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Friday, April 21st


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Born December 12 in Oakland California. I'm born to a musical dynasty that includes other people in the group code both of whom played with Santana and of course I would. To form a LA punk pioneers and millions of kids. I'm music career has included top ten singles such as the glamorous life in game. Stints as drummer for artists such as prince and Ringo Starr and numerous world tour's. Cheers and we've seen. Girl meets boy she's she's here today to pay tribute to. Who left us here today from prince. Please welcome. Human being. Sheila. It's a sad day today and I understand it is Jake the Purdue should take your pretty quiet. And I understand that I'm sorry because. Today's the one when your anniversary of losing prints or. He didn't know I didn't realize that howled in love you guys worked western research that we heard the you be speaking about Princeton on the anniversary of his passing. Usher in a researcher I knew you had a relationship that he really he proposed do you onstage during purple rain. Yeah that was hit April 16 2000 times more. Some days was the greatest tour at that he ever did. Yeah well you know struggling with the cleanup. Is controversy to a degree that there are a lot of great. Shows. Well it's part of means different music at different times what typically get. They were all pretty green. That you there's got to be love there and as I was reading this article you think OK give a man and a woman that are attracted to each other and that's a powerful itself. Then you have musicians. Who are. Really chemically indeed they're they're connecting that chemistry issue is so strong that. I he did he do it for the entire audience because my impression was that he it was really more of a private moment between you two when he asked. Any dictator that by it was practically practically from both trying to. Outlook told that we felt this practice and looked incredible the things I think all the work musically uses like. Very spiritual things he asked me and look at history to beat but battled with over the. That's the that's the the truth of all like the the real weak that's you know that's a connection that that most people don't think leveraged including myself like. Being able to do the thing you love the most create music. And with somebody you love and and have this friendship whether it's got to be more powerful than anything else. It hasn't picked up the beautiful thing and believe we have a pitiful life together. We play with each other multiple lies in the different ethnic ethnic until. They called true would be passed away so. We're a long time relationship we have a lot of flack they shouldn't laugh and with the court it hundreds and hundreds of country that's. Sense now of course architect of the principle. That will probably. Against people like that day it. You know. We have a lot of attention. You at last prince question when asked it was you parted ways because I read that he started cursing again you guys had. I didn't quite understand that I don't know if you guys have decided to really get to a more spiritual place and then he would. Kind of fallen away from Nasser when it happened when you decided to break off the engagement est friends. If tiger about many many years obviously. I'll let the band because I think like the direction can the byword get along so I left for awhile. And came back but. I think don't look what it took place I was because it was just a lot of Kurt and I if I wanted to change in this later on he'd get this thing. CIC and then you go by the way before legal limit should ask you know you've been recording. New music. Is that you be keeping the credit starts to. On Sunday I was glad that I can't lie to the studios. And fertility up campaign but it isn't happening they can go out directly to confine she was used. And be part of the process the fans can get that pavilion a pop up all my personal staff that have been that they called in options that I you know. There's just a lot of that's the thing that happened you know that was well I felt that I played with Chris that. I think Iranians quietly chain I have so many things that you felt that the you know. Operate as well because that's apparently put the studio we go to the other. With the things that just like upon personal for the fans to be involved in this project. We have a quick look practically have a record label happily go to college. When they have George Clinton and Freddie still lives that it took others as well so it's going to be great thing. Listen as that as it continues on Sheila you're welcome to come back here PG some more. Towards more interviews because I know that you go to makes you a lot though that come back on the shall talk more about the record.