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Wednesday, July 12th


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Born march 6 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was heading up from bartenders union when he first became involved in the world report and rose up through the ranks of the Julie mom eventually assuming the role on the mid nineties. An arrest in 1990 led to a turning states evidence that next year. He served six years of a thirteen year sentence from 2000 and trying to 2011. And is currently in the witness protection program. And now he tells his story in his new book milestones standing. And please welcome grown men. You. Mark around Johnny. Johnny. Johnny in Kansas City. Okay aren't yes it pretty good out at you you mentioned Gosselin. And kids jobless. Let me let me beg your. It's been back many years ago want your favorite player is actually somebody. A I didn't enjoy everything. Every big market open it was okay. Yeah you it the book and just the beginning of that Ralph and I use the young boy your father was very tough area and loving you grew up at a very. Every. Aggressive household. Get out there yet. Geiger played there how. Hollywood premiere at the border. It could become somebody. Work but about people look at pick up thirty picked up for the split and all the setting your all the money. I wish all the little public health and very grown around it tropical made it aren't you. Could end. As I got a good command line current quarter and didn't wait on the net explore. All the usual liberal advocates. And I walk in that I told you a couple of do you pay republic a sidewalk or typical vodka. He gave me liquid and the but he could be quite pleased with that leader kicked people's support beside. I turned that around. I felt like I was some trampled in the creek bridge turn them. Like all the other countries like that it. Paul Walker went a bit. And I look at pushing at that should all your adult actor or. Obviously I put the gun he can do all the right. Did either. Ticket are you quicker on the and then the next one out walk up until then in my mind. And then I knew what I would quarter below one. But you didn't enjoy it. You say in the book you do I enjoyed you can do it without remorse but it wasn't something that caused you. Pleasure it was simply a job something done and be done it and go about your day. There that look like such plan which are available to country. I'm portal and everywhere Cutler was able they're. Amir greater good. Great earmark it took care of everything characters and edit or Alter senior shall all the guys are worked well all cracked killed. Somebody who are 8. In the morning came almost became the all over there probably. I really relate to look like much because of a book that kick. In nailed me and land they. It looked a little deal Whitney and tortured if it ever happened to the particular part of and it'll. And you say you got a book a year we're not a guy that everybody probably knows better. And I can't I wanted to see them in the court little. I shall then I looked at them and I called them on all of them in the court will replicate. I like it the same time they get that got thirteen. I got for me. Ralph let me put it. I. I'd put it. We have such a short time Rutledge wood to go backwards in time a little bit your life we were. The first time you were gonna we're gonna run numbers and you're gonna go your bag may have basically your twelve or thirteen years old. Walked through a neighborhood that you normally shouldn't want to opens predominately black neighborhood. And you were but even then the kids knew if they don't you then you're gonna get him back and you you want to laments how we respond to meet mr. Wallace but mrs. Wallace made it. Do you remember your goods yeah it and you know. That global boom we became good friends that connect. One article extra we're stricter and our web record and that's what it's quiet reminds me. Any year to get. Allied with the trickle into her home he can you point out of commodity. Our technical. Course. Double blind that I can think government procurement. Inevitably got tackled her life. He was twelve of our. Twelve yeah I had no idea that. I think that you know although it is somebody. Putting it there are. Enabling this you'll. I think it's well Raquel what was. I think that I walked birdie able but quickly built a no matter what state do committee. I'm quarter comeback. And that the reputation. And I kept at all might like Bernard so that reputation. And by the way. I'd never take them there's duplicate quote. It wouldn't affect an appropriate. Number one Internet. I kept all our feet I didn't think port directors thirteen. And I have a I didn't want them. It will buy ill I do what I have to do and that's how I don't want it. This book or less bone -- if you're not afraid to not afraid to die and you but the thing that struck an you know I grew up with. You know great uncles who who had such a similar outlook and certainly weren't involved in criminal but the you know like you when you would meet a guy of greater than you you knew you knew to wait. And not addressing the way for him to reach his hand out some of you reaching for him you had to wait just it's a matter of respect to make it awkward. To try. And people who are blurred that would fulfill our template that you you'll aware of a lot of things happen. In the in the mafia and as a model is it that anymore because you can pick. Never anymore. Like it. Don't have closure of the deal. No no that got you here. Who missed. Listen I and I hate to tell you that they're giving me a rap from the company but. What I would like very much as I'm gonna go home and governor released read the rest of this book. Of like that you on what we don't have a time constraint and I'd like to walk to these chapters because I think it's a story that. People have never heard before from a time that at most they'll remember and I think it's incredibly interest. Q. Where I thank every hour and someday it will it will on the richter get. Enough with these come back on the show and who are traveling yeah. I would love that that much. Okay thank you.