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Thursday, June 15th


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Can help. Mario and I had an aerial. But he doom and you have so we're really my friend allegedly. From the old. He put its current age you to kitchen. You feel as curfews. Or your color her on your current. Her two days. Werder nurture. Is. All the local. Slow. Due in New York. We use. Who. Gay memories. And he is. There are eight IOC. Home. You know he's got eight. You phone screw it up a little bit you use a good spot a barely hear you. Oil on the initiative immediately the perhaps this isn't there it is better thank you. And over idol and I'm looking forward Kurt I bet you are bigots he beat my. Actually believe it's. I don't know. You are a little bit emerged over there. Do you really you think about this and and I know that. It's been a long time and I think back the first time we met playing to the clubs to 250 sell up to three of the people here in New York City today. Looking at Central Park eatery you press which will be an unbelievably huge movie eclipse everything else this weekend. And that and you're one of the franchise players manage its list of what what a great story about a great life. Well actually it's it's a good movie raiders is Earl and cute you know achieve it that way. Now so that it and then later. My heart is smaller than her that are currently it is to see if he plays later. Concern that there are certain. It. Though really really liked him anyway but it is the most. Bunch. I'd love it I think he lowers its first movie the sayers who apparently. Its servers yeah it is. I enjoyed it secular. That there's certain kind of let series. Your carrier they'll really summit there it is there's my first we'll learn all of it by saying that he experiences. But as far. Don't execute to choose you and you're out let's let this one. Those subtle people. You're there. And move in and edit whatsoever that the presidential candidate to vote them it would. Do Arnold Gary is decades and. It's Alan. You know straight answer tomorrow. And I'm here. I don't know what Childress will issue in England since late in the war on the show. Ultimately this year. Brown shorts. And final decision I want to work take callers diet pill the duo here who tutored. Well the best part. We is on the the master of the race just a month ago India and the best way I thought you were. Mean he. He really is Larry the Cable Guy and I'm like what did you think he was didn't show up dressed like that where a three piece suit that. Rural area auto loans and I would use in order comfortable here though that's their. That's the cool thing about who voters here you know yeah there are cursor for a starter you're in order to do so. People can get these photos urged certain speakers so it's sorting out some. What art or art just say I was a little work on the show national. Coordinator not a. Throw up nature of her short and I just looked at my shorts all the big walkie staying home appliance all of us. I don't feel. Very. The two other freaks those people because in Los Angeles you know it's all about appearances in New York a little easier for me like at New York a lot better but. You why these two weeks ago man. Week but he what are you wait who who who are you wearing who has Larry wearing this year you know. Near certain worm years as a winner in Germany of course. Yeah. He's carrying a bellows and that's vote. Triple amount that America had about that he read dessert yeah. Are brought back here we're prepared for what's. You watch this interview it was look at these guys so it still because YouTube rep for real reform you work you did that you needed chores and and you've just always been get up and go to work when the sun comes up guy. When you see that done spite of everything keeps going and we'll Mike my world I'll crush you. The problem be. It would knees in movies or Abul streets are obviously but there are certain. It means sometimes you. On. And they didn't intervene. In Europe. And the cricket tournament. And so our. We're here to me. And with that nor do doctors. Global. Partner. Who aren't we should hear. Do you mean our work here earlier career. So that you pay you the character issues the call it true that there's. As well children they should. Q so. As some sort of the you know on both of them think you know they're here this here or here. It's apple cart. Here and get them here. If you are doing over the Upton Oprah. Of course it is sitting in eager lately they're so articulate. What they do it or those days it guerrilla. You know. Bird bird river over here want to say well your children are Smart. Well there are secure well that's what they're. And in particular is so slip out to chuckle with. Our. So they're revered here means. And if you wanted to make sure you're there you'll. And he wanted to hear the higher you go to a movie. Where you're. Warrior Carter term marriage. In. Yours or your lunch eaten here and then you're commercial perceptual. And you're like. You like what to expect. Let itself where you know you can hear me so where executed the order of bear. A we don't pretend that moves that made big guy here or a motorcycle trip. Any we're talking about we stop we accuse you of Hugo knew when your kidneys to put your penis between the couch cushions. No man my dad would kill me if you can copy of an. He is like come on you do it between your matches here the cushy answer in which I don't know and you know a guy we'll dig a hole. He won't stop and try to get you admit it in your heart like look I'd love to tell you iced it at the outs but none of us have ever done. Northern and rural village serve I. Looking for years. That's that's little hysterical mode news because right there. There's a lot of nice people here aren't obviously. Can handle these very issues server three days are numbered years or so. Coach and I got in the last month and your whole day or you're at the data for Letterman back compact to perhaps see they're well they're. Today I've decide no mileage you'll 44 street Jimmy's corner right outside the Times Square only place I've ever found to get a and a beard that's normally prize. I'd Jimmy's to trade all the big prize fighters a new name for me and Ali everybody and he still lie so. You change Jimmy that are older bigger bigger Herbert. I didn't it's in New York 44 street read the New York, New York. Well as I go by let her down and sure they have their fears. Reasonably press. I act I. You would love this place a document you would love you really Woodman is an old school guys got to be eighty years old now. Are no littering reasonably firm as they got me staying in the district Carlton here. Art. It is Sosa were legal counsel that devastation had a weird. And our return here give me a trial sir let. Holy land. It in one dollar to. Answer that ban are. That is not a reasonable is jobs. Here and the to see you again and and knows is not your first time on this big machine that mean. If you do daytime enjoy it made it it's a long way from cricket from Nebraska just and super man. Yeah it's very important analysts there. It is there's been warriors there's currently there are certain our. Last year are they a little weird start to your time. That's one that is very English first and then there. Are really doing it that is the Arctic blast that standard in here or there. Beautiful map path warning his staff members Fiedler incredible. And really genuine they're definitely definitely one of us. Well I'm not a big prepared for a period earnest. And their. I. I loved it.