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Tuesday, April 18th


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Let's turn around a hotline right now she's stopping by to us talk about linemen in the comedy visual album that's out now that's fantastic to strange thing to call it it's if these are videos are out and made bogey there they work when they tell a story when you put them all together in the end it's just funny because. To retarded so much that you don't get why it's funny and it's very clear why this is beyond. Dying. Our next guest is a comedian and long time friend of the show who despite required to. Neither has amount filthy enough to make a trucker blush. You've heard her comedy albums if these lips could soft and so I wrote this. About it and now the long form video to accompany her latest album lime aid is available to have you on YouTube and on her website. Please welcome none at turner. Sweet what do you do it. Yeah well and well congratulations now the world is getting a taste of it's really it's over the top the entire series of videos and it's basically a small movie. Yeah. Now let me say it but I can't. Meanwhile bum you know the kind of hearing being. Idea like that lemonade beyoncé. It's it's a beautiful and it looks like cost millions of dollars to shoot. They aren't right how lucky am I know I have been really great people there. Behind me helping me now pretty call. It's the what's the reaction coming from everybody. Everybody. Again I beauty continent you know a lot of people aren't true. Leaking brake tap and it came at every. A lot of Carolina you know relating to it so that tree up there in the army now. And I'm Reynolds. We've got to do it right at me because it. Comedy always comes all great. Comes from and credibly dark place like childhood bad relationships bad situation bad wiring whatever. But it all comes from a very dark place it's it's it's like the pressure about you don't turn to a god and serial killer. Yeah I think yeah I hope I wouldn't get you a pillar I had and that they. Can you imagine what what what do you think we would have and I know that's not been in the greatest few years you. You know you and ralphie of the part ways and it wasn't great and I've. But indeed do you regret. Marrying him in in in that sense because I think and when you get pass something it always makes you. Bigger that it gives you a little more fuel which had a better direction. I am certain things you know black knowing I have a meeting children and then Attica likely. And to China get through it or they'll drag on I. I think that prop up the wobbling like it has the feature along trying and we saw picture of I mean. Glad. We'll give you such classics as a few Italy and holes. You'd think well I'm sure you love that. Yeah any reaction from from ralphie on this. Yeah I don't eat really. Well all. I at the end. From like from his perspective you think that. You know I'm with you treat it something out of a plane. That the debt how much my leg in excellent heat and little fat right that I. We need him more of lack of our. Getting over it. Well I don't know if I don't get an. Eye on duty. You know the project about. Course of cool listen I. I just think it's EU you do you literally released an album for me divorces every day across America women I UC animal you know the ones. Six of one giant fishbowl full of tequila. You know all of them just to sustain the hitters put her purse question. And it was always terrible that it never seem like that they're really getting. The catharsis like it out now there's a soundtrack to take it actually to it and that. Of the idea of each of women's singing and their caller I fewer and all your nine holes. Yeah you know I don't think there's enough. There are people you occupy our men and it only prop up apart all cultures so. Like why not have a comedy on how it will the funny thing that the pictures of people. Like will go out you know like. I mean one thing that I did you know that you and I got. Practically Blake. A lot of hot hot ballot and let it out there like look like you're not. A lot of women that you. Well the mean between this scene were you washing your build those in the dishwasher. And in the bubble bath in the shotgun and say you cover you cover the entire spectrum of only got him cheese here's a. Then and there. Video I want to play that video for some reason is getting the most independent hit a. If you think if you're naked and it. I don't know it. I seem idiotic I nature bulls master condom when you die. Hated Agassi. At you and earlier nine holes left is desperate and better when it's used and you'd. These contracts that you can I know I'm in that. You visually represented only songs. Well it. Like right at the effort but everything else will you cut you are frequently you'll turn on the phone. Have another bravery but certainly tires look at certain people around the building so we're about what you're. You can we could get back Kansas City I hope that this really well and I'm also looking bored at GQ put physical package right you're gonna put an actual dvd of some sort. It's going to be a great package is too good not to. I was given that project at that yeah. Lot of my friends who property and my objective. Was never. You know I. A lot of thought wouldn't do it he pulled out. And I think that he can and he didn't figure out a while and try and let you eat and put it up. Now charge money for I I think people look at all. I really quickly you were saying about there being out there of course and how people all I want. I cheer laughter free people and hanger on really late. Into your culture but the street at eight. I want people find love it laps and then come out life on whenever act wherever you know if you ever. It checked out there at the world butter on it. A lot of a lot of watching. I have a nine DIC partner up with an adult hallway. A company and they give this download away when you buy a new vibrator post divorce a Gilda. A you know the thing you're collecting most women fired it to work are slowly back and by the later. The capital exactly you you you. He's wrong is of no use along I actually at the bottom watching the dish washing and ordered those workers. Really funny about. It might think of them and their one of them looked gigantic. Effort I don't know how anybody actually you that I don't I think. That cat I let. Us. And that. And the black one it started to me it would look at Q you don't. Can't get it. Effective but I I couldn't tell you what was on the wall it's. Mean everything in a world heart or I'm like that you don't want to look at. So it. Yeah. I can tell you happen to me and I don't know what makes his do you when you said that reminded need to tell you I haven't. You know my nephews. Who 21 and in nineteen. And Italy and whoever the bonfire. Couple months ago. And all of a sudden one of them says Hank and I tell you found and as big black deal bill. I do you mean your mom and he should use know Graham your mom and his brother tell them of any us. Jesus cry too little bastards. Flopped malaria. Little elbow she'd do. TUQ. Number. He has very factual. Accuracy. Hopefully Eric can you know packing yet covered. Ever doing. Something brand new special like. It are eager. That's like your original. Well as well I was like home. Apparently she asked him to get a different drawer in her room. And the wrong drawer and of course I had to share that little emotional scar when you know myself. And her her and I hit it it. Just want to hide them from the kids hide him from the kids don't let the NC. Yet now I pity that they wouldn't know what it is when was the and they can pick up like something we get toward you know that. This. James how Jakes give me the rap you've got a bunch interviews doing this morning. Yeah. Yeah and I think it needed everything's okay well. Gerald. I'd love to listen I want everybody to go Jay how can they find us on Amazon YouTube iTunes group find Lana Turner LE age get a. Formal UR and but if you like YouTube page that you would pull up at a much like meeting with clarity and you can share what you. What we want them while we find all circle. It could be your actions. And it's in one particular that you use lightly as you have a trying to keep something. Particularly back you can check share point he worker actually and I hope that person it sure that the entire city. Yeah part ball pretty awful but I mean yeah so there are on YouTube but if Amazon prime time living. Our on our web site and and I'm really very probable and I so appreciated Johnny thinks summer. Anytime you kidding me. And that's the movement right. Mean you know football.