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Monday, March 20th


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Or may 31 in Rochester Minnesota. She studied belly dancing professionally fighting each fourteen winning scholarships to numerous schools. Danced more than 45 performances with the American dance theater before making the jump. You've seen her in such classic films is all going to lose this on the wild night the power today. Some kind of wonderful. Article 99 but in the back to the future trilogy. As well starring in her own sit com Caroline in the city tomorrow night vs switched over from bears its 100 episode. The lead time. Thomson. This comes. Who keep me. Meat packing up how are you well. You you know. I'm in Los Angeles and the still dark out yeah let you up early 60s morning. To you laugh. This is talking. Listen I would congratulations you're not just a hundred that was W directed the episode. Campaign ad campaign and that kind of really clean effort. It's really an honor for them direct hit a bunch of them but that her but prevent you know hundredth episode like the the op now. I felt it your honor and it says that subject matters so. So close to my heart at all it was it was a real honor. The shoe was built around Kansas City it's about two girls separated this Mission Hills and the other one lives in Riverside. Wrecked and with a fighter works. That's. That's where all the (%expletive) expect that. I know I'm just Whitley like trash to know where everything is in rivers. So yeah I love that. But the idea is not a new idea that's what Hubert that these two canes you guys have done a great job and you branched out for much more than just. The house. That this episode is going to be. What would it what does this. It is that you are emotional because the girls act guy and he I'm. I can't found it he they donated his organs like Angela your guests that they wanted to plant where. They meet the girl who has their dad's heart. Which is. You know I feel very strongly about. You know organ donation and how you can save lives and get the idea of having your father's heart it's like how old emotional. And it's emotional for me to get that iPad loved ones that died unexpectedly in and there are there architect donated so it could really mountain. Alex. Powerful concept. And then it'll give birth at such a great show because that deal with so many issues and you're ever really. I think you know something that's kind of lacking in the world right now at the lake beat the people side of an issue like this cool kind of have a back. And as Apatow right early. Put the issue that you really showed different sides to every issue. And both. But people haven't really good point of view and so it makes her really. Biting drama and make and our development Greek teens Pakistan. And articulate dealing with a lot of things like my son has as a child that has Down's syndrome. Irons you know they decide. You know what the child learning now all it and there's that interfaith marriages that they're going on that really can bring up. You know enlightening conversations between he. That's what we empathy a year to go backwards a little bit empathy is the thing missing from everyone's. Make it feels like it's. Well every bit yeah I think I think it's definitely one of the great things about the you know because it's weekend. The really you know you can walk a mile or you can walk two hours than someone shoot our our happen now telling you when you get to watch. A play tailored look into if congress something you can really feel someone else the point of view that's I think I can so important. You don't grew it's in the last great to me the last great director to do that crater was Norman Lear and we luckily got him on the show a few times last year and this year when his. Biography came out. But I mean you know he was a genius at that means Archie Bunker was the year I mean that that did more to get people out of racism and showed as a buffoon its way to be. Then bent and any march ever could because he was a somewhat lovable but clearly in any and he went I don't wanna be that guy and you watch good time you watched. All of these incredible shows that normally again it's exactly what you're talking about you can change eat those with it's it really can't happen. Yeah our total income spectacle and that's you know I think that's and the function of our in our act or. You know. There's a lot of times. And that not only heir was looking at currently we need to use your. You know the good. It like comedy you can really comedy is belies spectacular because you can. You know lacked in self but yet. Revelations and or you know lap at Cornell lab with someone now and it is shaping the kicking it today and in the Dahmer. Some kind of want. So. Get some kind of wonderful that we all love to see. Struggle and win in the end it's a passion. There's good guys bad guys were pretty black white and I still any movie where. Yeah we have an underdog in the end track bad news bears can he still gets me tired and it's funny to. I. They what I am directing. I'm I'm doing an interview to direct people ask me what would you rather do comedy your job and I don't want you don't. You drop it drop. How the spotlight that's how it helps to have. GAAP so why did well not really asked questions but that's how I feel I even get that way about my acting like I like. I like I like people at the sense of humor even when there and really intense speculations. Like that it that we cracking jokes in the in the most dramatic moments. We Howard the book I mean that's. When an insane premise and no real excuse you know give into this early deficit to assuming. In that scene in the bed with the dock and as it is ridiculously beautiful. And then you become an adult eagle was actually. Earned on this at some buoyed by what you have to call a beast LT soft beast. 88. We're going to be. Out there are. Right we don't. But it's funny it really is funny it's a beautiful. Yeah I know I'd had a very bizarre career and it continues honestly. But it's funny I'd like out of a meeting with. Had a some of it was universal all the marbles. Questions. Neighbors there. I had to remind them that I was the first are normally I was the first marvel clean and under remind them they elect. Give me the Bradley of the we already checked that Tuesday at 8 o'clock switched at birth. Think an article that read don't I would deduction that wonderful back on the backs the future digital art. Yeah no it's it's it's really been a fantastic career and I hope you left continuous surveillance. Q it felt like attacking like Haley can you encrypt and a.