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Thursday, April 20th


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Brigade had gotten the book and you know I'm not big sports guy at the what I am is is I get. The idea of having. Doubt and fear and you know we all are fueled by something. Whether B you know a fairly and you know to provide or add a crappy childhood which you know. He hasn't always been about you know all the guilt or what do you are not thinks of you dig deeper a lot of things and you find ways to propel yourself bored if you're lucky to get. To stumble on channel. Sometimes you can be incredible but there's doubt in the feared side you eat you alive and I didn't realize. The Internet and we Kangyo. Think the royals 2000 tents were talking about in the last decade. It's a pretty amazing book. Pressured the yips and that was called the ups and the pitch that changed my life. It really is. Scary idea those demons in your head the fact today he could. Walk out portable although most people what is what is called little parity. So listen you were clicked 40000. People. And bill tingling your head as all eyes are on you as viewed the pitcher amid all the guys are. An old you've got is this fight inside your head raging. Never few buildings at all whose house you lose all that the support you that the thing. Everything you've you've you've worked for all your life it's all gonna lead UK viewed as you know and that cost cost cost cost. And finally one day. You believe. Born July 19 in Fort Pierce Florida. Chosen as high school player of your in 1997. He was drafted as a pitcher straight. School by the C Louis cardinals would make him saying he was going to be the next huge sensation. Melted down in the 2000 playoffs led to a trip back to them where he eventually reinvent himself as an outfielder and eventually winning the World Series. The rules in 2006. He went on to play for the royals it's. Astros and Mets before retiring in 2014. And now tells his story in his new book this phenomenon pressure. The pitch that. Please welcome. Rick Ankiel. Welcome to the show. Thank god we appreciate it up. There's this huge sports fan Jake if you just no quit but. Man this book. It's heavy that's really I had never considered that the mental game in that sense of those demons getting inside you. And just beating the life that you like that that's I was reading this last night scored. In that sounds awful. There's no question it was the hardest thing I've ever been through and the biggest part of that consumes your. And you can't get away from in our community is one minute you're the young superstar and your weight is being called Famer if you can stay healthy in the next. You can't quite get with a guy that beat people like you and nobody can tell you lot. Because you believe that you've lost the ability and that's ultimately what it is right I mean because it's not real I but it is Israel but. You're at it you're the one causing. Oh I don't know it that we really the thing I didn't ever have anxiety or anything else before that game one in the playoff. You know I'm sure it's that you know technically we're looking at bat out of Pittsburgh because the catcher who didn't help me cut a little bit on the inside court he missed that. On the gulf sudden things start to unravel so before that. You know I didn't. I didn't know what you know tiger he's up outlook and then you know following that next year's grinding through that and all of sudden. You become that anxiety ridden you know. We refer you don't even have demons that there are always talk like you're gonna GeMS at all. Gonna be ashamed you're going to be embarrassed. Don't yet know that you got your your staying on the value note that the which wanna do you know how you're doing your brain and body will not let you do it the most bizarre. Scary thing ever. And and it really did rob you love so much and this and me and it gets really deep I mean you start talking about. You know why your mom being in the stands and and and the owners football team and and the fans and then start to. Even even a knowingly and and of course the opponents' fans. Eyes start to get argue and that's more powerful than even they understand like they they really are getting inside your head and. Yeah I think you know we're we're gonna eventful you don't even see the people and see the target you know you're gonna excuse that it's all the sudden. You know and also you've. The everything in. Not slowed down you can't focus. Did you think they'll all year entire being I'll have brains trying to protect yourself ordered the Olympic. It's just you know it's scary it's frightening is that. You know it's it's terrible. It would baseball you get paid as you play tonight you determine the public football. Well I think you know what what you saw on the carpet for the year are your paid for the year by that I mean you got to keep producing can't. It's not gonna duck key comic opera it's enough. How much but at that time what would you make your day you drew did the infamous pitch like what was your what was your contract. Well I'll make it available my first in the big leagues regular matter what I was with you know luckily I was really get out of high school I had a I had in my signing bonus but at about making the minimum but it. You know you. In baseball gave paperwork done you'll get paid that debt trek so it's it's good for five years that you get too big contract. Obviously you know looking at your consider looking at a country like well and is covered feature can make a lot of money in. You know you'd start Fletcher self laundered visualize yourself out of out the bombers in the big. God policy about the doubtful that the operator. That's just reality. That's human you know there's slick and got your your pitcher in Major League Baseball team you. That's that's what comes with you know but would also does come and because I'm not a huge sports I've read this book. If you destroy and show guys that's pressured the at the pitch that changed my life the phenomenon by Rick Ankiel and it's. Even imagine Eisner and if you watch American into warrior at all that we had hit. He's a huge fan of yours any goes I went through the exact same thing and high school. And it's amazing that he talks about I mean the second he heard us talking about you being on the show today he was. He was waiting on the phone to come on it was a and he wanted to talk about because it does it's it's really goes it's incredibly real. It definitely realize and in the and it you know it's unexplainable not that we don't their body of scientific name for their fourth five and nobody will want to do it. Like that helped mystical and strange and bizarre that thing is. So it's it's screaming you're gonna lose at all. Everything everybody's gonna be mad at all this and finally realize I've got to reinvent myself because you start to lose games you camp played the game anymore. You know you know I came back and its success that a big league know full well what it took from me to do that Allstate mental training that I had to do it like I was the show little person. Obviously that happy go lucky to have fun play pranks on people joke well every one. I couldn't bedecked guy it was a lot like if you have a horse that big crowd and they put the wider conflict it's in the final. I'm doubtful that felt like I mean I wouldn't. I just couldn't be myself I understood that. You know the fit and healthy I try to look at the future they would is that what is going to be like for the next three years five years eight years what I was gonna become a bit. I just realized I needed to make the switch to revamp my falcons. No that's not switched over to the outfield and you know all spyware which some very product you know part of updated typically want. But I get to say I've made its flight that's different positions. Well in the worst right walking off shaking people who don't know what you're dealing with him then they'll they'll diminish your like me. That that's awful. Is it I mean obviously you know according to a visiting city. Didn't really killer comes with the territory put. You know it's one thing the pianist fault and another to be called something like that which you know it's it's. You know it started the pathetically and you know it is not fun. And also to do their abducted get would you target suicide. You know I was never suicidal but let's I mean I guess you could say you know you got a mystery Greg and I could. I entered its third. We'll collect here in this vote be over but. You don't really want to do it but it seems like a relief right. It seems like a relief I mean you can definitely felt severely depressed. You know clinically depressed I was never diagnosed with it never went that doctor talk weapons. Deftly having all those things you know you've got me like effect from one minute I'm on the path. What I color as my deputy. Could be one of the best coaches ever. Now I might not be yelled ever play the game again and like somebody's dangle Mac cared Prada beauty just can't reach it is that you get tired tired tired now disappeared in. In your law. There's a time erosion of the law I had no idea who Lola is. Where I was going. You know it's it's funny because it's and I wouldn't compared to what you went through but there was to have the career ex who gives you 23 business at station. In the first ten years that we. We'd been killing it and we are doing still doing great this is will we ever had the there was a lot of competition in the market. And I had a bad show. And I remember like on the cusp what you're saying these things are reminds me. Laying on the couch that I forgot how to do the show I don't know how did you showing more Asian how to connect all the pieces for the people it was easy and I don't know that was in this panic if it happened a few times but it never took cold. Right yep exactly they could have been in you know everybody has that you restart to have those those properties start to have that. You know at that nerves and anxiety and anticipation. And he delegates in their. Dark indeed it's it's it's just you know what the problem just like the name of the book it's. Scary in the end you know like. Like an urge realistic thought Lukas I know exactly and again it was nothing X any part of 40000 people with a ball that he yeah I remember thinking. Everything I have never had a break like this I mean now there's huge money in my pocket I can in my read that you take him a mom and dad I'm delusional delusional and losing part of the tires you know. It's been great if it's a right so it's very small record your. We got on the mound it's like all of a sudden what an athlete you're you're out of the DP and never show any body was going on over the let anybody you know equality the top guys and now that you're out that you can like you're naked there but he can see right per unit. Humiliating embarrassing frightening all the things that Google on. Did you ever doubt what you think maybe I should have never been in the first place maybe we just look. I never had that. I know because I felt like I definitely had the talent. Just because up the odometer as does the young ages it is all I ever wanted. Don't know what more left flight or what the heck is going on why you know like oh. By the fact you got it back do something wrong her previous flight somewhere you know you start to have all these crazy questions. If that you know it's frightening. Hey usually show Rick Ankiel baseball player with the royals intent. So I imagine it's a series playoff against the Braves third inning. You walked four batters in to throw wild five wild pitches then it all starts to go bad. And then it it it went a career that you devoted her entire everything in your life. From the time when you would pick in the baseball what 56 years old. Do you have a problem before I can remember. Think about that. That's why did you go to a psychiatrist or psychological as mister trick is if it is a users like and you. Yeah I you know I bought my agent and obviously article and it was a sports psychologist and united. He started out he lived with you know stuff that helped me cope. In I think it's true that in and give me whatever I want to tell me it's Thursday night incumbent on all sides never. And I didn't have any of those things. And they didn't know how to answer. The end up that point I'd never really got any adversity it's it's hard all of the baseball field so. Yeah you know you he was tremendous and it really became a father figure in my life and you know the thing is through their. That's that stigma I think a lot effective among men to go get help them. My experiences are what I went through how much particle form that would help me change my life I'll address. And anybody kid you need to go get help with you know a shot victory goes to. We can be very helpful and help you achieve what qualities. It was quick links and a couple friends that you need to talk this money and they felt the same way hazard you know amendment. That you broke Q would you feel any shame to go to the doctor golden arm is broke to fix. It. I would as we need if it's not working right in and he can help you why would it be that broke away. Stitch it needs to be putting it all the same thing. Rapper. Was great. Because you Kansas City if you do a book to a two year commands to get out I think this is eases. It's about your experience in baseball but there's a lot of lessons probably for a lot of people out there list. That's and it's funny people who come from dysfunctional Altman's. You know I've ever gone through the draw a couple of fat but I got letters from people from all walks of life whether announcers writers here. An NFL kicker dart throwers do and it's all kind of people that people go to thing that's a rollercoaster the ups and downs of life and you know hopefully my voice and fire people and help people who caught this summer for insulation situations and help them get through their. And they give me the red brick that that honestly I hope you can do it as it spent some time. Governor very frantic.