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Oh look at here. But who's ever so excited Israel Lou Lou's going crazy she's fine now he's he's a LaBarge business because the great the beautiful we're now. Consulate Arkansas. That she is a comedian and actress who you've seen in such films as for an. Taken to. End. We obtained on such shows as California. It's always sunny in Philadelphia. In this week you can see the line on stage to be in front. Please welcome. Well I'd like it's over is sure it was kidnapped what do it in the leg right right. Yeah yeah I am on the ground and everything is going can't get the kicker of thing well pop. If the trends because it means that anybody. I don't like flat out girl dogs and a rabid dog. I solid modeling of the allegiance to be shocking and it. And that I never had a group of recently that she raises a live hand you've got to humanity and a great dwelling on this thing. He's here at the grave and tell me. And it. Natalie and me being the issue of actionable clean her vagina when a fury yelling at you could wouldn't you. But yeah. I yeah I'm only made me. Yeah how big it. I've been really you really get very very good static load you know personally my daughter's. Thank you gotta gotta feel too good care of him. Third year of college in San Diego State universe today. At some party school. And money's going that is exactly what is on what she going to be a dance finance major. Sites minor in communications. What do you think we keys. You can jump a couple of really mean geez she's just the game should be two we larger drop out this year for sure yeah. Mean and again this goes to rely we're cool I don't feel like you know you've done it three years you do you're gonna go on the Internet and a the go to guy sweating my mom to only issued Bustamante drop school there. Goma mobile what do I would like we didn't lose any money from college she'd look at actually troops in June. A young age we knew you know collusion to. Well. It's drama it's always known it but at the modalities Mosul to see you guys now you at the end rob this weekend yeah. I had kicked out show last night at five rock. Well let's move those in my life for fire those like the last night at a lot of people came out and they had became too haven't attacked and then. All of those plans to sue me it. Series. Nor did the guys give me. It's this. All the really ridiculous and yes see now is talk about you know I'm up high at California imminent we don't do. A lot of land there you know would you from the Gillette Arkansas and Arkansas are just more an act. Ton of them you can Tallet. But I wasn't one regular toilet Arkansas not Lam. I love markets I know I'm joke I. I inhaler from Cannes we think that's out Clinton Daniels three Alex everywhere I got out. We just have you know some of the time it doesn't rain and that grants originally and every now and we never give me hail and I'm like you know. They already freak out does Willis is what's the from a rules of golf ranged flu you know an open and that it had blacked out and fix it but. And we had hail at Miami's told me that day insurance the insurance you guys get out here. It includes hail insurance right rev you don't have a proper order a garage an entire hour you legend car total what does it album. Ma ma. That was shot Los Angeles now and that that. I would not how to act when and let me tell it to its own QLDLLL. ET TE. I'm actually coaches who trivial where's that targeted malware as people because I. Everything down there and again between now that you would never ever find it in Univision prized eggs at what happened laughs yeah I couldn't tell me if and when it certainly had no business and die and I could decide this and not in the way. You never go back and definitely at a regularly two years were like families helping you do what school the kiss your ass out and go to school there now I was only blind there probable there is in Maine area about tennis it's Hilbert okay actually is so tough. It is fun to into. Thousands of back to tableau that LA faithful and Oakland ability you know I think. The planet is that the militant rocket will also yes. OK so currently right now I'm I'm George Lopez's show low Payer on TV man comes and everywhere they match. So George had his good friend of mine that allowed them to death and the at a Christmas party. And so. Does this guy. And his little older Mac and Shanahan my grandmother whose acts that some guy says Eddie Van Halen who. So I. And Jane and me and embodied. It's who you know eighty would have been Q Brandon clothes and and and some mode and related substances. I'm not out of that it will not get up start running when he when he landed with a map I'm gonna go attack Eddie Van Halen make it completes Lamotte now. Adam run at this depth system and that have mattered who enjoyed it I slit cracked both Miami Heat on the no matter have a premise Scott Meyer right me. My my Eddie van violent injury and needless to say as all of catalysts and on defense yeah. You know and I and I am. John you. Okay. We got Eddie Van Halen years ago. And I was on tour and Alice in Chains were opening I was sitting when those guys when they're there near Italy record jets and it's a lecture on their butts right now and that any bailout comes Garrett Celek. Any that he'll get it starts talking and I'm not a guy. Oh Valerie yet. Yup he's only. Think I could even wrap my head around that you can let your honor until about well as I'm out and I was young we were my. A number you don't see you in me from. And the fact anybody and ran them got into the. They're my and then. Have a feel like Lleyton. And we're the quote was I was a stab in fool last night. You say grated or probably ever when you wanna know who a lot of the greatest that time who is never pick up a month acts. France. Of course that now rock got captured these you know I did you. But I knew people who work for EMI. New life literally dollars background singers are closing out Moses background singers out Oakland Julie Lee. And losing games in my mainly hand pollen Larry Graham met minimum amount now from you know from the bay. I'm tubular where from a man never let the purple I'm Brett gave brands have now he woods won the last great for our local members and I'm not even pro farmer he's still above every opinion I'll either. I cannot and the lack of some bottle McCarron got a music and when not to when when the first album came out and sought to where it was released. You know he would like OK you know and I review was an abandoned by notes to me. But how many people Neil Diamond doesn't mean he played every instrument on as well I'm the only reason they need the mammoth go out of our that's a Shealy got with. Yes straight winner on the show couple weeks ago she rarely any anniversary of him I was. Can turn these. And everybody in her talent but I don't know which. It gives us. Yeah she was you know liberator failed to two hours a day late and a rock star sure I don't know whether I have with them with have you managed to. He got with a rock star you've into the com I did you want in a last level in the seventies to. Obviously. Okay who is alone and I can't Daryl hall and John Oates right now which one John hello you Greg yeah. But yet that bush and other. Hit that big bus that should be my guess aids. Moon. I. Love you and I. Yeah. Business. And yet gone. You know I don't matter anyway. Yeah in his math and all bands Conan yeah I hope that and he admits. Oh. I couldn't love you more to me this which was good in bed and he'd do everything I was earlier the curriculum weigh in the bed and a couple of did you the most ethical. Line and too much for. It's like to think what you end up playing in June and notes and it's a really you know illegal story. And the rocks to. I mean even old enough to have Sam you know I'll I. At LA. I'm glad that I'm Jerry goes. And a blue flag in whoever asks him anyway if you have that gave them they weren't even really hot and make them but they act. Given have a black she blacked out problem I'll I'll born in Arkansas. I was raised and hope the new move to the suburb of Oakland without Castro Valley. California with a very very few black people out there and I want to lie I'll why. Elementary school middle school and high school and ended even give Mac. Really integrated college. So I knew everything about like I remember every lap time of the day the MTV started you know they used to have these chicks a diet exercise and he remembered it they have in black who knew me they anxiety and masturbating and but to but the guys like they were building the initiative on the back. And add and so I know about the cars on the island the island a black outs and man element Errol let them. And and I just in Chicago outlets and to. Everybody and and and I thought Molly is like that crazy Blanco with Oakland Oakland you know things in. It gives me yeah. The lag. Today that is that Iraqi app and have a pretty good green is probably made that maybe the greatest rock and I have the anthology was afforded CD. Orgies and I've got I got and honestly if I Mercedes. Right now it's good because it makes you feel good that they really because he's a great Mercury. I. It is also comes back and and John Oates underage. The second half and airmen that that glam look wannabe tonic and tank come on. Share who don't want to all of us and I I don't think dedicated it was to be Donahue and I am a bag of a certain level. I did problem break my back trying to do a cart wheel from one jag set. I'm broke not damn bag. He knew and why you think they knew what qualities that I am absolutely horrible every since the first comedian in the studio. Saw you were into it you brown. Probably tonight and it marks yet to show tonight and two shows in my bag at that one on the Sabbath. Of Yemen. Yeah she's afraid that we're in the lower I'm mad because she's doing the lord's work. I'm not just doing comedy and each and sexual master class have you come to my actions make him the central Ireland now. But did you know that and last month April fool's edition. A penthouse magazine you're gonna that he sobbed after six days. Photo spread is not a public you keep on the first African American well figures. Over to say is. My arm and penthouse of the average. Share photo with Q now you be happy to know the mobile deals include cheat on him. I was like a beautiful I. They're like he had an outline that and show you know full well my daughter our supply network suffers second you you know you're gonna get an outlet. You've fair but can oh well you look beautiful and any harm to oh leak out at hand so valuable. And everybody has graffiti on the Mac unit print and a ethnic frame I know I'm gonna get a friend and then you can absolutely I'm having a big big thing in beautiful I want this to be on the Jumbotron. In times yeah. I've learned that. But again there's the I don't know you can go back and group of people out there. But if you iMac is Phil Gramm or my Twitter might go my answer to tell you have to have at LUE in ELL eagle scroll back and say that penthouse. I'm doing that human rights. I'll look I know he outlines are correct but an LA and love my girls Eric McLean. Com. This issue yielded they would do it elicit a two months when signing my shoes are tired legs are or aren't silence I'm. Okay Iowa OK I hope did you have pioneered. Them and not even be a real man and if you win your nail polish resolute I mean in an ally in the everybody is a I'm. There's a lot of army and shot my wooden mallet and sell bomb. Who did that can't pin out who's doing a series copper chats. Where I'll pop you know hurts him. He got and direct of photo shoot like Dave Navarro did line in my bulletin date line at one gigabyte has always been super on loan them our. Also when McConnell actor broke up and my heart but I think you can get an open forum where god has a lot of moments yeah. And have so much and Dennis Rodman Aaron and they in my. And so anyway com. Somebody fill out an arrogance about friendly and I got to get her to do this though they did not directed a photo shoot. Would like to chase and got out as rog you know get the great theater which leg of their out of Canada act and the glove and a right. I was lever that President Obama and I got them in my Svengali thing outlet. And up to the right thing to put to figure out how. Yeah that he looked at an example of how I get. Oh baby jail at. About but I think it will. End in the baby yeah and Edmonton. And around so. As we will leave them out that would you know you just found this on my neck out like you guys that you beat you now that your and they didn't laugh or anything like that inning have you roasted. And we had several production mean that lombok hole. Had a sixty an hour photo shoot and that is from. To do that graffiti on Bob Bennett did you would you be mean that's provocative thing yeah I mean it's day. You're comedian actress who you're not important that's not that's not captured your your group news though that's interest in ever made a sex tape and do you think the America. They've had black girls and I'm not due Tom I'm not 23 years old. Even though they're almost like winning nine. Any you know grown and today and I can't and then blasted I'm I'm a little thicker in all of them that the novel average bear. So well you know it was a of the trop I feel of a beauty. I paragraph. Those great and I think it's fantastic if you lived hard and you really do you're open for anything like you and I and I am black made days and I still writing like Iraq's as a bad situation. I just can't let a guy. Well well it out loud. I'm a pretty I have got to get John to my agent Bob I did slip. About eight weeks ago. And I got real some some people that I met Jamaica Madonna never figure and they got mayor I didn't make announced that I at their wedding you know impromptu flower girl LeMay went to America act. Lo and behold. They live in Memphis is like compared Asian guy in the chick. And they had to weddings and marriage and liked it wedding and regulating I've been to add into version I can't go crazy as I. Like at their own online in Jamaica in the meantime the on this grey from a man assuming it well then led them M Memphis at a college Lucia and they have and they came. To this no other. And I have great. And it was very good shots and shots and shots and stuck in between the president second child alone their lives in Maryland second shuttle as I had a couple of animals and let things slash one thing led to love and in the middle English. Apology it and I'm a little lag between an interactive games that last line and I and I again think that is. Lama's. He'd smoke weed and it's the crazies who got that every drug known to man I'd like I can't slack and go OK I'll Lancaster and allowed them away from our yeah. It's could talk about. He did but a quick business es music it is in under awards now this yes that's what it did Obama jelly like. And athletic quick blues. That would be the thing I don't know why I'm just not Jersey game and count at quit illicit every time I try to get up take me back in it I give them a leg comedy club you know it's a I mean goodness almost thirty years of its routine. I don't even drink at home and have a full buyer all I've drink you know god has the wine dinner I got slots Abbott did you get to leave. Clubs are your friends guy and you're all excited and you give a couple of you know object named maybe two brings her show that but the minimum of that time Hamlet they've set ups you have been. However I had two drinks on my 28 shots in forty through like Hulu and very true yeah. Olympic divers have and mad. How pissed off and look at the girl when I got my buddies high. I have already in my lunch it was I was bulls and summer that's another buddy we're gonna kill watch a movie together and I want to thank you the AC and I just remember going. And the vision wit and gone and gone. I faced down an escalator now well. Thought. And animals but we'll an inch and you know I don't smoke so Ali mushers Ali demolish the home of the troubles there but you know same thing. They're still around who you know the package and didn't pan and he marched through. They don't well and follow a lot of the closest thing that taking passes he adds to gently don't kick it why don't do anything where now I'm on the body design and deserve and I'll admit the kid from NASA when you were tortured here. You can't I. I have a macro that much less than that I'm I'm and that might go to you know almost all of the ass in the eighty's and he's was made at a missile silo here to beat Kansas probably gonna. I really regret who bought and then the big cooker the big guy Ellis. Paper and yet as we about it yet yeah I've never worked for me and never got it never kicked him and me with that problem Akron that. Until. Action packed somatic putts that should. Had micro dot I got details on fun and you can't take any more he compartmentalize to which I came today and human members locked away now and not. When I do is that is just I feel like you know while waiting like if you have a bad absent trip yeah. I made it to find it odd that those legal see I feel like I've got more control and that there like I can handle the and we OK you don't what what if things don't go Lester drinking. The last abuse or whiskey which he's been pretty much straight in the jail like. Have you had any of that pennies Baghdad's. I don't drink Jack drink that Jesse outlaw. Animal. Yeah it's much trust me that if you like black people boundary just outlawed and regular on July oh honey Tony whiskey and I I'll try to limit is a united and I both know that Jack up the windows skeptics like and the island. OK can I get it to die QQ when you go to macho ego of a child abuse but I'll bring you bottle that I got a bottle of OK look here's what it is. I got two shows tonight Ryan can you rally wanna chill out tonight in his Friday and within those two shows tomorrow night. I suggest I'd have to go to Mexican wedding them and Mike are you know I hate weddings but this is a good good friend and actors when I was nervous about I'm very happy filed and against a rock. OK tonight. Bryant sadly. There and it. And 10 o'clock okay. Acting im probably gonna either want to drink between mr. OK we'll do that that look on regular bottle honey and Jesse James L honestly awhile probably have a larger picture she's. It. I. Ivey school of people insured up I. I've got that little bit there Bailey good Malaga Dubrovnik and we'll we'll quit you'll get outstanding human blanket of these super let them play a little game of golf whether they tend to go. Good good question I don't know did not getting the I'm gonna have. And Robert Royal about the get a limit of long view you just. And he's listening. Act one think I make you or at least go to guy the this thing blows out UAE in ELL go to YouTube or Google you right now you can see them election business standards but the war was that such an incredible. Uncomfortable fantastic. Plan on giving but what I would creep me truly original it could very rare yeah. Hit Modano and I was nominated for Academy Award. It was not it was a denominated bank after the welding hello this should have won LA comedy is our cash. As the manager actors snotty critics is yeah critics of the adult tragedies day. One of your and some old you know battle ship loaded and nobody else. Ha ha ha but yeah. That's always a story of a sweeping retarded boy going to war isn't it I'll answer that today mile drag but yes Laura that close from. Terrifying and realize that all of the underground mine is too terrified of course you what you are booming but and if you if you'd seen this movie get this weekend that. Don't you walk in someone's house hardcore like. Ray wins you're racist conservative message has yet to orderly and you're playing the part of a prostitute yeah this guy who's been. Already in the scene so looks so real. So real what's happening you gotta go in there and be used to read three times we have to do that because you can't do retake obviously get through it until you have to go to different stadium different talents of Paramount again it's only. Entry draft I probably not. We ran yeah. And you know these are people who never even had a black person. And I'm I'm their friend who shared little column in the house. Little town dressed in elaborate Bryant and tying to a Calvin Klein jeans. It was downhill and I cowboy hat and a we're look at the last how you doing there's got to be inside you that that just that fiery like oh it's getting weird. I didn't want to underline do it then the director. Mary Joseph dolls is a man sciences and is in you've got to meet. Twisted to direct indirect. Which did not have a script should either this great. You know they knew the situation does go and those like most guerrilla filmmaking it's been against a right and let you know slash. He doesn't add few deduced of them that you love to himself you know it's and it's not like. Go do that. On top like go to that and in Iraq up. I don't easily twice as I you know like take a number of front and trump tower over the top prophetic. Yeah I tell me why didn't. Everything about that movie was so over the top the a big issue Michigan Kansas and Burton and we'll see it's he was open up that happened right down and I see my name them my sister's shoes because of the two of them all. I think if that men and and I didn't and LA enough greens tumbled by minding my business. Well I do not cringe almond markers thinkers of the law and go to San Diego there's got to credit did Jose. I feel evidently I was like. Americans crucial service to switch bus Thornton or. Homeless guy years ago Danny. He didn't displays as I've got to give them the game got out of that area should it just brightens two years after I left the big right. There are delivered you got out bay never had a problem tar roof because I was just I was at 5 in the morning with a tool bucket sitting there eating my life more than anything nobody nobody wanted to do anything it makes it look like. My leg was shocked and well I mean as far as the Ryan's I have no problem with them because we were very pit stop. News the first. It was the first example out what you see is not what you thought. Or are we can beat you up on camera multiple time many people and we're all going to go home again. So who would be pissed of course I'd go after after and that does arrive. Laid. And OJ and indeed the GA writes I didn't panic didn't understand that I did I am and ride around and just pop. You know literally at an end nobody rioted for as well be clear nobody riot okay. We celebrate the path back at you but I never urged it is what happens upstairs opportunist holes. Who judged the whole idea is lost because I'm offered you know like look if something's wrong you've got to fix you gotta fight and at three. What does something wrong man. It's wrong every episode on that horse with bill and you know we can't fix it you didn't vote for true. I'm not discussing yeah well. I think I'm I'm I'm at and Whitney. Back like MPH and it and in new app. It's as our president. But remember there were adamantly we bad bad bad way to. I flew all the way to the station and is due to show last year for the Sheikh you know I would operations long story. And I get over there I'm at the eastern tip of Africa. Beautiful. Look beautiful water and everything I gimmick and his driver I give them that guy. And is that uses different time Tuesday to a lot of that's O that the second not so what about Joseph president there I'm. The accident happened at. And so this is there's. There's a lot of sheiks that. Had comedians and and beautiful with a couple is an absolute they they'll have to do my heart he's monthly crazy might have read a lot about and they've got big bread and pay you get crazy money. It would July emirates airlines it is the most or male I'm flying don't like the Bellagio. Of this cast to play with a bit. Now I know but robot got a little while what would the bottom and got Joseph Biden. Back in now and I was like I was a business plan. But I've not been trousers at more leg room of the business flattened like it's building out. And then as far as that it was great you get the lap dance and haven't they haven't met. None of emirates flight agendas their banks and right absolutely. You know I'm not our eleven that are out there on the narco war off like that happen. Style whine and complain that go to the American public of them I racquet Eric gave up three drained them. We'll smack now this I'm back and talk to them you know which Iranians that the public at. As thoughts of what way is that coach act as I'm active members and where apple and some help from the front at blank at a Nebraska coaching coat they said you downstairs. Peasants. The bottom hysteria about it that you that the Fed is there an explicit Jerry a couple of days to Baghdad. A balanced life. I'm again. It's so. You've you do the showing clearly that you know I know hopefully I love. You gotta go with him and bush and yes you know notable is that. You know world would DiFelice now I'll probably bring numbering girl then. I mean you can I have at a time of the financial mastic you. Lava the gentle on top probably got back and I imagine you may not have looked you know you'd really. It's too. Do we know how do you do the shows for the -- is it eat your game day it was everyday and made the outer outer bands already share I'm hampered. And I was one absentees you know show and I. You know old you know how about the idol I do that nobody beat I don't know I mean its potency out his days in the back. Not for me he came up last days me all of them out of the first comic to ever meet. If they too. You have to to it would admin US I studio there was and you get a in advance. It's giving for you good gifts like parting gifts like tactics she doesn't I got here yesterday of them highland periphery. In on a beautiful Villa and actually. Put journal rating thing I am. Island chain as a governors actually. It's a yeah. It's you know that's about it yeah and it got us all back but she you let you let them do weapons and how they've made that. And subsequent Seidman is completely and props Smart brought you back. All. Lit well you know I've just got to pray my brother read a lot my brother Chester remarried his first wife. There's only live and they live here in Kansas soul mob I have a brother here. Adam my two sisters and we're gangsters they're flying in from Texas. Debbie about 10 o'clock Nolan is gonna pay you have last but there's going to be four of us here to be around his neck. Africa has the backing of the citadel and I don't act. The only exaggerated. And let go of the island when another good year gives you any of those yen not far from Iran so why do you what are you may read this in girl twice. Because you missed where I. Again I feel like you give the accommodating when I heard of them now why is that I've made for seventeen. Years separated for fourteen years. And got him to avoid as last year and we're dating now. I get it right what is it is it is going to be six what is. Analysis not to think she knew what is it anyway even not everybody's good way to get now everybody's time and I'll be talking about that. So why is his physique as he loves you because he knows more about you only look mop my brow and his bags and actually his mother blob broke him. And Taylor Leon and not travel stuff and after many many year many many years you know they got a kid and kid like 40000. And my. I am flute and law simply reached out of my brother vital. It was my mom's flop although many years ago I kid his ground and got grandkids. I don't want to live. This life unfulfilled. About why did you come back listing can we make it work again and would you kind of and he went in and visiting came here and visit and you know that you would visit with certain familiarity of it this year and it was not ready dollar have to go to all that awkward. Let's get to loudly to that you know you and you give them while I used to that degree and being thumbs plant type thing you know. We're not ready now is that what made me I'm never home I look I would I would it would. Then he would. And put a ring to welcome to the tune of if you how badly some jewels like if I buy you. Something I don't know and now I'm not Edward Abbey and I think yeah. You want to do would you want to do it you need to do to attack the eagle eyes and you know what no wife happy life. And exactly what we what's up after I got three mile we'll dom yeah. And grabbed at a time big model job I am and I'm happy ego I mean what. The alleged element of being married. Well I don't I don't gonna Corretja I don't wanna do do you know that the sexes batter when your man. I don't I you would not know that every guy today you didn't bag this exchange they get less of it now that's not sure. I'll let him land mines. You know why you are Arizona Nevada now. You can never be elevator bank and you have different now than ever to us from. Not. You play can't say you know here's how tonight's glitzy you know or slowed down. Yeah when you FTC that's easy and dramatic it's you guys act we've gotten but you well and job or not profane when you wouldn't think so. You wouldn't be adequately go to sorry appointees yet rise huge. Came to town at. Undoubtedly the as Reynolds it was it was is the type of attack and I don't have exactly the same food every day while no one is not a good luck team now lag add Brad I've metadata agent. I would big Yankee game. As you know he's very adds your uncle on aunt who's your favorite getting nationality you like to bring most. Notably probably it's yet. And delisting capital. Sleep enough and made me giggle that is there a guy like me hot love them haven't I mean would you just isn't very back pictures oh yeah. I guess like I lacked in mount olive skin and then. Unlike a little Italian next update is the median ahead of them lack of let them are wired. It's not like anybody about back in New York. You know them real man you know I'm not demanding him the right right but ideally I want our history yet they yelled my outlook. And. You couldn't write up I think he's piers I ever saw was honest in one city in Manhattan that let FTC would you news opinions and colleagues and you can't blow job and listen I. I didn't write the rules. I think god damn movie about I don't even understand the rule. I know I'm walking with with how and that he integrator. Is in big sound and it would mean that every day. Nine hours of this item CB the Niagara you need them at it I'd there's probably you know female point of view limited and I don't match and I'm not talking right now and I don't. Yeah I'm out. I've done that threat I've yet and now I'm trying to give them a clue. Food and it doesn't matter of sexual relations. Columns and I raised my hand yes it's like come back I'll get what you've done it a little Johnny I love you. You've created. Bring her husband told her in use a country music program I Muslim country music star now and he just he does anybody know Trace Adkins gave him my thumb Anita. But the big. I don't like all of Canadian and to think that listen if not months I just got it. For days and hit some rocks and console. You've got to what who vowed to deal and that would let this downtown it's awful music and awful. It's awful you can't say well you've ever again this June just luck mom I have an album that. Right now I'd putt well yeah. Atkins of mistakes that William not even a woman. It wouldn't affect kids anyway I don't dislike him. Is much like the new urged the measure doesn't care about of course is what you are locked in yet and you cowed down like a little what's her. Why entry like that but we simply do a little crazy amount of god and he's probably. And what will and always was always back to being all the way then I mean everything out of being pianist is actually my Buick a little finger it would would you be with a elegant. Know who these people let go. Now because you might be a shower and now am I grower not a shown its argument chance. And then but if it bag and. Hey I move. Who voluntarily Hazmat sites and that you. Are mentioned you know the president of the night and another. That's about love honor and not have to live now pretty you have Bradley make them kids I'm Angela how blacks out of them. Don't you maligned millenium because you know it's real love real Brian loves him. On the on real left and abused Wyman did you fear that they did it well all right and have grabbed a cop and public dubbed. He left work he did you know he telegraphed that doesn't it you've mounted like an ice cream column I want you and abuse. If she she does not follow the object what will again they haven't made it to keep up certificate a couple of burger and bag and a black guy that you probably after eight. Who graduated. Went there is that don't want to live in the black you know that they lack the decorations like the brothel in the knowledge that they likes and is. Google ordered rule them all of that. And then I'm there around him on the White House's two. Latin is to Guzman Goshen map for that break the millennial was to give them go to addicted to big read it to scooter Reid did. It. Although Labarca. So she's learned cannot Monaco beat me slip me whatever you on the screen I don't care what you want him and I am actually an apparent sign Tom. Yes he has bonk you need some Saddam Hussein didn't let myself ever written and read about that book but it. And do it tonight you can see FEM brown yet you need to Cummins and community you had me at when you went for your boobs stratified Foner. There. I. And I'm not real legends David exports. Now Tim lesser amount but how can I didn't you know what it is yeah okay. We got to the public aren't Muslim will because again and again and illegally for 27 minutes I don't know yet he needs a lot so so and he's used to he's unemployed timing on them that do get an. Call you. Boy and if you're. And with the smoke. And cool off. His drug use but we're gonna. But this week it's an excellent but yeah. If the super hunky and these people like you to print worth Harley-Davidson north you live now he anymore. I'm already used the way that not that thank you Brad and actually he's. Me. Through. But the bill. A decision about treatment squirrel rabbit. And he did the other royals that that there are gonna go on they're going to Minnesota side. Because the upper rooms simply yank you last might be any doubt he was sensational. Seven innings struck out ten yankees give up just three hits and 51 when Mike was stock has had a big home run. Sporting Kansas city of the Vancouver on Saturday night NASCAR and Charlotte said that they're big all star race you see Michael employers funeral son cash. Apparently a big Kyle Busch span and in Boyer says it's going to be the Eminem's car because assemble who will fixate on the Eminem's car. And any knows it's if they push even touched the wall that off cholera cholera. So who boy here is taken now to calling Kyle Busch. With his two year old son and in the car in and letting cash as cup Busch should be OK after Iraq. All you have to all our cash is super cute actually in the last week and he was at its ads caller. It. And just if there was nobody else in 80000 people. This isn't. This one's. I know you figure the bigness and it was a big. If you like Trace Adkins and I mean you're complex beat him him. There that flag of trade act. To be you know basic term clause and recoveries of them get. And that's what's on it and Tibetans. It's bigger and that your this couple was again as mentioned in recent. That's Reagan or Gingrich compared. There it is and it got a terrible last year gave this condition I am she's OK as bad wreck like. Help. She's she's a compact Buick yes she's smoking in Hopkinton. Kansas. Some treatment she's. Like she's. And he does not mean that a beer bombed yeah. But what Eileen when Utley. Here it is. Do what do you do Sports Radio there and like I could isn't. Guys talk about sports. Without in my opinion clues to what's going with just a lot of housing and capable of doing. I enjoyed the super. Super monkey when those two. Well you get in BA playoffs Cleveland to Boston for game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals side LeBron cavs. Took game one the Western Conference by local state of the San Antonio. Saturday that there are up to nothing about open the home schedule right. The community America ballpark. If you want to learning about sports figures said the mistake if for the segment apologies to. I love I think it's an amazing I think laid back you have very big I just sort of security group supermarket fund and a you kind of lose most of the game. Cute funny there's June attitudes among. Us in world currencies bill. Don't worry was with. Just searching Obispo were open play baseball I don't know it's gonna happen or not. Okay as the rain. Where only and do we can almost reaction my thought of oil industry that is crazy Formica. That was crazy I didn't expect that I don't think weather report from theory that effort to. And she's got a very good he's a good public turn you in that locker and so we let you rather look out for you on Monday. Do you feel like if you like Trace Adkins tiger regular walker now. Now allow me is not about what I hear. Me and him. Larry came out curtains. Grace yeah now I mean then everything. You are compatible. Or he he's going. In the confederate flag. I can't change that in her. Brings the man. Green is paying them President Obama sticker on the back. And also if you don't. Itself. That's very tension how he had no Eaton PK can answer. What you are now below one fired they got me in the Wal-Mart because I got into a nothing gives me more joy. Religion at a ratchet ends to round photos of out of shape mean it was a lot of rest holes and while there's little cards nothing gives you learn just I. Couldn't see as a model. But you'd have you seen the video of the look of the mom getting in a fight with another mom and she's tell her little kid to kick the other lady in the head and the kids got to be six years old and his kids talking smack it. I don't think that's not bad but I did see. It was a long line. A mom who had a kid though government tantrum. On the floor and Nikkei tired and I'm proud I am you have those like Matt. The economy and my my usual thing bull attitude AK and got it out of them by your hand Adam pulled them out by a ball out of. The black middle bombarded models are losing this game. He just stick there in the past. I went to add my. The problem will turn up like. Marty no red letter is I. I just today and yet you about severe brain my head they would addicted mind. Ahmadinejad took that kink in his hand ousting what you think of the line in amateur kid in if you were banned in public your home at the beach you. We're able to show they were good parents and and you get you don't get home and you dogged it in the right you get it right where you an idea that begins at issue whether parents we don't we. It is and leave Milano phenomenal due to market you can get them it's true yeah I think it was last time we got to fight. I don't yet simply you dig you don't go to public a and well I know why. I'm finally look at these man all right. And so I'll squeeze unknown no finger in the back door with the pogroms that I'm gonna kill a man I don't I don't rule out onto the onto a home and I now. That it's paid him. Well I don't do relax you know I've I've got to block you know we go to my real job of that I think. I'll accommodate that little record of did you Gilligan a little ideal the without laughing I was under. An. Actual real time via. Guess I don't know kind of resentment you have to venture into securities and and and and of their lives although I don't macho provides not that give him it is actually impulse I am probably let me tie you no because. You would lead down a long time you would doubt this day. At this stage anyway but we knew each other any longer when because I don't know how are the things done or to an out of them in the evening tax write yet he would take this is not about Largo. Analysts labor did all of my stomach getting ready and I don't want that. Oh yeah and take your kids who had a hydrogen damage from the inside. I did that I think I am glad that. I. Can't and I. Sick at city camera config on the mount bottoming out of the grammar until later. Adam now pat L you eat in the well at all. Let me right now right now guess who just spent black Richmond test bubble house Bubba. It is (%expletive) yeah. I'm mix. I'm not allowing me wanna hold you got to look at. I. Drag. Its. But yeah. Dependent on hand getting Clinton has little Gypsy sites. Like the last it would be Kenny would he rank. Miller jumpsuit you Olympian as Dave peacock in Lincoln's ideas that want to listen they get a little trick plays well Jane. This guy. I had had to have a drink and Mountain Dew and Lockett has not like and I don't regret that I was the original red the red and it came back and about it. So I'm Gigot is kicked him I'm proud of guys who in the me are mandated to bridge that I've gotten to map. He said. Can we didn't wait till we can get rid gateway to begin crowds. The bid others' lives like five miles long in that Fallujah bridge the Bay Area at that was really got to know me is that. Achilles heel and it does hold hold hold about what goes in the government acted now holiday as I just acting and I did he rank the Dem. The Jane is that I am I fakes build iMac to Ramallah. And a could damage as it honestly don't know that apple other museums and yet you know you yelled I gives girls I'll do stuff gets on a bridge so they would he bumps and probably a loser long enough to new girls got a you feel we hear the follow odds and never. And strippers they would he's been able day youth division. And I thought I had some things. And witnesses there. I can crack a lob. I love my giggles under the right now. Plan mash just appreciate them. It's very hard and know that the dog. I think I. Yeah. I. You guys some. Hologic. Yeah coach yeah bring me a bumpkin on a preview. More than now now now sit on it though listen and now he's got he's got the job that Lou knows the opportunity to learn that one on Sunday yeah. Follow her finery in degree and also LUE. NEL. Out of the amount is only one at just like you've got to get into debt and or whatever. And this fellow would show you come to the budget tables of like that everybody you can still get a few tickets go. I want to know how bad everywhere then. Had a TV land now let's make sure wheels which one of them right because I want to make sure that you know we every ten minutes away on me I'm gonna send you don't think you dirty pictures. It didn't bringing this image of my manager. OK and then I'll be on penthouse dot com just yet okay. Anyone in the hill in line and a half after I left here hey I love that you guys have been.