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Born November 14 in Toronto Ontario Canada. He's been five years in this forest ranger developing his own style of comedy. There's something about me. We're always. Many more. Than this weekend. Please welcome Carmen Williams on the QQ yeah. Got to mention right. Thank you catch up. As you've just you guys sausage party Bryant that's right. Well he. It's beautiful when it is now domestically he's had not see at its greatest it twice he has seen it I've not seen its fondness that was great pretty wild new England and no NAFTA as a spoiler but. Yeah there was a from Georgia it's phenomenal. Well I I'm a bit bumpy you know it isn't it is that time. Because I god because I'm a little movie I got to go to the Studio One carmaker Maloney. And the original orgy scenes. Was so graphic and so well. What is the mood right now is still grass and blue but it's trimmed down break. But don't vote Leo I hope they put the original the Blu-ray because. They scoured the Internet for every vial pornographic. Thing you could do. Imitators from golden showers you name it like every everything you've ever heard of verses eight. It was in this food or urging an. 34 minutes law and you were just. The laughter just kept building in the league so it's for you know. Because we're not allowed to see things like that shirt juror say they they trimmed it down it's still hilarious put it's it. That's nowhere near what I. It's mine eyes have seen what you do it from a much how much I love like Fritz the cat when I was a kid oh yeah I know is Auburn freak Brothers and three Brothers and all that stuff made them so subversive and you know underground and drug he'd yeah. It was in I loved it and now so it's cool that we follow him on RRR rated horror. GI film let's look forward. Jake loved it man you have a good time America if you are just a masterpiece be important national. It was this mother's stepmother and step daughters seen it was too much for you. No imagination which pushed up its team realized it. Only because you like it to have us a sense you know whimsy like now yes some women do. When you gonna get reelected so this is the scenario was. Yeah all in the house the stuff marbles tonight I doubt she's picking up laundry and she's okay well here and I'm like OK you got me where she go that's your right she does laundry room fare of sorts taking everything out of the hamper and lying and now I know this girl shambles of their jump start. Baton now as soon as she starts sniffing her step daughters cheneys and pleasure yourself on top of the dryer I couldn't. Please do okay would that smile. And the camera just I don't know and it says repairmen standing there. Now he's trying to there's no the born to do this daughter. Stepped out of my time. The door. She's pledging herself to the step mom pledging herself on the dryers circus girls love to hide behind basement door. The girls from the rank and letting. Blair went down. OR yeah I was you sag isn't so much emotional distance between they and it was just anything for you we are in the hunt come together that I can't what is safe to real you sound as if you fiddled around your stuff. Have a night where you're trying to tell us. Good lord child who came some I saw this kid to boarding school. Stay on everything you pay and they stayed here listening and you should go to her house and hide behind a door. We'll fix that through many years huh. And his door close to my peers at that door jam behind it herself I doubt it says it has Britney. That's good for. Have you had no schooling the U I since then it. I'm still modeling you know of course of course following all over the world Fashion Week then yeah no I've been working on my hasn't sold a new show what you're gonna like that's. I sold a new cartoon to Disney. It's all about dogs great puppy dog Powell studio this time next who is amazing unity children or adults it's for kids. But if you love dogs and loved the show because it's super cute I'm a sucker for I'll let me down. I don't even can and try to act to cool that seven out of my god that's only what these guys are irresistible to lose two dollars and it is bingo are rolling out there Pug puppies. Little Brothers had him a hug it out. Well I thought I would just you run doesn't like Padres bulldogs don't like dogs real well okay it's either way trashy. Just that for a little pockets of I don't comedian once he's of pollard's. It's like god backed his Volkswagen and it's. Well before their own little Pug the cleft palate of its. While talented is this good for the dogs don't know palace. That's alumnus or do you truly IQ you are always creating stuff always looking always seen the weird and every I don't and you know this and this just the move play has got to play yes yeah we talked with us I think in the movie is always running in your Edward. Every seems unfolding in real life and I'm seeing other stuff that happens during their horrible or funny that I used or do most tragic and it's never ending inside my mind I was creating these these next scenarios now euros editing the seeds are right yeah he's got a new. Now you got rid Fuhrman if general imaginative person. It's almost a curse sometimes as you lay in bed at night. As they discuss the sleep your. You're still thinking and coat the future of fast and cutting scenes together yeah. Can be it can be a burden but it's it's fought he is fun it's the fuel crazy you know can I just I think the only thing as a kid we popular. Are you familiar when you face like now. There's just like yeah I don't bottle yeah you you heard your popular. Hybrids that you know the other kids or get like baseball gloves and football cleats. My dad he knew right away and he he bought he made me my in the garage in his workshop remember in my own little set of Victoria's Secret wings can enjoy. As CEO Leo isn't it nice. And it was funny devoted John Breaux for a fly ball I swear those wings gave me a little Angeles. I'm sure they love me out there you were magical now my legs I was the only on the team looked well. With the shorts like daisy duke because my model lags. He can come of that gift yeah you don't do that this is my dad now and my midriff while admin group. Sex and baseball toss ups. And sentiment it's the you do you really aware of pure brute force to third for years Sheridan I want her in the woods by yourself by myself and crazy recruitment we had to go out you. We'd wake up puppy. 6 of the morning we'd we'd know we'd load dubbed boxes and crates of a little baby pine trees debt onto onto trucks we go out. You know they'd clear cut they'd the lumber companies are no clear cut these giant force them. We go with crew as we speak out there all day from sunrise to sunset planting trees six lasers are Rolling Hills fall in price terrible so we plant trees of and then. It was their responsibility. You know then they would make clear cut like now that's what's pathetic about it now they left it up in the forestry service and then. I know the ones spring rolled through we do the opposite only go to other parts of the forest or two lush and we'd. We just cut trees all day mean like by hand really used chain saws so I guess that years I'd cut down. Man light sixty trees a day somebody trees and I hit without sauce tracks we use accident a thing called the same event and all of givers at it's it's really cool it is sort of they got ax handle. Will horseshoe shape on it and crossed the empty part of the horseshoe is like a knife blade right. Just in such Gasol does like a Swedish signal you swing it was like sweet you know I really think knife blade and as you got a tree about yea Rouse the that I feel your yeah you know look. The circumference of your career by some beat you if you got good of you could you could whack threw it in one's one and she's. President may have an arms and legs did you see you lost that I was working with pro. Crow T on some very cut trees in clearing the Lansing Mike really suit Tony Harris are. It is fun it really is fun I love that you never cut your trees though indeed like. A weird insect or spider hanging now iPad Zelaya and she's and take a politic live now. I don't know lieutenants and make sure people would take off yesterday the day tour of well and he did a blog was opposed to that wasn't I was one of the fact it was all I'm nearly a little flat ones are like really flat rock into play if you you myself on busy day of spam law almost like a balloon when it lacks the big fat ones on dogs yeah there's people blood that's all blood could actually light a disease that's right that's right all physique is right got to Lindsay this stuff when you got it now. You know it really. Bothers me is. Zeke is transmitted sexually transmitted disease by mosquitoes aren't out of Florida about a month and a half ago I blame myself. Among the beach. Just give honor to a mosquito. Analyst of virgin and blood everywhere much. Anyway this muscle so we'll see you always want to fall night. Haven't turned him skeeter radar a little too chiles bush started ankles Peter Brady Torrealba I think we should. What kind of music com you can get less I say punk rock and that blue grass makes us think of bluegrass Sid Vicious meets. Jug had a personal thing I don't know if it's a good play music artist should judge John there was more he's had that weird crown. From the Archie or you have weird yeah that crowd how militant did you think that they would get through airport security I don't but I did remind me that I wish that my doctor and a certain size me banking shares or lucrative job. We're not usually good like because now you the end of the year yeah yeah judge had while being tatters. And I've no idea. Can't think she's like everything you held a grenade went off trying to push it seems like everything you know didn't Syria a series truck through it it's didn't have I didn't go from Veronica and Archie to a brace. Yeah I don't know you don't. As well we do this is is how the players play Harland Williams whom god he's DM problems he's nuts carbonneau is you have no idea you mill have. Fantastic is the Apollo it's. It's never finished grosso a never ending pros so Brody brought just want to burning man have you ever been around now and that why why not do you know they like because medication doesn't fall at the right time for this you only react. What is less than I would go. Another huge trip of the music and there's no I didn't expect to announced a there's every act that there's eighties night there's rave music there's tat you know there's there's I want to all played Beatles. All they all they Spock was you need ours is well I think that regardless of how big crazy machines moving to the black rights as you're not tired anyway. Biggio and of pyro freak like I have a real problem with (%expletive) like and I are you order a flame throwers. No way I swear you like. That is one little part of your anatomy and yes it is beyond this. It sat on one little dump three gallons of gas in 42 seconds it's. How model whatsoever nerve specialist fire guys almost human human being for God's sake I mean how wise pornography also might have fireworks kick ass like like. Are you you know you do yeah it's it's just gonna fight these things like if you saw the pure driving all you saw something on fire and stop watching it. Just watch you have done it well wouldn't it's already started it can help you Jim reached down and pleasure. But this does sounded ominous task depends its that is a good look at fire. Five alarm her blue. Well I mean your own life yeah I think it would you would you try to love all belonged to someone why. Who is someone who ran out of the house of her. All right is that hey you tolerate you need to make love laid gallantly helped do all right let me tell as a caring guy stop drop. Stop drop and there intercourse. You know the drill broke. But sluggish. So we don't from this what you want government as you do me a break we do understand that back in and if you I know you've got he got puppy to house is that Republican dog allergies are. What on yeah so you know I wanna do I want what were you on diet between cars have been treated this made for years Greg. Well Chris I come up came up without a series of skits that were basically based around two tweeters from Missouri. Just strung out on meth and euros ancients really bizarre little situations now but the more we talked about the morons like man we really need to turn this into a cartoon shorts at some point you have that it's it's pretty dark. We see original speakers T. I have that big ninja turtles yes yes they original piece. I mean yeah. Tweet here. Amateur has been quieter and there's this crystal guest house burned down again boom and I wonder if they do. Am I crystal I guess cash and and only regret asking this but why the hell are you in my backyard. And CN by the accurately made that you've made Adam what are those and ninja turtles sheets night. Undeterred and see exactly catered in the end I know and I don't yeah cheek so hard. Craig why you and your speed dirt poor little. Heard. A bird old Steve. Is our lean you don't play well McGwire no armored I want her. I RE eight I grew and the yeah. That did you grabbed my girdle stage David did you either. He'll. Yeah. Those questions states Steve Marino you guys have professed your love for these well ninja turtle guy your age and and you love them because their pizza eat as much yet and most. Because her crime fighters dress shirt and because what you guys Gerald could have been your kitchen and smoke is a wealth illegally didn't see what these journal that you guys love so much well be your mortal enemies do you mean they fight crime your youth and crystal yeah are criminals there ago they would be forced to bring you to justice. Each day. We know you need do sad but true yeah yeah yeah yeah. The turtles is oh tell you why did you guys Heidi here in the backyard I I'll be right back. I got to run down to the pet store quite apparent match up. I can't tell where we have everything now. From mastering abandoned her usual Christmas caroling July. Garage fires and match to match. Crossing borders so are these are just sound bite you have an animated the net now we have the best way guy I suddenly found him like John Harlan would see this summer you know exotic skins game he's the yeah and it was. Come up with something. You know I bet there's they're you know there's so many like talented artists nowadays it can accomplish animation on their home computers yeah. That you know this is the type of thing you could reach out your listeners and if there's somebody out there has that capability. You know strike up the deal don't have them do just do one as a little prize you really like hey what was that two minutes they had two minutes twenty seconds debit sees some some artists and animation student there's some guys that just blogs junior show. A bit they could put that together like a month and a half do you have a little C pilot this is how we're going to be rich until these test a second here and and is you know you either put it on the net and to get traction and start to get followers and that peaks the interest. A real studios. Or you just go out of pitch you don't take a trip to Hollywood one to start walking in the studio as we just want half sure any weaker Sarah yeah. You can probably I don't just take some meetings that your agent or serious chance on me not them it's funny man isn't the fun part about creating stuff and Jack I can only imagine how much stuff is still waiting sitting on the table would you just. And in the right Mo mobile come up and Ellen yeah oh god I might need eight lifetimes together. My stuff out there but that the you know it's it's been in Hollywood it's weird it's like for every thirty project should pitch. Mean. You're lucky if one is water makes a throw like for example puppy dog house when I wanted to do is the Allen on pitch film. Three ideas that I thought that they're gonna and they've got a lot of one of these right. Hasn't when you felt like ultra creative no treasure and they were great so I pitched element and and and the you know the executive producers like OK great Iran's is get not to leave you just you got anything else and I said well liked. I got this one other show wasn't gonna sending letters about these two puppies blob almost. They go that that's what I want and that's why regular so of course it's never know so yeah. So yes indeed I would I would I would find some under enemy you a pilot low price. He's actually selling tool we can find somebody believes that she and trying to keep Greg alive. Gregory dessert yeah 152. Years old look at this guy where to your arms and all of a little seasonal and I'll see all of that lay it added up bro yeah hey it would not just dodges any jets satanic. I got the everlasting jobs doubters no way you like a double worship guy now he just like people think he has. Kris got bigger and his elbows he's got Sebastien your bathroom at goats. Good lord are you scared like when you die you go to heaven and god says though it's what the tattoo bro yeah. I'll say I had poor decision making abilities forgive me seek I think that covers and and as you're about that that you could say you created be made me do it. How big your image you Big Dig this is why I left oh. I know you did have tattoos and her crew for instance I spent five listed how look how he's day. Do all right I don't know we have we have another thing about it he just use me in the face did the grimace and I was grimacing in its I don't know I guess I played the next numbers 80 we're gonna take a break the big break we'll come right back. And let me give mr. lice again you you're a sports guy don't. Are you kidding I'm not very and that's how it was on the baseball team that's not something that's REI I'm not a big sports guys switch hired out to expose your not now. Now you have seen out on you know I do like how much stuff I'm pretty good team sports escape me. Yahoo! yeah that was never part grown up Cuomo girls are water polo you like I don't like watching girl's softball because sometimes and they catchers so throwing signals Yahoo! looks like they're in a pleasure themselves homeless sick you should take one that's on them to a fire. It that he should we value life so when you bring your own pocket for. Okay. All the. Higher output I don't know because my bubbly personality isn't. My mom we have the other kids about that nobody ever got hired on the issue Lee you were hired how okay. We became friendly you by the way you Broadway are good friends that's worth Harley-Davidson north now they'll pay for you. For the 2070 Harley geniuses like designers and it's Milwaukee motors of about. And they're the experts is that worth Harley-Davidson north we'll be either one to five bikers for babies pre registration for this Sunday. Before that we've got a game on Sunday. Today that on Sunday look at for the second win of the season of course they beat the Texans they're in the playoffs last year beat him twice in fact last season. When you've got their first post who went since 1993 to try to go to to allow. Rookie card ruffle the third round choice cut by the chiefs this week picked up by the Bengals yesterday on the job pretty quick. Last night the NFL the jets beat the bills 3731. Things are going well for Rex Ryan and buffalo. The royals dim playoff hopes. Or just about been extinguished they lost the ages fourteen to five last night as we broke one. Well aboard the royals' 43 to twelve with a four game series. Throughout the lights went by could've done tonight broken back in the division so expect the wildcard. Billy Butler who was released by the a's this fine with the Yankees or cubs clinched the National League central. Billy but you've been sucking and so they get relief days and the Yankees picked up the regular part of my. I'm gay and great sportsmanship it was a good team. A couple of we're into the. Hire a guy out for that they knew right handed hitters were hired a guy out you know Billy Butler. We'll hear the other they pay him ten million dollars plus to go away let tornado really really love your. It's episode ago less than their dream of this it's ten million dollars just continue to go. College football season on the road at Memphis Missouri give Georgia and Columbia if they play Florida Atlantic and their first home game of the year. NASCAR going to Chicago this weekend at circuit chase for the cup. They come to Kansas Speedway October 16. Penn State pentagon heavily stolen that are ridiculous. The fiftieth anniversary of the first game of echoed familiar lines. He was fired a course in 2011 under editors and a few sex abuse scandal because he knew that sandusky is diapers neighbor in need he ended. Since her near campus. First of the first good game as a coach. The university says coach Paterno won an academic success that we first players also for every student who came through Penn State. Together with his wife do they helped countless students become leaders and earn a Penn State. The home that all the good things Hitler did Iditarod I was just I suspect. A power slam it's what Texas is dragged it just makes me crazy just hours while the number. A power supply did you follow. Usually I mean this man is is the G towers as like powder parred two. All you want. It's. It was fifty years since his first game of state. Yeah we're good we feel we have we have it's already hit a we try iron out probably wipe equipped sports he'll have a good weekend. Host trying to illustrate do have a little expert piece in my eight it was a self deprecating statement now. Army is quote my I don't know why. Tensions us an additional internal fire. Yes iMac and I. Hey hello good morning good bye to it and it'll be good wasted day. That is one of the last twenty photos on my big failure really do love the there's relief that was last night I was I was having a bit of of of a fire at the live at the British English and declaring. Are you like Blair witch project generalized. Super fan that stopped yet. You must love that that guy from a fantastic Ford Johnny for. Why that's on fire. Come at least that's why obviously I guess they give probably a twenty foot fly here. Chorus you Barney might mammoth meat as Burke is tricky yesterday. Gallons of diesel fuel burn anything including England. Wow Matt yeah I just really not from California there's a lot of fires burning out there right now. As the U yeah. To her and real slow motion C a two or idiotic. Looks beyond mesmerized sound just staring you V video music fish stick. It's not some you a false it's diverted to the lip of the volcano. I have not and I've actually looked into it but dig deep take you very close to the active once defined drones over now. Huge Andre. Our he had trouble a lot of DGI friend to no way how much how much was your well the original wasn't stupid expect the new when you get for 700 bucks okay I got a brand new drone for the U was true ground. And finally got a month three finally announced a picture of the roof from my house FF FF yeah. Office. He's learned I mean what do you really what do you do with I don't know why don't let the idea yeah yeah yeah I can fly around my house. Evidence in the basement with the girl blindness there yeah. How I mean how many times the use debt I choose my lack of the big rock concerts and outdoor objects. Film that's laugh about it but most people read it's it's kind of like one of those novelty thing just yet they can't become France's foreign col below. Yeah shoot shooting you know off a jet fighter movie top gun two moon you know you circle out take a picture of the top your house though there's my law on and there's dad's truck. And into the basement never to BC you know you you glued to the roof and uses a ceiling fans. Now that's Somalia to do is true it's I just in the and I know you try to you need to be Ancestry.Com I saw 23 mean when you you take this lobby amounts now and I'm actually waiting on the results right now on don't don't don't jump them due to note I did Ancestry.Com. It's terrorize our guys sent in my DNA yet got it back. Three weeks ago turns out on the hillside strangler and apparently I assassinated JFK and 63 unbelievable watch. You know that's really solid and ancestry here's what's scary about Ancestry.Com and you gotta become did you dig deep and your family lineage and you don't know what you're gonna pull out first thing that smacked me in the face I got the results back. I had no idea. Turns up my grandmother. Is my dad. And I'll my father's side of the assembly of a Golden Retriever all on my dad's side mint chocolate chip. Unbelievable the opera. This wacky week we did even come from a well we're like a family of a holes writes we didn't even have a family tree we believe came on just attacked as a whole bunch of practical difference. I'm always afraid that stallion as you like none I know great war heroes lot of corners and deserters yeah dad I got my show last night over the improbable I asked him if he you know if anyone not. This guy said he would back and it turns out his great great grandmother. And his cousin or married or some back. I said weld news flash dude you're at Embry it yeah I think and I laughed and I get to see forums G. This little scary right. Are you suck money might come back well I. I didn't use that who you're relative right did 23 music literally that your DNA and then tell you what parts are new you know cause he knows repair site like Italian and English yeah you Larry all of all of breakdown of your percentage of nationalities and anything that might be in their so what are you. Could only remind in my mind and English and Italian. Okay I so we'll find out somebody that you amend that be a border region from Alaska. I'll be imagine you're something weird like dark draft eskimo or shrapnel myself some New York's craving for and our wall. Who doesn't see how he can million Angolans who you know of course the Seattle even. Are you Lou I know that I Lawler is cruel mudslides go what the hell's the Norwalk. You have people listening right now known and our wall or if they saw elf that always helps. Oh yeah. Mr. Miller rule now there. Well we should tell the little though the hills with a big unicorn cooler than the big giant hole or a dozen rostrum and it's about what 679. Feet long as a true giants they despite do you know what are not only is as you're describing and now they're like swim swimming jab gloves. Now the fifth a fourth. Here lately unicorn data regularly just swimming unit comedy unicorn just does that little. Looks like an upside down ice cream coming out under our laws on major how long legs they're like fighting you accords yeah horse and close the lord that now. Pacifist leftists like jousting that I could very yeah. A soft they're soft. I saw the greatest thing totally different amid the Renaissance Faire this past week you know you want to know and love that stuff did you tell he had withdrawn their role is all right he's like yeah oh yeah you guys are Tyson it's a story of your before you television have you ever role played. I insects yeah yes. I am I gonna chip last night I probably should be sentenced put another chick last night. She came back to my hotel ballroom the motel six here by the airport and and she wanted to role play animal like all right I'm in a little bit of an actor you know she want to do it's shaggy and Scooby Doo. The soft down there you know Baikonur happened a month. I did I find the G spot yeah. Yeah the look like. Tell us now. Unbelievable. Fan when it's I don't know how this got to imagine how they yeah. Those little kids canceled Pennington did pretty good version at a miniature pony up you know Gordon now. Looks pretty real to these little kids like 34 years old he's got that little speech impediments I can just seamlessly isn't it usually only. Playing golf and it's okay that's wrong this can't believe with all his heart is duplicate that his mom dad is. So wasn't dressed as a unicorn is usually closes and maybe a little petty good pigs and golf and they assured the side that set up and it was it was well don't mean that kid was so 100%. In the moment like fantastic magazine notes and imagination it makes. All possible yet and there are always full of adoration until the end wheeled unicorn starts doing some chestnut excitement around. The usual mail and it smells. You shouldn't take huge magic to what did they die it's for like it was it was white already so outrageous it was Julianna area and you could not. Believe will flow. Lucy is I stop at all. Go to the Renaissance fry used to do all these segments for Jay Leno on the Tonight Show where where he sent me all old I know we would have to rodeos and went to Vegas. And resubmitted the Renaissance fair once. And you know they kind of gave me free reign to do what I want so I don't get the props department to get me costumes and all that stuff. We did a great one where Iraq at this does is a full blown Renaissance from the had been jousting. And we yeah the doors would open at the end of the arena. And then that night would come riding out with a is too long it almost looked like a normal although this is a yes he'd have his jousting stick and he'd be up there majestic on his torso. So we had at that I read the cameras and the guy at the far end of night comes charging through the door and he's standing narratives horses don't Posey and all of a sudden my door opens it by yeah. And I cover policy through that Darth Vader console and well I'd say yeah. Dad dads it's I was really thought of that then you know. For the Renaissance fair roses is fun because you know your your back and talk sheer. We we went like around one of the law as a business water and plastic the light blue Porta potty outdoors is our source we we waited till someone to do it I wooded there's Darth vacant. It's the. All the yield how to deal first read read I'm. And you and I hope I never get over that kind of goofy this yeah I love this time it's yeah and that I didn't I didn't. No this is gonna have mother girls are caught like the girls. Into oh my god so goods and I have it on good authority over the in this people on the show you dizzy to travel ran faster read that's around the country I don't even think with a where little Prodi's like rag like Renaissance Rhodesia and down on these big parties camp that exists you know for six weeks so what we're living unsightly Camping World. Karlsson birdied oh my god have these dirty sworn pirate orgy is really oh yeah now apparently it's been quite weird and they really they really put the women czar breasts on display at the Renaissance fair that's a big part of they get these really low because if you -- yet our newest hefty girls other foods feels a little yeah there was no shortage of food in the middle aged. Yeah we did a bit while we're on the Tonight Show where or are we were walking around and dot. Are you I had some giant white honeydew melons and I was walking around as a matter this. 'cause my Kindle for us and fresh melons and the and of course her ample breasts surrounding pesos a lot of fire cheered for your I do love the way in the middle age you can turn back fat to breast meat. He's now running into everything should prescilla let you speak Czech at all it sounds funny is that one up to one of the kings at the Renaissance fair and honest crown on and I said John had. It looks so bad and I tell you bring an off. There's currently exists in front you wouldn't to just wedge issues tomorrow you do wants us on them and throw one down a little power slam Sunday showdown doom death Harland Williams. Pop idols you Wear shirt like that now in America Captain America and on Canadian criminal. Should do border where Ontario Charlie downtrodden. I actually love my only good story about Canada's actually mules my French drug studio in order Brussels say well he's accidentally well actually in my party trick you yet idea in the election Harry I saw oh yeah yeah we took a lot of motorcycle rides again now so oh he hit his weed and my bike huh. Because he found that diet if facial recognition software. And so if I didn't know was there I wouldn't give off any kind of guilt hi I'm Kim tally and who he told me about five miles pass aborting a slow. Odom why elect could use drugs under whoa. Oh yeah absolutely sure that you punched in the face it's just it's it's too funny at times like it was so bad you know I'm not act like a few months you did not. Is the facts actually in his pocket like well at least he didn't like say slowdown in U stopped India and you're like why do you put his hand up your rear. Hey I think drugs are out there yeah. Have you felt the bush knew my peers that's. The idea Honolulu drill off their god damn time it's. Restaurants. Gerard yeah. We're pleased we should come every year Mississippi I was already unite here enough may well I didn't last year I missed you I couldn't I could have kind last year I was I was here and I forget what happened I couldn't cover UN to go to a few friends soundtrack volume and on vacation and even during your vacation so I was like because. You know I always get to CEO we always have a great time don't really have such a thing I should say super. Let off that genuine crazy is the inability men's like exits are so missing in the world today are your thoughts MMI. And you guys have no idea did you ever do it's because people are so afraid to just let it out. These days that's tough Frye did people ever everyone's you know to solve the you know you say anything and people go bizarre yes I. It kind of rubs me the wrong way because we're we're like can Wear apparel in the freest country in the world. But the Internet and Twitter has started to constrict people are being free we created the Internet to be free yet. And it's kind of closing us in because everyone's looked and a dale overload for everything they say it's ridiculous this I. We're gonna be incredible because we've got to create change of ideas down and Joseph we're just dumber faster. Really the French on target I'm okay I'm with a slim I have got into a this is just go down until it's weird but it's it's fun though because it's. When your kids your parents always liked really encourage you to be just a weird good outspoken kid like that. No I was tuned. I stayed quiet and kind of well behaved at home so my parents. Didn't really know who was put its goal. I was the guy right and it was really funny at all and on this story but it stuff. I had my graduation in in Canada you go to grade thirteen are used to when I was going through the system. We needed to be an extra year smarter than the rest of the world right. So I was is quiet units at my bedroom and write poetry and draw and all this stuff. And my parents of my whole family came to my graduation in my last name's William saws like the last guy. To go up and get his certificate yet. And every religious video of John Smith Karen Davidson. Bob Walters and then never or just went up nonchalantly. As soon as they announced mind in the hole. Free can place erupted ever was clapping cheering because they knew I was like the school but jobs right on my parents were Paul Williams they're looking around like what is going on like it it just. Totally blew the boy had no clue what who I was or what the hell was also. Craziness Tom Fox News parent and and we knew you sir see your movies and watching you do what you do yeah as they started a clue in an improbable unconditionally this is a screw these in the scripted lines for. He knows something about married okay our skills and vision no there isn't our deadlines and nobody on in Iraq that that has to happen just organically you know recommend Yahoo! I love to make it up so it's directors every pays for annual follow them. The line there they'll appreciate and know what they get when they get you you know what I do. You is I always take a script and I always do what's on the script for a long and then may be taped to retreat three outs from I'll start changing it up yeah. And then they kind of get comfortable seeing that my ad lives are actually Connell slime. And then they kind of let their guard down and go Harlan just goes for a I do it your way and I'm like thank you whether it's always a mishmash of what they people again something about Mary rocket man has date yet. Dumb and dumber you know half the lines are from the script half through half of them are ones that just made up on the sparks a. And watch them. We Robert yeah our sorry we're OK you can come sheet of flame throw at me OK you're a good idea incumbents. Outraged Georgia these are good get it back and he just lost his mind and tell you like there's something so fake I'd bring my friend John Turner Joan are. Wow rises I got the look at all the way they came out the other yeah. My caddie and every chatting with Kenny Rogers roasters yeah. And the president isn't doing enough so you only get to the night. The improper. Tune in tomorrow one on Sunday the great Harland Williams.