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Or may thirtieth in Dallas Texas and he studied at Southern Methodist University before embarking on an acting career that has found him appearing in such films as well. Baseball. From Mississippi Burning bring. Balls of fun. How much can release from the basic instinct. For the single white female. Moments ago. While half decent in the role he's best known for Ned Ryerson in the film from Groundhog Day as well as such series just didn't work. California occasion. And the Goldberg's. He's coming back for a second season of the Netflix series one day at a time. Has a new book titled my adventures with. Please welcome Stephen to wells. Review being young man. I've been hanging out. I'm up here on the public here like loading the great country are under book tour there's this enormous. Don't go according to construction right up upland right now. Just stay and all the nicer places I see. You lat. All the bugs replaces them here to think big right now but I I guess this is where output or. In my hometown finally. Nice with the these books are so interesting to me that you're right the dangerous animals club I thought was really great Q. We will we'll be a writer before you and I think. No but I I guess that. The story and it is kind of what I really didn't like that much hyped up like different video showed that as well a lot of predictable screenplays. But then I think that the food with an awful story. But the seatbelt on I went horseback riding. On the size of an active volcano. In Iceland. In 2000 and Nate and I ended up breaking might. Like. They'll figure out that such a thing happen. And I I broke I blurted. From the into the sea sick and the metal vertical feet all the brush. Up. I got back to the United States and my doctor told me I had a fatal injury. It's a terrible thing to tell looking patient. And it's obviously a lot. I thought all in one of those that write and I'm trying to recover and there wasn't a lot to do with a broken back. So I thought we. What if what the doctor told me which truth and what if I died on that now. What what I wanted my two boys develop after bad. It's like why don't I like this story the true story from my life. From my years as a as a legacy like started writing these stories great stories about quote that the Texas detection tranche closing catcher watermark. That you were all all that it's been dangerous animals are. My publisher. You know people are really responding to a spiritual. Not yet so we're just. Spiritual element of your story. That you continue writing the story. What kind of high everything together we get. Kind of the quote about the human error like. And that is what they bought it interest. See I get that and I'm I was almost an era do you perceive because I. There's that store but even taken hostage at gunpoint the crew chief remember talking about that also. You came upon a tremendous were correctly you put a car wreck that girl did she she died in your arms. Is that really important and there was another there was an story. And dangerous animals club that you can open a car wreck we're girls badly injured. Well local local local phone. 0000. It is. Almost almost I would I would simple. Amanda is a terrible sort. I think is all about walking back from the leading comical. And I think something on the side of the road which. I can't tell what it is there that scares me. Then I start run into it and I think that there are. That it didn't. I get swept off the side of the road the car hit a two. And it's seen as a lot of the radiator that I'd have to check in Cuba should look on society and there. An older man lying out beside that the road and they certainly. And I'm terror caught them off but you'll four and I go over and you lift via a complete line here in the roadblock such. And so I thought I'd get. And I looked a lot come out of it now. They'll down on the blue shirt and I don't hear them something to let that mr. you're. Addicted to talk about. I don't protocol I don't hurt at all by the law. I think he needed to save. And it's important that we're we're that you remember this story it was a pretty neat is upon my daughter. And I want you to help or. Although I. Understand. I don't guess. Yes and he does. The name that science. Is that. Please define Diane and run leopard and Telecom all wrapped up without holding it and now suddenly broke out there. Clark is stopping on the side of the road Atlanta civic and what that group a but the. Burned up the great stories right so it like I I leave my charge themselves or. Competent to handle him. And I won't ever forget that the court or inside where it's dramatic but I realize. What is it like class. My entire life is that maybe some day. I would be looked upon by hand. Wherever achievement he. And tell her that her father was all luck. And you up so well that I normally do it didn't look toward that animal but that that leads to the won't. Know. It leads as to what we're all looking for. Traveled the world and it's a dark places habits of enlightening places and that were all trying to see what what's on the other side and there's times that terrified to die because I want to be here so much does that really. But there's the times web so incredibly cheers is public and do you want and what it's like I'm really there's a part of me that's looking forward to seeing what happens you know. Well well in my adventures with god knows that the stories I tell it like interest settled for most of them were on the it but I heard your point. Are there is what sort of bear in which I talked about our quartet the story about my. Ultimate act of Laporte said. And what happened what I consider a miracle not how I survived but what happened after I survived that I consider her all my life. To what you were saying. I had open heart surgery. At the end we both end that story in the book and I've of their birth. It was all the Olympic wonderful because of a lot because that. But it graphite in that there's at least in my room that was crying and. I think I'm troubled girl what I was supposed to work from that surgery other than my eight to twenty French. I think the Portland and there's nothing to learn about and I'll wrap I learn something from every catastrophe a bit. And then it kind of comes to my head and at that let you sit. You hear an experienced significantly different and might. I need something different. Or example. A note that the path doesn't it didn't accept it as remember what Butler a different ball like your salty defense that is now more. With all the that we remember and ensure and guarantee that no one if you don't believe that one walk around the cardinal. And although it has it all of them and the two under the currency. For. And the web site while that means that I don't want them always have is that now. Is it. That simple. We don't see them happen now. I think that the towel is gone before we even what he and that's part of the path of the rabbi let the conflict was. We that the we don't have that picture we don't have that now what we have acted out by all we have. Well. And you couldn't agree more Steve and it's it's you know we we can't throw weight is he people throw it makes me critical. Initiate it's it's obviously but the quick threes that we do do in this moment because your treat it if your life. You're trading day of your life but you beg for that in the last moments and that answer yet the purpose you have to purpose and Googlers either and if weathermen Amazon or in the Colmes. We're covering him. I'm always just to see what's what's out there and what's. The bigger world until it was like it would go to sleep because that Tyler I was afraid I would miss something. Right and I'm optimistic. But the fact of the matter what someone's religious site or even the third if that's on I'm debate friend. The point at all part lie whether we like that are are shaped by the invisible. Our blog at the bottom that you are shaped by what. What ever is out there that we can counter that that turns thought into who you are is it under the pressure cooker. The changes that the admit it changes the way we looked upon it and that's what they are. It's taking its ticking fast as I dress rehearsal. But you have pitcher a happy 99% of the time that because you've discovered the great truth of this life which is gratitude gratitude and. Rather than you got it there that yes that's one thing that we don't come forward. And that's the one that. You have to learn and if you don't learn gratitude that I don't care how successful you are how much do you have you will never be out. I listen I don't believe you me the rap because I know you're in your book tour from a hey I can't wait to get it connects. Hi is dangerous animals club is such a good but get legal fight and then find this next book. And then get to Kansas city new book signing your stop violence. Let me just get a little more deeply in in the new book my pictures of god and that let's let's talk some more wrecks I think you've figured exceptional storyteller. Well thank you so much guys and and I know there is a simple one of the main character in my interest got that character nineteen. So. This went well your world gonna have to meet today I don't know what you with at and what is this world. And do it for you really and you're such a great actor you had such a great career but this these books and there. You don't often see somebody with a voice like that so I'm excited to read through the next. Don't go out. There. Looking.