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Friday, July 14th


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Born June 15 in Compton California. He developed a love of toughness teens performing at parties while studying architectural drafting the Phoenix Institute of Technology. Then in the late eighties along with the easy. Dr. Dre and MC friend he helped form the rap group NW and released the landmark gangsta rap album streets out of content. He launched a multi platinum solo career then made the move acting starring in such films as boyz in the hood. Triple X state of the union. Barbershop. Just find them in the right along movies yeah. He's celebrating the 25 anniversary of this album death certificates and keys just launched a Big Three to be on three basketball league. And he recently received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Please welcome. Cuba. There nearly. We'll let eight. Today. BC. And I'll bastard. He's calling called you called in for Miller's right yet so I'm a huge Q so yeah that's like oh that he had a movie so good in his son O'Shea. If you've seen it. He's looked at me it's identical I mean you watch it you know you're never out of the moment because it's so rich cube. And the stories in the truth of it all all really went down to it the ideal again back to the actors being real he was more real. And it's an unbelievable level yeah and then to go in owns most beloved he went to the movies about your kids are drive across America when it was you know literally shoot bastards. You know grown up but it. A fortune Normandy defining a generation now that meeting arrested for doing music while I was working at a record store they came out remember them telling us. There's a chance you can be arrested for selling this audio pornography. It's one the last bastions of law authentic poetry yes look in America real rebellion. Yeah and and true and avoid some decide and its movement now you know yeah. Amen and welcome to the show so. Thank you. Conference in the studio today lieutenant who's acted doubles reject the Walking Dead and Michael could literally Walking Dead and beta Brothers of course and Jones Flash Gordon himself or on the studio. Hi how you and you really accurate real real worries her. Watching that all of these releases right now that's untested. And as sort of wanting is an upper line here I'm glad let me like he. What grade do you have an idea and how how long did it. Take to actually implement that. I thought I'd be. All while. You know it may be over. Maybe it's like. As a vehicle that I am never. Able. You know until ego Cokie or retired. That your. Like attitude tech scored sixty points. Still wanna see him like you're not still want to with Pate is the life and I'm pretty sure a lot of guys out there like he did. That's really out of all starter world. Are our partners and he just worked out. Lot of our work New York. Well isn't it isn't just like the way everybody started though you know if you group and a neighborhood where people play ball it was a lot of three and three could you didn't have complete teams it and it takes a back to the original even though these are the best of the best. You take him back to where it was really a different game. Without a doubt that we all look. More creative tribal art. What part of your problem are all court days. Without you know. Other people the other happened. The orchard just a full court we're sorry. Yes I think the real creative work most people grow up and actually and what not to be at fault or not to be like the port four level. Was crazy so. We just had its updated so that all in like you know of the sexes. All the playground out the back yard out to black are all the black carpet in the volcano Reno is distinct break. Now it's fun because it does it take to all excuses you it's it's these teams of the greatest of the great and there's nobody. There's there's no extra component to it it's only that that I mean how exciting is that because every moment is just fast. Exactly and it would be like that is what is. Gadgets that eight. Plans. There ought to pass laws pretty credible. Terrorist lately. The world should that he. And it's just cool yeah you're right it's nowhere not double agent. Showed that at four point shot through that's that's incredible. See you again to at least back for a moment cube like in the movie. Well it was done perfectly it could not have been done better in in my opinion what about you. It. Actually account. Yet you know we. We got me yet dark beret. Yeah I mean universal. F Gary gray he got heavy hitters. We are better you know. Also and make that move. Great. It's just a great movie. It's great to be a serious story. And the reception that guy is like icing on the cake. People love people. Are going to be happy. I loved him. I don't remember selling the record at street set records in Kansas City here and I'm telling us like how much trouble we could be it what it was and then you couldn't sell enough copies of you can you couldn't. That kind of of guy that you know rebellion and that kind of censorship only drives to a W sought firsthand. The crowds couldn't be bigger than that opponents couldn't be angry the politicians tried to rush that you guys. It was it was the last great rock and roll rebellion storm. It looked pretty incredible. You know they say they've made it wouldn't let north partly. Secret on our record greatest yeah yeah we there. I would ever. Thought that would ask where. The sales. Designate the facility. Cheers and made it easier to find yeah. Of those about it. People. Or what are they dormitory at yeah that. Epic is more. You know evidence. They're looking weird self rule in court appearance and what kind of impact from making history. The shark that bit about the day. So looking back it was crippled her. Well and either of the movie caps late it's so great trick carpenter's son what it. And an amazing job amazing. It was so proudly. Yeah you know he's got his own career. You don't got till it's true now. That it's a big movie also. It's pretty cool you know not only get it will Kmart grateful it. You know happened outside and it every incident is such it's. It is careers and is like. That movie as they break the million different ways. Now it's beautiful magic three basketball's going to be huge. I've finally congratulations on Jessica the 25 anniversary and your red star on the walk of fame the red. Great years of corporal we weren't cute. We hope you go so to thank somebody who really. Our president. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah aren't resolved yet.