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Wednesday, June 14th


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Hey let's Stroud is on the hotline right now survival that's part of our expert of course star survivor man and his deputy special Friday night's survivor man and son Mongolia what has he gotten a terrible car next to Mongolia and each takes time off his son thankfully is. In remission Greg from EST yes and us now they've. Got together which. I think is gonna make for great television but I think about my dad who could. Born October 20 in Toronto Canada. He is a musician or filmmaker and survival expert who has done everything from working as an assistant director on Russian videos. Playing guitar and indeed even though he should be banned from working as a producer for Canadian music video channel much music working as a garbage men and there's a canoe trip kind. Before making his famous Science Channel series survivor man. And this Friday when he's back alongside his son Logan for an all new Father's Day special. Survivor man and son Mongolia on the Science Channel. Please welcome Lester crown. A slight bit. Think this that we did yeah some reason board did you with a show was important is this week it's no expense. Water and Mongolia with your kid that's amazing that's going to be really out. Yeah all pretty powerful it as as even I can say. In the intro we were actually. Actually got to fill the shelves. And in Mongolia itself when it was survivor men episode. And quit defending myself with taxi company and he was sort of just gonna coming out of my uncle who shot at that we have car accident. Double bird you know punctured my lung broke triple sort of stuff from them. Went back a year later the is she showed again this time with my grandma that you know what does have a maker of whatsoever manifest seven and so. It was pretty big full circle. When you think you know all the you've done all that you survived and then modern technology almost take you out of the car actually just you think him. But of ridiculous way to go you know what when you've all that you faced you know. From hypothermia starvation from exposure across aboard a wild animals you know to crippling you know physical injuries you know and then a guy game car accident that. Well that's that's the iron in that situation. And that's I would note that like look man. People get so freaked otherworldly healing in the field like but I do on the field but I do with calculated risk of a lifetime of skill. You know it got built up from from you know certainly doing it teaching survival for fifteen years before it starts government. But let's probably gonna kill me is going to be you know plane crashed her car wreck and sure enough. The odd step to sixteen years survivor man in the the kind of started to work against me and then yeah we have this if are actually less troublesome. It. Seat without you I will not. Always sure that I'm gonna go bad bus in Peru are. Just something we're out of control and riding along those countries that they've different traffic reaps its situations that we. Well I just got back from last year Lanka actually. That was their summing up the works for. The charity organization political shelter box. And yeah I league that we Eddie's a local drivers in the database ever driven in India should not sitting there like oh yeah I always talk about it's just. They have been they have light on the road but I don't know why they bother. Now that Vietnam which I thought was incredible drive up Edward has a scooter. And public schools of fish in so they would tell you you know when you start walking across the street do not change your pace where your gate because they're judging you they're in their their depending on you do not stutter step or you'll get smacked. But sure enough there was a 100% right you glittery walk through and it would just part like a school of fish and if one plays jammed up the sidewalk would go but and UC students and others. It was it was truly amazing. Yes that's the beauty like that's the beauty of the travel but we do you write it means. When you travel the world you get perspective. I think that's not enough people you know cute Japanese travel the world different perspective what. When that panic you know which both suffer at all like yeah well. Forward Levy established through it like there. Yeah you'll really you have a great more important that people are almost and their families like us. Brothers and fathers and mothers and daughters in and friends and they just what their kids to be healthy go to school have a good military road drive and everybody just try to get to wherever. The end of our life takes us you know in the end what you realize it's all human no we are deathly ten that your your tongue gets a little smoother on the edges. Yes I absolutely agree. U so this though on the other hand if I did this my father Richard about if you did an amazing race or survivor man. Like who produced some of the neck and emotionally take that. It says. Well I you know I mean as well there are pretty. Tight against the were more like classical buddy and father son. And we did go whale. Since the beginning and so it was originally asking to join survivor manly you know thirteen fourteen years old. I had to make him wait for the thing we'll the first five minutes that we give it was because in dialogue maverick because. We we had his sixteenth birthday. While we were out there so you know it's. It's pretty cool and it's also it's even made a poster for sure. Well in the back to. You know at sixteen he was diagnosed leukemia and. Seventeen had yes so wet as though really. You know she didn't have a lot of energy leadership examples such as they you know write them for the as a moment it was Richard lectures you and we just didn't dull and and so it's so it's we don't look at data and so now realized early cancers that we can we didn't know. And and and yet but that he he spotted one at it's the deceptive for general hospital sleep. Very much survivor of that on a level far deeper than itself. Well I anyhow how terrifying and awful as that to be a guy who's known for. Being put any situation you can bring up anything no matter what the world's gonna bring and the one thing you're looking at that like I don't know how this got Richard I think that the human being I love most in this world I can't I can't change the outcome. Let us just yet I mean you know people. Think it was survivor man on an adrenalin junkie and that's something you know what it's like it's set. That's a lot of very calculated risk based analyst at Illinois and maintain control what I do you look at the little bite yet there are occasionally still linked table. A lot of safety control then you look at it felt like you know what is your level comes cup you know get that closes. It's tragic. Ended you have no control no say in the matter useful non. Itself. You know to try and this strike it through that era is very powerful colored. And do via among divorcing the Mongolia I've never been. I would love to. Evers to read it was that you McGregor did did around the world of the motorcycles and and it was just that section where it across Mongolia on motorcycles. And ever since set management fads yeah. Ill and it is really beautiful there like a lot of places it's still. It's a bit notwithstanding legacy carrier the perspective of the out there just the same they're certain places you know they've got a few things to learn yet. Mongolia one of them but really beautiful place tie a weird I'd still create what that where we where. The first. This hillside were covered with psychedelic mushrooms and any religion that the government or walking around shooting episodes like a lot of lately the dollar was a circular questions itself. Did any suicide and all in your pockets let's. But what are you I mean idol I only know that because somebody told me. Us. And I think that's a beautiful beautiful place. Good shots yet so far more starting tonight but. It's going to be good episode by the way I've I've also been survivor manned Amsterdam a couple times you'd. Yeah I've got quite serious. Pick me beat me a frantic. That it. Anytime any threat of survivor man -- say yeah so Mongolia some tremendously in this front 9 o'clock on science. And make congratulations most of all when you sending fine in remission in that. The new shell acutely to see you we welcome any time. Well thank you it's really a couple of shortfall fathers who serve fathers and daughters mothers and kids. And if anybody wants to what I'm doing now at the TV network does call for public. All kinds of these stuff destruction is that it's also great for these two really good you know some epic.