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Thursday, March 16th


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Born August 3 in New York City. He studied acting at Syracuse university and NYU's Tisch school of the arts before moving on to the Broadway stage. In the role on the long time daytime drama. Another world. He moved on to the big screen appearing in such films as the tournament. Wall Street. Point blank. The Bronx. Article 99. Wild hogs. And the cult classics from office space. Not to mention his star making role on the series scrubs his AFC series stand against. Has been renewed for a second season. And starting this Friday you can see him on the big screen in the new film the bell go experiment. Please welcome from the show John C. McGinley. He didn't. Good good that I deserve an excited about this movie it looks great. Carl is but that's my favorite kind of think. That he's at this bill go wow these. Jake says it's a dead ends a bid in the dark comedy Jones right. Yeah I mean we got a guy who wrote it in. And produce it came to gun maybe useful guardians of the galaxy sure and now he's doing guardians of the galaxy two which is it's his baby is or wrote it. And it came down to look Bogota and which was controlling it. And you know he he's got really dark sense of humor and that that kind of manifest throughout the well. You that's the idea is that this is big. You know it's a massive building everywhere to Barry White bread blue or white collar you know a race that's very nice that you basically off the shenanigans. And all of a sudden over the loudspeakers they start giving instructions and it's either kill three or we take six. And that. And so the conceit is that what you do we eighty Americans decided it would work out in Bogota Colombia which is where the film takes place. You'll agree to that it ship putting your neck because focus Israel was the kidnap capital of the world. And unbeknownst view of that ship somebody's not conceive for it there and so what allows because says. He leader killed three people or will feel funny nobody pays. And so twenty minutes go by and then three as well. And then the last speaker says OK now get your tension. I could kill white people will kill forty. And so that's on the field becomes pretty interest because behaviors sort happens to rule. What you gonna do what we can I think you can keep up with someone how would you gonna do. In that context. Their fingers start to become really compelling. Purge we saw meets office space. I and that's good. Because I sort of think about here like you go. The first three to six would probably be easy because there's nothing we go well we have to Jews you're definitely but that's about a basement like everybody else then that it could be a problem. Exactly and so people. That Tony Goldwyn iconic teen mob and we just decide. We're gonna make it out here what to connect okay what's it gonna take. Yeah and some people hiding in the elevator shaft some people are down in the basement some people were. Blob blob while woody woody could do it. It comes. And really content. And you're suggesting it can kill jacket of Orange jacket number two. Now what are we gonna go. Normalcy bias if you look at that like that's what people get. But they burn an Indian it would restaurant catches fire and cancer had a you know I think it would be called normalcy by so because you've never experienced something like that. Most people will lock up and fall back and is get killed. And we think you sit on the I I tend to think that you are definitely affect I'll say I'm sure you're not one of the guys would lay back and he'll. I would do would it take to get out. Yet yet I mean and realized you just think about something that I was nobody ever wants to kill anybody but. The that there are people who move forward that people who sit there and it just yet. You turned in the I would do. You always right it's. But we always interject we we when asked ourselves in these movies so that's everybody in the audience watching that trying to decide. What position and they would be and and you know there's always that that great moral barometer which huge huge union and then go at the end. Just being an animal survival will always tickled. That's what that felt about. It's it's executed with. Really nimble there's about twenty different principles all of you know lead to an actor's. And it's 88 minutes it's very tight it's very gory is incredibly intense and it's over. Did dude that he'd be you have a great sense of humor we knew immediately rule of wild hogs you look at office space. How hard is. It. Career if that that it killed my career I am bulletproof. You a ride motorcycles and it didn't offend me if I'm out heads of the guy that I thought it was great. If that wasn't a career foreign control then. Would that world jacked you can make it. Swimming big they did that in love police are loved. I'm an ad that's not a do I can't tell you. I think it made me laugh because it's such a ridiculous idea. We do that quite get it I thought just completely ridiculous and I could pick it up. Of course at. And I think you've got that that goods edgy humor like that. In in real life what was the last thing that that Buick this is truly funny like this so ridiculous that it stealing. Thought everybody did it. Mean at what are the millions like just lasting three. Oh well just in Clinton. Like max's all the specialty and I didn't even know what Down's syndrome was it just. It at some point you have to goal okay. You know there's that great all Simon's song we're it lyric which is to break outcome breakdowns go what you gonna do about it that's about like you know. And at some point or another you'd just coat. Okay this is my light. What our specialty what are we gonna do well OK let's start by getting out about what happens 121. Probably don't triples and what is down to come anyway it sure what god hears my life. Let me tell you something it that that young man. Couldn't have. He won the lottery would you as a father because I know you've been tireless. Was that would Max in the global bounce and her foundation and it needs a genuine speaking no BS no hallmark moment just a really. Easy to understand human being to help change people's perceptions. Well I think I hit it it comes to find out. And I Howell I would have known that if you hit over the head with it but it it turns out that there are plenty of us out there. There are people who can't abdicate for themselves and so I have. Except that the man apple and and cherish it. Advocating for those who can't abdicate for themselves and that got Troy won a lit that's why don't look and that I'll do it until I dropped. It's beautiful lists I can't wait to see the bulk experiment to tell me the record but that he you know the doors are always open that you're welcome to come to Kansas City. You guys have been here you do something bring back bring Max at any time. And Ahman. Yeah I've got twenty acres that they're helpless Graceland. That trails its creation and Beckett. And it tell you come out. Do you have a flame thrower. Let's look to try to blame. Never had a blank throat. Yeah it'll shoot a thirty foot flame it'll burn three gallons of gas and forty seconds. It's been pretty well but so bill pretty powerful pull that. Triggered yeah I'm compensating resulting. That is public it's awesome you you've got to come and tell you any time. I don't think I've ever met anybody that I have a flame thrower. I feel like I've got a lot of important. Like flame thrower. Hughes couldn't hit it well no that's not. I hate my lightly applied you gotta try it might got killed wave or. That you have thing I've ever heard in my life. Event who really very real invitation anytime. Plastic. Thanks to be continued this.