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Monday, August 7th


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You're bringing nowhere else to hear fingertips information technology dollars classic videos as two girls like I'd like his. Haven't seen that one. I'd also like today I was going to bleach labor when we hear the Johnny your morning Joseph understand that sometimes places like your job. The lines are. Well yeah I always button down there now and at least your memory technology here than ours did not Johnny ceremony showed great that. Don't touch. Now dot com TA TA to hold up okay. You better known the company emblem of the show. Thought I think it had no idea this was even this is. Well. As you know we don't know the truth about the cards like. Accords and. I'm not so accurate in that are pre loved the concept is also look at it but what I got bored. All eight does start of the week why something like. They struggle it very real. We'll just put Neil and. Feel like it or against you. I'll like October ball you don't want to put those chemicals aren't worth area and that it it really doesn't work because I have to fight entry. It yeah and it now seen the way if you put that yogurt or if he'll late. It gives you more than there and it just it doesn't work here. Sloshing around looked at it with the odor in that epic. Let's stir things that would like a large breasts. Our I am a double CEO. And Ozal you know summertime I imagine there clay actually. Absolutely watney and also inside and like you know. Front feeling. It's so this use is used all started because you're gonna go a first date. And you were nervous and you viewers you're you're you're picking up and her breasts. Obviously doing light it normally happens and I get ready they'll hot at saint optical up letting the court. And I tried everything you lean let that take a break towel under the and urgently need out and they are greatly what kind. And it it will be even harder on myself the and I was walking around looking more like go eat it. And then I would you know I I make your under there it is by that hot you'd better way. Credit eat what I mean it actually went on line look at it like they're out there. How eat something and the only thing I was something that is it any thought that it. Got me. A little badly. Not to mention the fact that if things get amorous mystique that they recently you've got a soggy your boot them out. I'm I'm like I don't even know that's about Obama. Not the right thing to not let that act. You really do suffer through a lot of stuff like you were the heat at eternity imagine that movement not let you know it telecast also so the way this works as these are mean listen budgetary clocked at that temperature. Super soft right. All other verticals right here it clocked in write it immediately all caught on terror and make it that it and so winning art press card they are you to other people get really like this and it. And Jerry are pretty much they're wearing their way in for elderly view they constantly aware that it saw light here on the site. Play on victory circle where either way. It goes around and acts of it it's really like a joke in so. It just it. The way to Nebraska keeps it down against your neck and that's how it works like you put presidents cup it's a copper and then and exactly as there's no middle no back to just one piece to connect pressed. So it goes under. What practical rat pack the other action it did she got the link update our. With the lactic quarters in the back within. I'm actually you know it's funny how he got at HT. I what I. Now that I. Thought you'd. Sports bra. I love. It. Secret or proper way at court the strike call it like hundred it will record holder and I. Little too much as I got a friend who's a gynecologist. Don't know. Like I keep it secret a RE. Yeah now an earlier that I know I wanna believe it is the struggle Israel though the struggles are related. Okay that is exactly what you put the towel art. If you're looking at something that the people and it looks really great. Out there that having your group playing out over the house. You might mostly attributable bag don't think it's going to. How. Equipment is now I'm going through it in its Kansas City in 90% humidity uttered foursome days and it's like you know balls to excessively costly. Are worn out. Or eat at all. Oh you'd love it now I'm telling you man got I go give you all the stories has his drug network and land every day disgraced and afterward. And I mean I'm so like past the knees and sweat. I mean it takes a Kirkuk. You know. I guess I was up at uncomfortable with the the Mike McCann dirty sweaty some excellent care and some real random like. I have to see it but right now like you know I could again so did do would you got a new. It actually yet you up and I went in the wintertime. This because if you were called supposed watching television. The all I'm thinking that are good that there are your world at lake area. Well I called it ultimately maybe get brought on urged taller but Lilly's. People around out there are crouched and shout Atlantic treaty that Powell. What I'm tired of rhetoric and it might ask why and behind act rightly blister and here which is why else. I would be sharing thought all three areas covered. All right reckless and that girls and W couple these away and these are ones that all correct. Or or now. But there. I have I have a ball Ian and large the ball it goes on that big that they eat all the way up view each. Now social scene double. Ball currently eat eat because you know why go particularly we never figure that we're following bike now. I want you. I just Google double H breasts and that they're pretty big those are pretty young. She's crying. It would be fun who hasn't. That are right now it's just it's absurd I mean nobody. That's going to be because. Please. Absolutely. The movie is now I've liked it so he went entitled to lock up the work it there at the light at that what site they are not needed. IA. Right right now I had LA yet it was solo. The Greek what you would you Mary which she story. It. As it did business. Look at that and walking around or you're not about the way that I thought it. You know what they'll RRR head they'll eventually went to get used to talking about all I think about alliger boobs and maybe considering this went down Marty past it's already. A pretty push that childhood memory. Down all right listen Aaron I think it's gonna be huge it's a by the trending all over the place on Twitter on our book. In the real I can't believe it I woke up and I was outside walking right doggedly beeper like having a life. Certainly now why. I am going on that a lot migrate out I had dealt with the going on and I. It it's really exciting. You want it's almost. Abnormal enough it's a little. First that you could probably do an infomercial there's. Absolutely that we're trying to get you eight. How. Yes I am today and that's only got the money you'll they'll Ron Paul peel money the pocket fisherman money. Honestly I. That inquiry that I really am happy appreciate it all Michael Bryant walk around with it like Graham each at my current as well. Although we walk around it out now. They really work I'm really proud of it will lie in humid and I'm really excited that people are armed. Getting icky and he would he would try it and finally it. You're the Mother Teresa keeps. It put that bat. And rightly so congratulations. It's TAT eight I'll talk to about 45 bucks. Which means for the president of the decent that's much that's. So cutesy implement both with one girl about how many get the story Jules okay. Great. He's probably 300 in bonds at the this isn't taking care of something going funky. No you. Sweat. Bullets went booster and sent to bring. It was smell which is a foot. Yeah. That's it's in corn chips or something what's going on. The. Now you also don't look I didn't bring an upper and then you run away and go down south thank god Jesus Christ and then gone back. To don't want a mouthful deodorant heat beat the wrong turn. As a rule I don't lick under the blue and sorry if I disappoint ladies and they. Exploit the economic. I say you removing maybe one movie this and they can start to look I. Can this guy maybe you're working your way back out and got us wipe us open and that's not at least two and a mystery to Apple's. The most ridiculous numbers and a but a little awkward whenever I do that can send of them I'm afraid I'll look like a baby book. About everybody agreement amendment wouldn't. Be careful not to make that chip in and get them of the digital coming at them at the oh. And that's another. Angel what what's your story. Rock backpack that is probably the best thing that's been under fire. And I'm I'm a forty act. Don't know yet if it happens it or law. And they'll hold deodorant and there is Nancy reading pattern and there is up. Down I'd like Bieber like really count super excited for the. What do you work outside urged the system. I got diet. I work out at it and I mean. If you know I'm not you know a big east around like a side you know fourteen that are related. But I mean yak. Now get I think around they can flat. Have you ever had become a problem between you and a guy like it's where and he did you like looks real embarrassing like little. And I did that Mike. Excuse me put act excited about around on it crashed in. As I mean. Out and then I think you're trying to be with you know your partner whoever it is as important in our. And I'll bet you're just like a little activity and the Trotter Mary your about the case the baby. Hot and all he gives them is like boom days like a baby is. Which by the way I had actually originally deal warnings that. You know. But it athletic talent but. And it's. Got every right to page or. And we. Yeah. Here's the issue he says is. At. OK so that's you you get the large and holes that you with Erin who posed that sells luggage. Jackpot might I got tagged in the picture unpaid back like 5:7 am might aren't derelict he need that he needs. And I would like why is that such a. Now you know I. I Obama and Amanda what church which situation. Yeah I published online few days ago and I immediately ran into my young at the pain at the odd that I need wannabe. And he whacked and he's like why it literally didn't any like we get Rangel out evenings or in the morning. Might the best I've seen in the long time. Syria I don't know why me and what the owners and the. I'm Mike I'm dumb about your immediate projects like it's good to it and think he's like no really you should worded we jam on the show like teas and I was like this stupid. Oh yeah and then maybe. You know way there. IBM. And when I get ready had to catch fire like when I'm glad for the week and get ready like sweet Jesus it's here sweating. And you can you. You get ready you have to wait Petr he met Rita which all of Latin. Medical what did you guys they're kicking guy with a different premiering your fridge. And. Had no idea that's up from such terrible. I have for reasons I grew. You live. The unicorn tears. Looked up always has become a problem between you he vehemently analysts had left at six boobs are. I've kind of sometimes yeah I'd like parity you'll eat or whatnot but he. I've been working out the item I get home in action. Don't get why are you dealing with your. If I pick in my dropped I have make it on and I went up my teacher underneath by this is used. There. You'd achieved is well. Now Mickey says she's. Been. Odd ball attention when. I don't know about that. At. And. Yeah. You like your boobs. And I. It's a thing at every looking. Listen wanna I wanna help cure your breast this. Intimate that you won your deeds and who for a small to large seat to double the east orphanage. I'm which would you he's been to your own but Tata tea AT poll. All right all right stand corrected. We've discovered great things here. As for the first two girls to call turned on subjects. Like this for him and it was like. Like I choose him cry. I just. Don't I don't Wimbledon. I've got more messages waiting it would be like three people some made that they'll only get when you please get princess jugs and I'm. I I left I talent and an aggregate Kathy can't forget that it's. Worth it for. And she's she's she gave it to the machines. That. Girl is pictured like his kids with the Lincoln lives in wintertime zarrella. Yeah I Margaret that I don't accompaniment at all. Also can't cargo hold had no idea man I'd be. Doing the best things in our top. Well not much happens CNN he's not alone bill to create a little bit easier. And we had pretty come beginner should lose. My. CNN Packers don't want to go home so good. And how they're just recently did a lot of play we might come over me and internationally. Embassy had. Please don't go. You know a bit easier because you couldn't pass that rim pretty comfortable coming into action boots. Doctors don't look. Complementing management.