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Thursday, April 20th


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Warm January 22 in Denver Colorado. A graduate of Princeton university in the Columbia college of physicians and surgeons before. So licensed them to you before choosing your career in stand up comedy working with the thing grounds and group and performed on numerous US boat tourists he recently won Celebrity Apprentice. You can see him as one of the hosts of the popular NBC kill Americans at warrior. We just filming at Union Station here and Casey next week. Welcome math placement. I'm good but you know you're intimating that the is that Iowa you guys let that that I have in Kiel did grow in college with the future. I played and there was a point I just couldn't close ranks. I ended up I he'll hold the record for most watched received here. I relate to what Rick Ankiel and where it's one day went out there he. Couldn't whine don't quite. It becomes a mental game and that's why I hope it's a lot easier to talk I can remember that you work I hit the war. The sad truth is you're such a big debate renamed as it Ankiel syndrome. Now it. I vividly remember watching him go through that and you know Chuck Knoblauch. That debate there for the Yankees couldn't put first Rachel. We're just gotten we had just it's one of the word ultimately what we start thinking about it. Be it under the double play golf but would likely be in particular island actually all respect you sir. I'd like keep I don't wanna that would either. Your effective get in the way that flat out all week. We America into war or whether they took it you got to get one shot scorched. And they don't know what they're gonna pay you don't get a crack it. So not only physically but mentally to do it in the right in the middle of the night. With potentially billion who I love watching people go all the price levels that we typically it is but mentally what they go to it was just incredible. Well not to mention the fact it just the simple thing like your body clock is completely reversed it knows it should be asleep. And you're asking to be at its physical best which sounds like it's not a big deal but they've learned over the years like that it asserts that keys are Katie and rhythm is all. Absolutely. What it would immediately the really hard court did you. About two weeks now we'll start flipping their cycle. They'll start staying up all night so that their bodies ready for that we dull public 9 PM so sick they had to stop it until they show a lot. Interval that 1930. Or oracle or. Separate Utley and nobody can you're going out an hour. Notable right now or note in what you're gonna run at three hours from now so it. We're church we do not make it easy for these athletes and Whitney when they're still able to do it one. And looks on incredible Kansas City last news here at Union Station just. Very well. I think we had. Probably our our our greatest episode ever was that first night duplicity. Where we met Michael anger like well what sort of sheep on satellite. Even mildly autistic guy whose whose. We didn't become now we got. Each week it was the cult hero. Where there and that was your heated up winning so. Special plate not work for you at city and I think you'd pick just one of the best that it was ever. So they'll people what would what are the options now so somebody listings like hey. I think I've got what it takes I think I can do this. Well you better do. These are out to people already didn't camp out for 23 weeks. Monday night to try to get walk on spot. So who you know travel up well. You never know what's gonna happen in order to try to give many people on the course as possible while we party got. I think 97 people were invited because now and then you know we typically what about. It was content into 130 people on that first night. I'm still open to walk ons getting longer. But he has been in the bay records at all we have people without or is why we will be doing Daytona. Just a couple weeks ago. And deal people want to get on the court they wanted to shout out there. But he that you can't come well what if you don't they'll be people out there so people want to you know didn't shop where. The stakes on the potty you know we only need characters all the starting on Sunday. I'll start showing up there and you look reasonably physically fit so don't look like achieve the post. They'd like to shop on the course you can keep you say. Crazy with this show. It was just it was true it was the first. And it was truly that the U ship. And the outcry having this thing is rule we expect I mean. A big lead. It's Creighton. And we get the despair and I'll show you need to order would put their feet in USA. Up Barnard let the rules also give beyond knocked down one to promote it. Outlook the opulence of the night it. It is quite it's couldn T he additional continue to grow. You can see how is that people were seeing like that you generate about how these kids do. There were 1213 fourteen and twenty that you wore. That. It that he didn't and it's the second he's looking toward. We done we've got USC vs the world what it would celebrity's special that's coming out of a twenty it will red nose day. What we got guys that even the now who plays Hiro and Eric Christian didn't stressed. Stunningly beautiful all komen on the course you know I think. Like I've I would like Alba yeah who had gotten involved in the show on the board watcher grows so I I enjoy it and I love. Getting people out. And keep the crowd announced that they have amounts. You know Q did and an adult with moms. And daughters and so on that never went. You re getting it that it would help. If you include such. Well you the future show. Seismic American toward you know from what you eat. Crazy impressed accuse you you're. An MD doctor prior. Correct. Yeah I don't. At that point that I'm still a doctor. Won't be doctors to Kuwait least likely to change. Yeah I. The mystery I'd actually going to be Utah this week and telling jokes it's still. Well my great you know I'll look it onstage and that is the issue I say joke and people laugh and that's the back. I totally get that. But for radio at work in the Mets and realized later on a total lie yet UB delights the sirens. I'm like yeah the Doctor Who gets the most important room with sick people there that. I love at like Love Boat you know look out of the microphone I love it. And what makes you were so great. I'd love and enjoyment. And I am not even a big like a sports at all so. This thing kind of caught me by surprise how much I really enjoy watching it because and I'll tell you what I think that this the one of the secrets of this success. Is about 80% of that course most people if you're in decent shape thank. I might be able to do that. Yeah we and the group would make it look easy it's really did get it to you get out during the cold this is ridiculous. Let's. Let's get to do and you were hours. And at some point. If you're not completely. At shooting night and pop over here. I would love it. I would look to help poppy and bring you coffee we'll have it done. I'd love that is I got some questions to ask you about this about American ninja warrior and a and it's everything is going on with these facet of the people. Do you still trying to eagle lineup but good and watched them and be part of me. Take the decks take off good and enjoy it is what does he get to see and had huge TV show like the shot. The twenty feet away from your face you know. It's going to be all acts. Get a got Maltby and studio that we appreciate. That.