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Wednesday, February 15th


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Born December 11 in Birmingham Alabama. He got his start doing more news on the radio in Florida before launching a standout career there. I'm Kim appearing on last comic standing and eventually hosting his own radio morning show. And appearing on live TDS series Sullivan and summed it as well as his work on the in this Sunday if he has an all new Comedy Central special father figure. Please welcome Roy wood junior. You bit. Somebody show everything so much and did you and and you never came back again. It's. Working it's off. Butler. Political who want children you know it certainly your. You did they were killed within the trump collection special. That was great and real well done on that. Well you know what I meant if you're like you're honest. I'll bet on the election night special bird he wouldn't be as I was street empirical group mall lawn. Balls that got out there so. So I'm really hurt. Apple flop or will your mall block a court on top. The outlook. You one time I woke up and I thought something terrible happened to me they don't want to hydrates which kept us a sense that some of lit a walk up to my tongue was black. Because I. The article that people aren't. Oh yeah youth who comes on super black. And then your total I look at him Michael Mann. Oh my god how much would the hospital. It's electric Google wanted to play golf but I'm ninety Michael was like giraffe black. Years. Local outlet cut but why there weren't accurate. And I think that's a you're blessed now. We. Yes there's this disturbing is who was it that the wee wee weed did you have a stomach acre was the other way like. What you're it was a bad place like you were like Amanda stand up and have a good the bad from the middle the broadcast. Yeah yeah on the though the order hurt. So terrible. You silly people have no idea that terrifying it is when you have a lot I only radio and television guys know about that a I've had to shut the Michael off and and walk out of the rumor or walk during news too much I'm gonna actually crap my parents on the air. It'll be terrible. Oh vote. It doubled they. Move towards. Apparently. It was you don't know are. Not. I only worked out at me her whole life. And there outlaw very. I think probably. And that are older and he's got Rebecca what was murdered here. Then I'll be right there and I think they'll let me go out. Oh my god he would please let that be the end of please let that be the end of it. That there really tackled me book order all on or. It's the worst feeling in the world that is until it's bad enough and real I've just witnessed just gill went through life when you've got to stay in front of people. An iPad apple and Andrew concert from like on YouTube Google well. You like or much that's older. Another bat or is it about the all the people are that you really wary of a lot this. I saw that. Was it was the drummer for averages priest freak out because what the guys in the show using the bathroom at the same problem. He was yanking on that door like I mean like he he he. He was so mad when people came out of the it's. It was different that's part of the so we can actually run away trying to do it the panic that guy's face with rumble equal. To lose when he went oh. Oh you heard what televised news special on the big. Lawyer and I'm fairly civil war it will last. You broke but black and then it grocery store complete Duchardt. Degree when that should be the entire description on the back of the dvd when it goes black stuff and how stupid growth distorts. Blessed are sort of that literally that was our garage but the no further built this is very. The coaches vote for the exit that live in the culture where. Operation air force. Aaron gross at some order mandate. And it doesn't feel in law I don't like where people they load because I don't want. Are you really do not or to a decision by. Right you at this point it's gone so far I didn't care I'm like eggs would you say thank you if I open the door anything to do anything. And can I get beaten me. One cup after that. Oracle. On. And up on its outlook in the well. Out here at all or walk. Or. Lawyer. Right yet they'll stop asking that question and broker. We've all had that person that that when you ask them how the deal was actually tell you elect him again yeah I didn't really want no thank. It's it's it's insincere today that's it I want your good herb. They're hearing about her and her beauty. Of what are you start talking here. And then you'll. It's gotta be here. That we are good at the record for. Nobody out. I was in New York. I thought that's what was happening to I realized all these goofy bastard you talking on the phone to her headphones or Bluetooth and I can't see I just thought. There was the managers like crazy people right now than your jealousy. Back. Let air cover that. They'll lose the move a bit. Or they're you know Hilda oh you can get away from fat and or. Roy uses under Brisinger. You 38 you grew up in that we're in Alabama girl. A group of government there. Maybe that place I rode through there Italian man I'd never seen it helpful as fast as as Birmingham Alabama. I've never seen chain grocery stores and restaurants chains. Just dictating. That empty. Where sat. Have you to heavy city their purple. Yeah. Our biggest export growth. The economy is that was cool. He got from factories you know a lot of also. Big portrait houses the ball and she. Shouldn't give a lot of the nobody. The current group with all of the pieces he's. Black there. Are well what it is that. Barbara shook out. I can let you know. Feel. Yeah it without you. Where the local barbecue. All. The proper patient in the third of its. They whole crop up after that sort. Go to the apple bought a lot like your days in the current year out in Columbia. I'm not Iraq. A would you be remembered though rowly is up until public originally got this when we won the series we didn't have anything else to be out of there or not we had nothing. I think it's. That's good. But you're here in Oklahoma. And that. I don't trust me barbecue dropped on the list now we can actually talk exports to somebody but up until then really really well done meat was all we had to sell people that I stopped. We got it now there are well. You're back. At. Some excited about see in this you black stuff and grocery store special called father figure debuted battling and Comedy Central this Sunday 10 o'clock in Sydney time. You. Objects can neither apple want it or don't. Listen Roy told it contributed to suck one and it will stay together all day. All right we'll do well drafted it is south of Columbus. I listen I mean it is getting your voice Obie can stop by compute Kansas City. And wanna get with a good time in the studio. Absolutely America. If so much for the. And I hope everything goes really well for human anytime I mean.