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Tuesday, April 18th


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When she wouldn't get Eric Roberts led from Tora out of the outside it's it's. The really interesting guy he's become a really great friend. He's got a lot of stuff happening. And Jake stepping up that the allies is trying to get him out. Let's finish that sentence Jake on a wait up. Am coma. And would these blocking out the lights in the west and there's now. If you wanna talk to her but she's trying to get a hold of them because he's supposed to do matured and know memorializing. Hello how are you know you always find what's going are you okay. I think so yeah I know I'm fine so for me it's 5:30 in the morning yeah Saturday night for Eric it's 330 in the afternoon and Lucy should be easy one. And cars and he confirmed through that night a million times being. I'm ready I'll be ready I'm ready and then I started tried him at lake and actress period of time. And have not reached him I've been what's happening texting and calling Kabul hotel and called assistant on the pretty well though he's either. Held sleeper now for our. I'm went to the car show and completely lost track of time. But I mean it's globally there is hope came over their note that the calls itself. Yeah I can speak for Hartman week it was a matter that I know I'll hear from him like in a minute joy all I got episodes and. How can you imagine him alleged. What did you meet him originally. How I mean Erica. We met on an airplane. Hilarious I was doing. How they're doing a movie with John Travolta. And and Florida and then we had to stop over for promotion and stuff in New York. And it was in the days so of MGM grand airlines. It was the days when you could structure aired reservation any time there's not a big deal there's no ideas and security each. And so. I was booked on the flight that he and I mean I didn't know it Comex. And change the flight at the last minute and it doesn't really had to do what I brand to the airport and got to get in my original flight and I have to be seated next to him. And down and my father. With the screenwriter he wrote three days the Condo or around midnight through our. And intersection when he's given me an infection and kidney scraps. And when I see it next to Eric. My dad and workable nominated cannot stay the same year my dad had lunch and I didn't want to take every step they didn't wanna talk shop sides fought their credit. Thinking. Well now I can give you worked his team and Eric had cat who came on the flop yeah. He himself when he gets it would be bottled water. And a chat and it's more than a little Kid Rock having Kyle what we're getting on planes can make a big audience and Erica Blake. Maybe later. It goes away he's calling okay hold on. The mark I learned. I figured you wouldn't sleep lack of them pocket Johnny B or something like. I wanna call Lee who don't worry I'm a car you like your regular cell. While I have been on the lines like in connection Soledad is that fine. But he turned and I'm inaugurated and Jack. The way an aside I loved you in the house. Are you an effect on our games yeah it is doing on some big rivalry thing Donnie I love you and house or thank you very much. Let me it would put a great what a classic piece of history that you're section because you're at and take apart a little story you're one of the the sorority girls. Oh that's right because that's right well it's so funny because. I'm Keaton Jane stated I'm dare. Radio. He just did I mean dash radio site there they should be called there. He just this segment with Billy Griffin from the miracle. And I'm I had worked with Billy when I was pregnant when I was doing animal house and then. They hadn't seen each other incidents since Keaton being the youngest member of the cast adding that a fetus an ally of the week we brought in John Landis. And Oden is the way and her mother did the nights and where get a global animal house series. We do what you guys. Are. I mean it's pretty it's pretty crazy John Landis that if we keep doing these animal country and we're gonna have to start to call them animal home. It's what they should not get haircut no line you pretty sure sure. But they hold on OK if I'm able conference call or go to offer a second I'll hold back. And issues and we'll see who takes it. You close. The bed hospital. It's. Obvious. Okay. It's. Wrong. Run him not home from the police. What we're here. OK now we've got Johnny and Jake and Erick great. Yeah Eric either. Eric JR in there. Oh happy happy birthday man. Thank you bra I want. By the way whatever you would think you bring your beautiful wonderful wife back. From Qatar it has to be twice as good as she. What a great lady mention you could not she should take your view and every aspect. I know I'm so proud of my life thank you brother. Nicely you. So did you shoot another movie. You're you're you're Greg and John Adams our boom boom only only only control our. You're shooting it now at age be a tournament you real quick exit we may have led a digital camera puts you on hold real quickly Jacque had to make sure the connection is good if we want to hold on air 12 please. American allies are back on the line the connection sounds pretty strong right now there but I told them we'll just we'll see Howard Howard is and then they've they've got to go on to do other interviews that hopefully it'll be strong. Born April 18 in Biloxi Mississippi. And he made a name for software is working in such films as king of the Gypsies it started. The Pope of Greenwich Village and runaway train along the way. And globe and Academy Award nominations. He's gone on to work in such blockbusters as the Dark Knight and the expendable so you don't such series less than perfect. Heroes and the Young and the Restless youth seems made for TV movie stopped by my doctor. You can see him on the greens and he's currently filming a movie in Qatar. And today he celebrates his birthday. Please welcome actor and friend of the show Eric Roberts. Leo. Hello Jerry there the happy. You Dottie thank you. The partial exit humans want great cars Schilling in Qatar. You know talked about it but I chose sleep instead. It's incredible there aren't like them up in the middle of my bird bird I'm an old man. You woke up. Your interest you stop you work all the time this is not the first movie you should Qatar. I know of course is just Parse it architecture out here would second in your orders under a cure let you go pre month that project. Yeah they're creatures and abduction. Companies and odds of each other old ones and get footage shall we started over this year. And we're doing the same project we're doing it better now. And and he's just a great old country and great people and it's great project. It's the job Arab American bird not lost if you wanna if you want to describe it. And it's not a group move the ball and another another reality in the middle of that church. And it true you bombshell didn't. We're excited to see applause I'm so jealous that you'd care. Because it's one of those cities fixed and it is one of the great. Incredible. Architecture the buildings are built in money that goes into its own. Right date and paper here which LA in the early eighties they have like like bill achieved downtown metropolis. And stands empty waiting for Leonard lasers on anybody. Yeah yeah absolutely yeah. It's it's suitable. Great architects like like Lebanon cannot and that is I'm gonna look I'm spectacular buildings and there and there there. He's very rich rich countries so they can afford great way to check the. The wind was that it's called the ice was reading about this place called the pitch horror hotel it looks like. It's just it's Lincecum for lack of a better description a half might put a skaters but it's it's huge structure and die. It looked like yet. It's changed I double in the district are saying I have a group. Like it's like sixty gigabyte fortieth my living room night and there's like like thirty lectured chains and it's like it's like being back to back in Russia back the date to resolve this really cool. That's also I just love this huge it's your birthday you've got a beautiful. Wonderful wonderful family you're shoot a movie here have a great time and that's that's what can be better today. Lower in my like yeah manager Johnny Johnny. It's that it. It's kind of lucky in the way. You're show doesn't air and they'll block a car even though people could buy it online but how lucky because Eric. Can't stand it when they celebrate his birthday on set he gets the ocean ice at the funniest thing just like freak out. Pretty happy to not be shooting the series is doing about it called Medina. And it happened not the issue I think and so. He was really happy to get aboard big shout out elaborate on FaceBook and Twitter are to them all and amp. It is really happy dude at the view. They eat like it's not an errant format it looked like he Iraq. Or if they're gonna fabricate it just as they want K. Each solution. Why air act I want and Tokyo. It now and when. I was on my left or actor and Al Majid. Other people get get get the beach and shot on OK. And I would think but put a bullet you want to celebrate that. And and and I would just I would always find it to become embarrassingly to chime and and and and what it would happen or may. It would it would embarrass me and am I just I just felt really about it so so I have. I I I guess I like illiteracy. Look there are you very much debate now it's. Like yeah clapping and cheering him. Forget that you don't want others to feel the way you get when you ladies get to work accurately. You solicit and most importantly what. I'll let you know ball whole crew and everything and are all working watch establishing happy poured it on Amazon com yeah. It is birth date and actually stop that subtle racial and let your workday. Yeah actually call it that you do guys. I'd love Barbara having party. But the amount of work you know. No we you get a gift from allies W but I've already given him a birthday gift or waiting to. Actually isn't it time Ivan LA right now and actually I haven't given him but he gets there. There are played celebrities adopt appeared calm and on his desk at the kids scene of the fact. And I won't even sick days. So it's it's going to be a rap though you completely gone six days to go back now. Oh well I'm just send him there are certain section oh. Other big change. And and besides and I'd listen that I think about this so then you have to jump back because we Grey's Anatomy now are you a reduction in your parts of that you've got to jump back into more Grey's Anatomy. I'm not happy about Grey's Anatomy and they're gonna be mad at me because they let me cut my air here. And and rate them on me now now now he got here. We brought you here which you can't change of style and it's OK and I came here and change styles. I had. We'll be chilling out I I I let them know also. We don't know which direction you're characters going like suppose you go back into their medical world is something maybe that aero work I mean maybe where. And a shower cap like doctors. It would lead and then nobody can. And what happens when edited or. At all. And. Chris again what a great let Grey's Anatomy by the ABC Thursday's 7 o'clock and so it doesn't look for the permanent situation for for Grey's Anatomy. I. You'd never know it was shot that the ship full of surprises and wonderful surprise it didn't you know the audience has gotten crazy over there. I'm Eric you know the repeal of Eric playing. I'm you know playing Jesse Williams. Doubt I'm. On the show am. Looking like he may you return at all that we can really today. I'll and Debbie Allen portrait of mom and this is the second time that Eric got it with Debbie Allen. So called great. Which is not yet Eric and they have a daughter so so it's it's a wonderful. It's a wonderful joke between Debian American male it have a lot of wondering who their next child going to be at each other. I'm. Doing great that obviously. Our goal kept an intimate thing. You guys I think its mean. Go ahead with. Just it's just. I love listing the interaction between you analyze and the fact that. You know it's such a great team clearly you know in a world where you know you'll see people were married and don't get along like each other they just don't connect. It's it's really nice. But you but I. I'm very popular mom like Mary bounds so. So. What. If I knew he gets beat today and rightly so. Happy birthday and agree to I don't know what it is but true. And I think so much I know it's a third in the morning so you aren't you sweet wonderful. It felt like this with so much it was a really bad birthday surprise you guys going to do this. Thanks guys.