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Friday, August 4th


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Born October 11 in Mansfield Ohio. He moved to Hollywood after high school to pursue a career in acting and working smaller roles on several. And so it's before landing the role that would make him a pop culture's superstars. That it took the kid on the ratings juggernaut that was Beverly Hills 90210. Onto rules on such series as. Oz and in such films as eight seconds. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You can see him on the CW series. And now you can see him in the new documentary about acclaimed director John T have a similar. King of the underdogs. Please welcome. And Luke welcome back though you. Up a bit this morning but do you sixth morning. What what can be better at it. Tell me that's at least your new York and not California. Brian in California. And move please think again them. The outlook for. Pat is do it's not you know work it was John was it was a great experience for me I'm glad somebody got around to documenting what this guy was all about because he's it was a great move in maker. I. Guy underdog can triumph over. Evil the better looking that the more affluent that the and we want to believe that because we need to believe. We do need to believe that I ever so important that you you know. Obviously can see it manifest in the number itself that he really did live at black guy in Portland he was an underdog. And he believed. Me too I feel the same way meant. Because again it hope is important and and you wanna believe what you mean rock you look at what we really worked. I'll. Rhetoric I've been using their I'm not in that movie at least twenty the least in Los. Moment the net downward that you're you know Aaron back and stand Michael. And they were so Smart about that because usually when you look at Stallone's girlfriend. She couldn't be in this super beautiful girl but she was incredibly good mouse he animal loving pet store. Even more you know thank you can't. Everything about it was it was it was spot on. Yet done done really and so many at that that was mistakes and that weren't supposed to happen and and and John made them into great movie moments you know like when they when they go ice skating yeah. David had a bunch extra it was supposed to be a full light skating rink and something happened in the league and that the schedule they couldn't get any but. Just like not a problem. In the and you see the scene that you see just that on the it's brilliant. Yet now it's here is and so you know we would try Hewitt disease I mean. Where you grew up any both we went to Hollywood and we popular Wii U not popular going to do you identify what is the underdog stories. Well I. I would say it's the good news. I am I didn't have a like a lot of friends. But I still have all the ones at. You know it's still very close I'm still very close with a bunch of the guys that was I who. And that's a bit about the. You should because as you know we neglect LA. It's wonderful to dubious start it's great to have work to do which allowed to do a lot of times that those that those friendships that a rate later in life tend to go. In terms of how your career is going in day out it's a pretty it can really yeah damaging hurtful thing. It's true you know uncertain being an underdog and I grew up in Ohio and it's all about Ohio though about how big he get accomplished football game you play. And that the F differently you would really not much. I was in the target I know what that's like and I really didn't connect to those elements of the story. It now I think we we all W I know that. John didn't work on Rudy could you know that scene where Dick Cheney Rudy and you'll cry like a pussy every time he gets to play. Yet. This element that. You know that you've got to believe that that's still movies that's what's important about it and make it seep into different way and they give it hoped that it can be different. Not everybody and not everybody's aware that Kate. You know what I mean liner and some of the great movies it's just real political stuff like that just made another so called our war. About boxer South Africa you know Morgan Freeman Stevens door and he would be able to so what what could be called an underdog story a number of times the number of ways without retelling strange story. He's real via. He can flight that landed pretty it. It's chassis dot com we can see these chassis CH AS SY dot com and it's John G. Animals and AB IL DSE and king of the underdogs and so this documentary. And I think it's going to need suggesting that you know. You felt so much about that you wanted to be part of this documentary as well. Yeah John two boys who. We ran around and around you know our relationship has not had a down. We knew there are times during the making of the movie maker really can't get hot between us but. John and I were still hanging out up until you know he passed the way I'd seen him not long before that and yet we in such as Malaysia and. Eight seconds a good movie man and really wants Ed let love that. Thank you I think that was you know and terror. John gave me a chance to do something nobody. Ever done beat war in part by being in the actual actor whose write people not just bringing in guys do it. And. That was really important I mean I get a chance to try that and EE put it that. He went to the mat forming studio and he made it happened and I believe that I've seen it you got let me Tillman do. It is a big multiple you know. It was a Sissy multiple reasons that they don't what you did eight they say will he be good to be believable but I think even more importantly they're like. A reinvest this money and he's gonna get hurt records the way through get finished a movie. Brett we get that we shuttle ride if he is. After we accept or accept the one in Texas as you stream access and who waited and we did the other. And then Diego later pajamas he knew how to do it I trusted. You. And that is a random question but the reason I ask is. He can that be different. Through a mutual friend and he spent ten years of his life. Out Montana and Wyoming I mean as a real rodeo guy I mean really out there live he'd just remove himself from Hollywood at. I obviously I didn't. Think the world is that. Yeah I think you broke a little bit. Yeah now he seems his mind and but I just find it interesting when people likely Cuba and you've got discreet life and you and your odds of a big celebrity to really work and and you know when you go I'm gonna go ride the bull anybody thinks that's easy anybody who thinks that is. You know somehow that missed a trick or there's attain bull you bluster god in my because those are killing machines. It Lyle now say that I you know it's still the most incredible thing about. Hidden in the is that sensation that our cars you never forget it does sound like anything else beat that. In the best case scenario where you ride and get off the if you land on you eat. Like he'd been car she hit you've been slapped around by the that he did not that that's what makes in the toughest athletes in the world. No doubt about it no doubt about it it's. It is it it I'm I'm I'm looking bored seen this document. Yeah I think you know what. And some other folks in there I mean Jerry Weintraub if nothing else this lot should hurt Jerry Weintraub does this thing to update that it experiences majority. It weintraub was a legend has as. Just a load balancing and yes it jobs were bringing in about. Owed that weintraub duck eurozone is the goddamn missing I'd seen at a decade. In an unbelievable advantage in making them like Jerry anymore. Now they do that are coming around to get. Note we will never should like I hate to do to give me the rap but it had before dude I can remember we talked about you ride motorcycles. Yeah so that we're going to Sturgis next week and I can come up. I've not been nice you know black. My writing to the thirty days and into the nasty weather has stopped like Garrett threw a light hit and I've been I've just. Those yankees get back on the road but. I gotta again they're back again a couple of years ago back to. You arrived on the Kabul afterwards we had from down there in Cabo San Lucas the bottom and come back and back to Kansas and if you ever. Going to be fun excited about. I. Got to keep it secret enjoy it be there yes it admit anytime Luke and always enjoyed have you on the show. Very well liked what it really Hulu the appreciate it take him to stay there.