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Wednesday, February 15th


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631. Johnnie they're making based TJ great. They had turned onto the Kansas the airport years ago. So Melissa can stay there and just. Plans available via. Until about every single album they ever released. Really good. 68 for sixteen. That learn. More energy case just before it got smacked just Deseret this year removed. There's sites from. All for homeless. Her latest album. Kansas City to take the monster energy city. Kid Rock fest 2000. Mr. Michael Paulson always my brother. Where we are. Good excited as he won the build your for rock this. Yeah aren't going to be critical that we look forward to look. Well you know Kansas City came to know you threw rocks fasting that. This is gonna be it's going to be a long time for you able to come back to one after this I think because you're going out Metallica now which I think is gonna change everything for you in the states. Yeah a lot. Of course is the result of going out again on the road if the falcons that we put on the role of the what I've gotten. There when you know that the first Apollo would scoring with them and America is not a people can look forward so that. Really hope you know we'll walk. And the children particularly in the end of the talk of Ford's group. Sure we'll be you've always warn all your influences on your sleeve and literally would get Elvis and and you know bears like social distortion. But Metallica. It is definitely is in there as well maybe you've always been so honest about it I figured it was a huge honor and really exciting Uganda gets to go out because his new album. Like they've got matched up with yours is a perfect double shot that audience. Yeah appreciate that they don't yet its just released an amazing album. Operating well and good football was referred and then basically solve it it's fired again called it's so great to hear I'm not. Yeah I know we can find what I don't work it's symbolic in life. The French Caribbean peculiar you know mom and she'll get what we took a called good. Get back on the lord and did spectrum Eric you know American friends I'm we're on the chill. That's you because you have two albums faster than anybody inside it's amazing to watch will be I was surprised us that you didn't start work on new album this year. Just because your guys travel so fast about it you know you've always turn them around really quickly. Yeah the public opinion is a full insurance part you know why why are bright you know Brit that look what we do. So I don't. We can't we on the role when we're not on the road riding big studio. Little different try to take a little bit more iron and an addiction. You hole he was currently not trained but very quickly you're going to get. It hit the dirt I can wreck on the road grabbed me and complete your guilt and terror terrible food and you know albeit. This is what we do we would like what we're doing what toward a large part of useless. So what you're pregnant. Or arm. A little bit. He could probably take along with great efforts mean the record or chip you know if you go back in the old days. And they were releasing. Albums almost every year and at least every second year some current or even reviewed records. 2 record good morning yours. At that. Although it's overly another monster. Liquid still trying to keep a separate from. No you know it's who didn't come in you're doing. You know we heard every second year old guard that it would also have some you do what tiger again. And most important of all the feed him and inspire. Think lights aren't right but you know it seemed like when it comes to bolt beat you know we still have a lot of Hulk. Inspiration. To run if you saw Aaron yeah and right now we're actually no it's not about. In the murder be ruled yesterday. Two. Stop comparing her so we did back on the road and what not only doing their real cool you know I. Actually working on new songs you record. We have no plans are about when we doubled its studio right now it's a lot. All right got it about. Mean you are writing maybe even try and reduce Sandra from you Rick Steward of the outer shell script he'd react on the elements. Sure sure that. Thank you. I half expect at some point to start seeing some some nice let me tribute in their two weather be a song and an album or somewhere alive and I know that you're a huge fan as the world was of the let me. And when he passed last year I was just oh she stunned and it seems like it's almost impossible that more than a year has passed now since let me died and really struck me hard I thought he'd live forever. You have things that are not we all human. Rock and little you know it's. I don't think anybody besides Mo that maybe. These are are not here to walk across its. It's like you know we all know that he views this government wherever you know. It could console learn you know he did what can reappear older Kurt you're kind. Gonna be around them beat modern Greek you know he looked like. This simple matter we all know nick fit or. No doubt that he will not let her cute you know we can you although I know aren't Superman in the year but let me what Eric goes to. I think there. They're stuck in the Big Apple and blood you know what can reveal how he looked pretty cute and storage and still love the industry. I. Yet if it is in Winnipeg on around Obama he. Yeah it was with you wherever you go feed the party and you can really cool though it. It's what people and got some good third and defend people how cultural work. I'm happy that could. Continue to put a lot of records are being inspired aren't going. He was just a few Walt because we're we don't. Go. Blocker lifted. Who backed certain time. You know what they'll still got awfully. I'll get you all the deals with these very. Ease. Do you think about what he's going to go out of our bigger fuel would look. Those are get a lot of review. I read about them anymore. No way he was really the last real pirate there were no mentions for him he had money in the bank we still have that little apartment he. You know you have a car he walked around he was volumes when he was. He I think he felt like he would never be anything but true to himself in the compares I see between you and he. Is you know that Helio those rocket rockabilly band on the side in your level Chuck Berry and Johnny Cash Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley and and all those influences would maiden and priest and indeed you can beat out in the stuff you can hear bowl beat. You know when the we have great conversation went on about how much he loves old. Ready go to rockabilly sound all that really southern Jerry Lee Lewis like really great and and I sometimes here just a little bits and hits that that same influence coming in a bowl beat. And it it it reminds me very much Avaya. The things you spoke about some of the moment shall hear enough motor head music so. I mean that isn't the greatest compliment I can give you. Well that it has secured complement our big political joke. I thought yeah you're you're pretty much what I would argue with you complicated Kurt knows you very simple and stick to live with simple do you. All of they don't and aren't great if you look. Well yeah little you'd probably have bought in the third you know beat you what. He's not the couple are all built elaborate on. He was true rock and roll not in control of these. And fire but the thing you'd if you you know they didn't want a different article or who you what you want to review. He is a real deal and that embryo is full circle real deal. Let's booties down album Lynda Bird by the way I think I've now mostly MLS I know you're on the show them what to look the most. Great cover battleship chains. I thought let it burn is great title track is really great. And it happens at every mobile record for me they'll be a few that's burning in eleven more but I burn if you just like it's. Clearly there I had to make especially Moby and greatest hits album for myself just of that wonderful on the motorcycle. All right interpret. All right it's it's because there's that inflows are great egos and a bit afraid to take a chance and try something new and really in America for some reason. More for growth with a certain kind of music we need to be teenagers and we kind of forget about that it would go into whatever heavier or an oral more contemporary. And Europe seems like you know what you grew up with because your parents loved Johnny Cash near pairs of Elvis and and Chuck Berry Jerry Lee Lewis he's iconic names. Those are such an obvious in great part of what you took into your level of medal. You didn't you didn't separate one from the other and I think it only makes everything better when he when you do really. Really dive back into those influences and take the good parts and create something new with it. But that. The deal allowable it is you know that no such a little. When it comes to be six dot com that we don't even know what Kabul we only you know that he. Yeah only if you know he he will take a lot of different files well you know I couldn't make up for my. Our current music won't beat you know I'm argue it's metal and I like. What could be able to like an old school country like blues gospel like a lot of communes they. Some of. What cleaning my children or call in the works at the one collier that there isn't really. To read a lot out of like your one and make all those carpet together. Yeah so let it be flooded in you know at least you have a great card playing with and earlier. It was they were paid and he called PO but we'll go across that the company shipped off quite bored with the people who could move. Oh. Did it go guys. Be it you know it low scoring around the world whole Europe America and the united. What we're done with the ball and I was. It it's kind of love you we would not aware that it was unique talent content without losing it. Few years ago. Because people couldn't be cold that's got something special court for quote we leave you know exactly where we got great results. We didn't and they didn't think he just made it could swoop would love Hitler created undercurrent of people think encore no they're not afraid of sure that you can. All are in the song I could be. You voted to order at the saints are Nicole beat. There are mixed with. What. They will be all our. Let it really true at all. You walk whatever. But if it becomes click on the court and their only card so court he to a scoring output current was confident that actually could teach music. And later under. And you know glued in a couple of hundred into the locker he's battled another it. On. Call I want oh Russell and say oh well. I'm willing like I own arm but they're. You could actually committed and call he really liked the sound of metal he. You don't build schools. No element just can reduce our goal be then you're not the same time. We're not afraid they could result. Right well that's that's what makes you bull beep in and in such bands strive for it and and you put it so simply and obviously I don't know whether bands don't understand it. When you listen to ballot bowl beat you go oh that's Moby there's nobody was Miliband sounds like Colby and Kobe doesn't suck and other big. Metallica doesn't sound like another band AC/DC doesn't sell another band Iron Maiden didn't sound a bit motor that you hear it even if I've not heard the motor heads on the front of that's motor Ed. It's it's pretty tilted too and I don't know why so many billions missing. But you you truly of advise it have been wrapped her arms around that it's will be sound just like. Hold its and I love that. Hey let's look great men aren't. No I mean it's it's going to be a great day we but. That the rock that you know we moved to a larger place up like Kansas Speedway and it's still too great big stage is 50000 strong it'll be a great day. And I know people are excited CU as I am it's always good to hear your voice. Michael any time you always welcome on the showed a cat would you would you guys do next. Or thank you so much. I'm Richard when you might see channels my friend.