinking and I had stars in my eyes for the for the big leagues and download crazy journey and he is only so what is great is that. I still have the same dream probably once a month that I had since I was twelve your soul. And it's just me walking into a Major League stadium into Yankee Stadium through the dugout and I'm singing to when he got two year old man. Today that I was when I was twelve it's bizarre it's the same recurring things you can read this. I feel like oh you look forward to class favorite. Yeah my favorite night that I did Mueller once a month again this is I think that's so uninteresting dreams are great that way they are not always nightmare here. Sometimes they're they're in denial as well battalions now. Complete color I can't I'm a little and I'll I'll organize everything and then and then I don't want my money to make it screw up a wet dream. Yeah. That was it but every member is real big and I didn't understood that maybe Jack you know got older yeah right now for yourself you're getting that three more newsletters. This country foolish it's gonna be. You Sean right. Why did my daughter so seats seats doesn't come any interest in being the first woman in the major leagues they used to be you in a different position a different role yeah editing which you don't worry I haven't done a yeah just just one that's crazy Yankee Stadium. No it was us it was in Oakland and down Los Angeles and new so clearly out of baseball movie in your head to starting right now are today yeah I know you can see a man. You've already got tight and that seems Internet. The apple probably when a mortar and then. I'm gonna have Michael cook I can really got this Els again. And you might make you don't want you to play me. It's been a dream price industry secrets. Get up there and play sports you play sports. And every day I just. Russert pop Warner football brood poorly. Got injured when I was you know twelve. Yeah yeah well you know yeah you don't out of play you know remote figure receiving team me and you get the ball and he he's still looking up when you hit. Yeah the last easiest guys just on marriage I saw that live there. Take a powder passing my kids are pensions were selected urban happier. Just to no points. I don't know again you know. I talked to I've played reportable I tried to. Of course he did what he's lawmaker present and as importantly wanna Marina Warner football talk the talk about filibustered and you're just gonna happen. He's gonna get hurt you'd be crying during. When sprint football you're you're on. This could you be double triple sessions I'll we wanna do it we wanna do so they do it and after three years of pop Warner they should dad. If we win this championship one more year can we retire from California. And certain mortgage that you go through your consecutive if not thousands special teams coach we got a great head coach at The Who. I don't want you to used to play and Izturis on the coach and. Matthew thank you played marine football yeah we won the third yeah. Iron for Bob war aggressive. And marine football he almost became pull more trained like a credit machines like it's best to me that's part of an inappropriate to have that in in Hollywood. You know for a for a sport older. Alex control actors and actresses she's slapping pushing program let me go to court boot camp by Sam -- really I'm more than happy to have a couple days with the squeeze it brings a little bit absolutely and I do I tell me collect a lot of us and you don't buy dad to the built pepper police will straighten up late payment on my dad would hit you in the back and he'd three turnaround boom squeeze your -- tears and couldn't veer left leg just look like he was being loving leader walker. Just a couple wake up bright though this guy. Learned that my dad did very articulate to you keyed food jujitsu. Move was at ya all these. Things and decide you Linda I would tell that you in the shoulder and you would draw a new. We knew what the Vulcan grip well she's very good I would drop you like or grab one fingered you want to. No no down on the ground no metal. And if you measurement UV which young but didn't he told his school repairs could hit you anymore. And you can call the police what my brother dead this OK remember those old phones that were there rotary phones Terry long cord on our east and now those are always getting a yellow. And that it till my dad has made us oh is that right. Why did you pick up my brother reached for the phone at okay its nationals had a watch my deadline in the across the end witted and have you back and receiver. I've got to worry so I don't works good for me it was. Not only would I grew up good neighbors were allowed just playing absolutely OK yeah user responsibility to address. At southern Florida. Yeah in this area and Louisiana to that's how do you police to each other than that that's you know it was worse because we had to have public punishment. Oh yeah. Eric you've got your spanking. A win win a grand dad came home. At 5 or 6 o'clock in front and there was an advantage all the neighbors came out well. That's a good parent and and so it's like so gladiators. It's only the embarrassment was worse. And you can tell my grand kid was like yeah yes you you can. Close the deal. Underwrite the dads were younger as my Brad did thought he was and he he was doing its teach that they had a hip kids you can't yeah yeah dizzy he does he get euros which owns half. And my little worse thing. And drop your drawers and pentium and Dan grab your own garage either end in front idea yeah. It was a very much on my daddy catches dug a gunslinger. All people it was on his neck UA if you broke the Buck Owens which yeah. I'm not going I'm not read buckling and it's coming off. Rattled in school and anyone give it only takes some of the America. Where you got Olin school as a freshman. You can straighten up did you assess the teacher again you're never sure. Bat back in the sixties and I love you just this year just to drift America. That's good for you in yeah. You were rebel if you ever assassin teacher yeah. Even the rebellious kids who kicked your ass in school yeah recession deeply as you were ruining the date and things like being in the military on one guy ruins of every hour and it won't disrespect almost I was in the Catholic school nuns needing your acts like ice and held it up what they turn hand with Bono and hit me in the head and everywhere yeah they'd each and every here's the worst. Possibly catcher you think guys can still listening yeah. Yeah fundamentally. And polar proposition eight we issued each other for the nice to go to Doug Casey case Hayes Kay Hayes Kansas old guys say Joseph Catholic school Al altar boy. I usually my Muslim house of prayer books and go how the big woods and all that yeah and it's not been a great story I. Could you just closed as a graduation doubt echoes a good future as member that none in a full had to be coming down like two and whipping your stomach aches and yeah Jesus terrible let you know she is god awful and now I'm still a stifling to the number to tread on me I would literally punch and. It was back. Good old days maybe got a spanking new straighten out the rest of the her rescue school work or school season for the next four years as you wanna hit if you had an issue another a student. Or schoolmate you go behind Jimmie did a nice old fashioned fist fight I was just. I was so yeah buddies after that wasn't lastly I do because there was a winner and a loser though. If you drastic again you're gonna France L word and that's the most violent thing to meet our two. Two key in spite not mean really I don't toddler fighting. Flights yet it's like maybe like twelve dads and well I guess curse words this and just hook him. Then and downloads that raw emotion crying in angry town and it's it's we never capture that are. I say we didn't pay it started three space you know. Why did you really get is why they didn't fistfights on the set. I got him one but I'm gonna say that's finally in no way does that surprise me none fan and you're lucky with the Marines about getting football again what can you budget actually color word play is right. You punch than a mile and a little nervous ride home. Food and was self defense. You don't stand up for the wardrobe lady. But. No more my favorite projects was a series we did. Called the highway man. And then 1988 and the you know it was a good address toward won't rule room or you're. Adore truck federal Marshal all that good stuff and then that they brought in this after that well this athletes from Australia. Giacomo who is remember he was. I'll tell you play college football is a tough guy but but I realized that I learned that time a lot of athletes back then had trouble transitioning. To the acting world it is. It's just the dating game anyway he was up forty until five or 6 in the morning one day you throughout he too was built at the wardrobe lady and her in the face. And I sent shock to us we don't and number who whole dressed as wrong war. Heavy black leather jacket has big buckles like Harley guys too and who also word we're standing ahead but they had but. Pushing each other over their heads and we start torn. Punches right yeah all the Smart enough. That night. It would frighten you today. There was. Also yeah because our fruits are locals are good and buckles. Fuller a six or 207 but everybody I usually go to taco John Q it was just a reprimand from these. And defending the and he relies you know we don't do this in America we don't we don't use. We knew anybody remembers or anybody in anyway it it it worked out he finally adjusted. The film industry from athletic and the Phillies have trouble yeah yeah Mel Gibson. Scientists get a jump. You heard the audio of hormel almighty god he would like Asia much I can watch man thanks movies and I'm like yeah. Boys have a huge drifts around you heard that no the stuff with the white -- wife. Now all over the top but it was ridiculous you get pushed the short version was drinking all right well. Now has all talk no that was my thought that was the topic did you use it to you hated Jews blacks do this if claims abuse and he's inside a I don't listen Soledad oh is like. He was mad because as well I'll let him explain. All the pieces is has agreed to disagree. Yeah. Yeah. He now did you Tuesday but for the GQ he's got a very direct. Got an agenda of easy didn't. Yeah yeah. Why haven't you already know Walter. One embattled. Nothing real really deserve it yeah. Really does well mentally you did everything but she did in the wrong order right get out once. That's some must realize he's your support in the patriot news. And I wound and then I know I'd rather watch the movies Aaron and I well know more of that and listen to this guy. Cryptic on this week in St. Joe goes he everybody's going to be and this is the tip of the of the iceberg it's gonna be a lot of fun and do you realize we've just spoken for almost two hours and I think you know commercial break yeah. Always did she Lou good to me geez I am I don't think he'll humanity aspect. Yeah hi I'm Vanessa well real quick cinema mention this earlier as a downer but I want our fans to note that we are. Aware. I found out I was just notified to them as everyone else was really an injury. An accident and so I'm Walking Dead and one of her stumped. The boom and I'm. Pretty. Pretty severe injury and I'm outside the he's not going to make it okay hmmm this he hasn't already views according to. Some impress you his. And and as of yesterday. Since prayers go on to hear everything you may not close enough to really comment anymore on that and then. My thoughts and prayers left the family and everyone involved. Yeah in agreement absolutely necessary always arable land because you know these that the guys who. Make everybody look good in any besides your career your job which is just a possibly human life and in the las somebody's father and Brothers. You know sung lawyers only guarantees. Listen guys yeah. You know it into that point every day's precious. Always every single leg and and you know what do the things you wanted to enjoy your life again we talk flood enjoy tonight who knew that this that presents itself. And I told my friends are you gonna get smoked they don't ever shouldn't just miss more than some white trash school dropout can remember dreamed of so I'm I'm just I'm Quigley showed they really really great to meet you guys and Lucy Liu always good to be here so it's great to be in on your show call me anytime and we'll. We'll have a chin wag is used to say. This week it's. An incredible. Please god in collisions with who who yeah some papers.