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Thursday, February 16th


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So the evil people auctions happening right now at that. Sports dot HA dot com and right now for that 97 if you Warren. 36000. Bucks the motorcycle which sell like like the white ones Elvis Presley players in the bottom that. EK the stars and bars inverted that that Olympia beer patch on one side. The number one of the and on the other so good. You know and even managed evil cables. Big years where where there was only a handful of years he he's become such an incredible I kind of guy he made me a lot of money in like less than a decade. I'm risking my life where I'm gonna spend everything I am done. Yeah I got to defend his clothes he. You like to address the player when he walked into a storage CS rhetoric like you need to buy 120 colors c'mon let me and I'll take a little tour my office dressing room enjoy what you're combined with a few dollars and you're willing to jump in motorcycle over nineteen cars. It was very flashy flock McCain was diamonds and and his jewelry and diamonds and and he had gold although. Earth he always love film and they traded to belt buckle on the eighteenth. My dad was a big fan of the lives from being shown. All the money in the world can't buy a land they have money can't buy your way out mail was made to be spent right here and I. We don't have the best closed best schools best diamond's best cars trucks motorcycles. Moon and women on the face of this earth just as long as I keep going. Our next guest is the oldest son of the greatest daredevil of all time the late great evil people who over the course of his career through. Motorcycle jumps from caesar's palace to Wembley Stadium and the Snake River canyon. Today he's here to tell us all about his father's famous red white and blue jumpsuit and time instead of walking stick. Both of which are currently up for auction through heritage auctions. Please welcome killing communal. Particularly I even wrote. And more crazy bastion. We're gonna talk you've got so much great stuff minute jumpsuit is Koehler age as it's gonna go for huge money and amazing. What value and whoever gets it is. It's gonna get the marketable like you know Maryland murderous stretch so. Four point eight million dollars. I think the first time sold if I hit it what are hardly anything at all. Right now I know the memorabilia. Market somewhere that no always and and you guys I know that you bought back a lot of your father's stuff. And and and from evil himself and and you knew that you really loved it that the world would love it but this is. It's a pretty great jump suit and it's. You the Wimbley how much been out float around for awhile but this to me is is so much better. It's you know 6000 genuine history this is day. And it it's identifiable as the jump from Los Angeles for a 35000 people over the crushed cars and we crashed cars that when he when he jumped on. 5050 as the pilot fifty cars and the good news is they're there aren't any other letters out there sales. The public their. There's only one dying over all the music. Now listen I've I've searched the world you don't such huge fan and there aren't they urged it just doesn't happen. And I. It's so when you see something like this come out I mean it's it's still nine days in front of it this is gonna go for every bit of 70000 dollars the first time. Our ergo more about that yet of what you and then that you did you think we're doing he'll go more the the suit with a cane. I would that the came broke the more that your good I've. I don't know how long ago. Because you've it just it just that hidden liquor compartment inside so good it's such victory yeah scroll. Yes and then you look at the topic it's formed a motorcycle and evil and a diamond who's got a you basically up. A figure of them a book on a motorcycle that's I don't care visits an important it's just the fact that was evils. Yeah I mean of people. A vacancy that they go to evil communal bought comments I'm going to pick up right at lake where there's all kinds of clothes. And it's it's funny images you know I've seen all the documentaries your documentary. Knox was documentary and excited about the yet to peak Harley-Davidson got the big. Museum opening ups and I have. You know that the more time goes on I think the better we're getting to know who your father was and he was a lot of different people let me. Every morning he got up in the he'd be more deeply embedded himself every morning. And lead their party is he more famously got more money made them more. Bigger and activate to get it and they. But he is in and you can crack because this is all just what I feel from watching and reading. You know he just was a kid to grow that little country town and he was a little hard to handle a lot. And but he knew he'd get up in the morning and make a dollar and he didn't care how it got done he was gonna make money and he was gonna house was way. To something better. Sir better part yeah I mean would you say that's correct. Yeah and remember what year and he was gonna become he it was his destiny to become I think there's very few people in this world that I would apply the word destitute. And his destiny was to become something bigger something better than than that he had. Everytime we turn really the story about him breaking that that. Was that life insurance company's record like going to an insane was a mentally handicapped it's serious Alamos and it. Yet you wouldn't remember or appreciate so the ball like he. Broke the record. And then demanded to be made a vice president to be did it again. That it wouldn't do I don't. Of any demands being made. It where I love it. Love. And that's how he ended up selling motorcycles. And you're jumping the General Motors would know sold sold motorcycle that he he sold them before that. I know he was all right. Loved and then that idea of like he knew he was shale. You'd take it to a cougar. In rattlesnakes put him in cages and then he didn't hire guys jumped he jumped to because he was gonna not only be the man with a guy who made the sales to. Yet he said the jury Chitwood our show and it's a hell I think I could be some like that a motorcycle so. So that's how we started off the many got together like a little group of guys he had a major a couple other guys. They did we leave them and they'd run a motorcycle adamant he jumped over spread his legs and and then. I mean he's just got to be the center of the show. So so we just are caught on them from their. He knew you know he did meet other people I mean that that is the striking thing we didn't you fast for all the way to Wembley Stadium. The idea that he sold out Wembley Stadium for what about a fifteen minute show there are no dancers no other show no other daredevil. Great to tell people all the time you know he used his show in minute that that much charisma the guy. And he walked into the arena or he strutted into the reader. Gave the speech government motorcycle when congress is life told the crowd thanks in strutted back got a theory. It's amazing amazing and it. And this distance from a kid from Montana just. Just eight in how long was evils career from its would you say from caesar's palace that do that in the heyday net but he noted and I don't know what you won't see. First job was in 1966. So and they jumped at caesar's palace in New Year's Eve 1960. Seven. And then at last count was in in 1980. You and yours are really in the span of five or 67 years it in the most famous person in the United States that's a pretty. Meteoric rise. It's unbelievable I can I think people don't remember it like that it is to us evil can evils been part of our lives all of our lives so that's his career. And bring you the truth is his is the and the monster big part of it was only seven or eight years and all that money that was amassed in the fame in the women and just. And in like he said we're playing the clip about that reduces to take that money because he can't buy your way they have to keep your and it tells you might as well spend. Portable. Right. We just as as time goes on because you know. We talked about before you know as a father in Jerusalem questions I mean he was a rough guy he was Karl that he you know he drank a lot. You know country intended well his. Does this become funder memories order or how the human your dad as time passes. You know become a glass of all get. A EXP lap while I think about it I mean it no question about it might get to be mean physical. Uncompromising. But. You know as long time ago he had other equally good. Inspiring qualities about as well it is that those those are the ones I remember most. Yeah Williams is that the way to live right. I don't know anyone editor at them you. It's it's it's amazing to me and I'm glad that you go stuff and that if I you know and I'm also glad. Pitcher letting in under the world for people who really love it does feel good guys are gonna buy this it'll go. It's real evil apple jumps. People happy over and they go well welcome yourself on the partner what what element substitute at least in my closet and bury it was me. It's just ridiculous where someone's got to go enjoyed out there. Would be an up and put it somewhere solid again and don't know accurately. It was shot all cards out there and there's a lot of sports equipment old stamps in Koreans and you know what there's only one evil and evil. Here's warning came yours one settle whether RB. Syria is it like the king after like Julius caesar's hate her and it might be one of the rarest pieces. Memorabilia in American pop culture history there will never be another evil could be over only one. That's a fact you and look at your home it was a show you a much he'd love to see this thing go for huge money because that's what he was about. That's I mean he would want nothing more than for this to continue wanna keep making headlines in the things he's done the things he was part of the things he wore continue making it continue making the news people continue talking about it he alert and true. I'm all. And we you know we didn't they keep but he couldn't Kelly upper limit him to a member of duty would look low and stuff you'll sound like stuff like support. Is it and I'm I like the rest of America and a huge fan always have been. It's. It's gonna be interesting to see you list as time goes on I know you're gonna have stuff that you hold back the you'll never sell the mobile boost they would just review. But you've got quite a bit of memorabilia right. But nobody. Can I don't. This. And listen if you ever feel like he needs you know helping Kansas City. You feel great at putting together a box and send it this way and do any. You be the first guy on Howard and his and it. You eight of us talk about that too big a Harley-Davidson's got the that evil people museum Jake was telling me that David Shea and it really showed yet. But they're talking about having evil people like you can sit on. And then able projected jump around you and you can get a videotape review looking like you do the guy doing the jump. Yeah they are the mark up all the blocker and innovative techniques are used in the makers. Mean they just two people walking around what an adult stuff responded that they want people actually do something other bear. Get the feeling and what it was like. Yet and that in those guys have got a lot of stuff now is that some years to follow her stuff they've collected over the years. Now that that they're there they're they've they've got around like there's there's. I'm the only one really has anything and then they'd gone around and picked up. All the other stuff that all individuals. They've got around over the last. I'd say six or seven years and just picked it up the loose so so they've assembled a collection as well. And enable sold. Built some. Replicas things to. Well it'll be great I'm excited that the agency has again a huge fan I was looking up to neutral and a few times. And that you're right like you never knew which really get with the heat it was either big handshake and smile Lloyd kind of look at you suspiciously and he got that yeah especially being a radio yet to prove you're gonna be some kind of a jerk off before he'd be OK with you. But once he was really right yet. And the man what he did the guy was just great image to sit and listen to over forever because he was just fun to talk to him. It was I was really lucky really genuine elected to the Truman a few times in. And in use welcome that was appreciated by the show and talking about stuff. It listen. I hope everybody can check at the aux will keep talking about and those nine days left until it's sold. Images to see what this what the cells format I think it'll break the 80090000. Really deal. I don't know what should up there should go for way more than that here's what if there's a big Paula. News party 105000. Dollars you know grateful. Kelly what are you able partner it's gonna take one. Big item to go skyrocket and then everything else goes up and I mean you know seated in the beat that's when the world we'll go ridiculous on it. Really great listen we're telling you anything forgot six a pair of shoes and sunglasses just anything. Be over here. I'd I'd break it hell it. Like he's never seen anything.