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Monday, March 20th


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Or may 31 in Harlem raised in homes queens New York inspired by the music of master flash and the furious he taught himself to continue in 1970 to play in 1984. Up from Mike and hopefully what would become one of the biggest rap groups in music history. EMC. You. Good morning army were horrible book and series you have the only new. You know scuttle what would be below a look at north Carolina at Bergdorf curl a comic. And before that I would build him up but I'll let alone or in Texas. That was big. Great how was that. It was good cook what's crazy is that we'll look forward they well. Every year people would tell me who do you become you come out only because one they because I did the all. The speaker of Vince to break because then that you know if everybody like well. It'll Joseph Biden in spite believe it. It'll diplomats and ambassador of the presidency and in these jobs which shall get something it'll let you know I think helped us so let him go hopefully almost thirty years that was my first of their but the creepy saying it couldn't walk two feet did. It would. Crazy pretty well. I don't know when you go that's crazy you heard it here mcdaniels of run DMC ROKR RO thirty million records so would you think these are focused. But the original miles by southwest music comedy and art and film goes on. Yeah. So everybody from all so tickled. I got them meet Chris you know something you don't amazing. Things will virtual reality and try and you know Eric trot out some of the stuff that did that was built. As they are raising its creed yes. Old double level about what's gonna happen in this beautiful twelve adults with Nokia elected to a lot of work commute was. Senator Rick will predicted that video a couple of years ago. Whip called Johnny Cash is no great double B now. So that you Google. In new king. You can submit your art in new drawing. To be portal Johnny's big deal with Clinton nominal. These. Rockets don't you know Rucker wrote it we do Craig. Do what you do what I love. If you you keep learning and you keep moving in now is the key to everything you've just got to keep learning oh. Yeah whatsoever. You always going to be looking helped put new experiences. That like drive that would seat to everything very cute with a single. That he should use all of youthful exuberance and excitement. In all the president. That he's yet when we used within the lyrics of my friends are dead and some of just living. And when you stop wearing you'd just it just all goes to hell yeah half court. Or there's certainly got a our I don't have already gotten credit for. This. UNC. There what's going on there. Yeah meant to show all of semi road trip. The TV you know he should be in everybody's OP he came. And I'll I'll be leaky does everybody get. He traveled. And he looked up wooded rock or for him the company is so. I happen to be itself but so welcoming but you didn't see and watch you on the shelves it's like I love him because if there. The what was cool about this thing he heard about what I did but he ordered that he would story personally. So all you know our biggest show. And he was like he'll listen to get up on stage and you know things. I hope like sure you know it's so we sat down and we talked about oh you know he talked about me in my history stepped up. But he was told would be blown away about what sort of you know our secure it relevant in the majestic father Jerry Brown. Pro. Both Leo with and the lead that we're that the gold focal rumored. The credence Clearwater revival was like while he was fully mobile apathetic body like all the way back in eighty Bobble what was the club of both the speed of our ability to beat the rap. What can make it to make Milosevic we don't know what they eat and we did a version is rock and be able. You know yeah arsenal heroes. Yeah DA cannot through true sports business and all the breaks all the let us today Tammy was like Yelp. How to get my bass player from where LA is obligated to our bottom guard. And we're gonna make so you know let's go let's go because nobody that the DNC. Which released yet dynamic musical lever racist problem school or project score and or. And he looked like bill Obama on its this that or you could upgrade our loved this and it was this like it was it was rock provoked this to read may. In one day when you've been knocked out you knew Montrose rock and Oprah can be on the you know I'd do everything like it was that big so well the way up by about the political trivia formerly of this stuff dip. All coal low actually hit Apple's stood for a the court threw them you know what what city jobs that drumbeat in the beginning you. Aptly simple bold job. It's on its best case that's crazy that. When you know and and there's that always comes full circle you know Jesse instead we are good friends. They especially as to exactly and that so they have met that. They have met a couple feet of the a couple of years ago it looked like you did a phenomenal ball beautifully. God help fight it off a guy yelling at that little about the we met briefly with very actively. Thought that we that you didn't kill the land that would make all the looked out now for you. You know alternate headline on the altar and therefore you would jackal and that I hear it's a major effort eloquent and so. The Dojo before they evolved and now rocked with jackal. No I don't hit me it was always there our relationship does not have a good example it was always stated sort of relationship with. Swinging music you know who is remarkable. And. A publicist but haven't. Basically but I feel we sampled everything you rob Scott would make due with edited and allowed they did he was like oh now I get it now are getting stonewalled me. All ultimately. Aren't just like you need to him and execute it Jesse led government. Oprah oh what a great idea and then CC where it goes if he's he's a little more mainstream and see if he gets it's actually. Yeah yeah yeah he's great so but in the next couple weeks out we brought into the studio. What what what the column of people get a name that is that what but it talks we have compared Hewlett. Dead just yet he's gonna be corrected that crazy man why couldn't they got that crazy. He's crazy like up giving it. I'm like god that we defeat what we look on what was it will be amazed that it's beautiful very calm you know on the record so what about seventy. But they're dark on the court singled. They've won the first thing for them up and can be your record store day in April the portrait of what they enable it to collaborate in a bit which owns yeah. I'm really huge and I'm just like I am a monster Joseph jets fan. There until the Middle Eastern like that actually fees fees fees the scene the queen Goebel the truck stuff. She she or by every bit. You have she arrived Hollywood the runaways. And everything you can possibly throw at you she penalty what you've seen live. Every musician in that area will stand on this stage watcher because. Every. It would work crucial in doubt everybody else with the door to watch it it's late Phil yeah it will be allowed. Well. When we needed to do that if it was that Donald. Besides that. And we rated prep for some vital for the Cuba. It's a great big picture perfect you know on the physically and loved the death of a perfect leverage and if you were recruited. Between the comic books in your own autobiography of her pretty little comic later in this thing has gotten like is big is the others now I mean. Jay-Z really caught up mortal show. These fuel cells that 101012. It's unbelievable how big is the recent column B group unity. Ron Perlman from Al boy knows the anarchy. Will Wheaton and Ric Flair. Yeah we're perfectly the report. There's nobody actually care REIT going to be their aunts. Is really cool stuff. Prepared with the economic. It will work of the big. Basically what they did it be able to your gate city which he urged. Them. Up comic. Mop or are about both public and do so let me and but it was running credible not productive not recover come into governor state. But it what the conflict yet. It would actually nobody read and immediately would be of the public public comments since liberty Roland incidently okay cool you know about that the proper way to get. He's become a couple free so what that got filled with credit a lot of people with common it's become an up to me you know would probably been abused or that. Talk about how much some comic books indicate. But it wasn't until two years ago actually pretty cute my comic book. To hear city comic and then what really blunt about it we had a book. All the public for the region up to give he's got a book beyond what that's about what made you wanna get into comic the correct everybody's got. But deal in weeks rather do another picture and it's Obama rapid erect it. All music. For hip hop double or rocket broke. That's well liked Foreman radioed to tell all it did which read it draw comic books that you collected. Huge collection. You beat them though you were not an outgoing you weren't I don't have a whole bunch of friends and you'll be all nerd I mean you. Are. You and what you what you just Woodson leads determines. Narrow cast just what we are into is what we were really into in the whole rest of the axis. I doubt what you would do everything big deal but it's like angle people on the outside about war the report. Didn't understand what adorable little that it goes saying it every every everything that was it become the book you Obama of making America safe there ideas. The creativity and imagination. I had no idea it was certainly yup should be able to grow up that microphone you know the thing could even depicted you know in that separately. Well 270. Educated in the defeat that it would like. Thought that the country probable because it should be read your text books and works booked but didn't realize that the fact that I was reading every day being excellent who. Of course there are you read about it grammar and punctuation and spelling without. Out reading that is that so what so it's hard to match teacher would discourage reading at anything I don't surgery and blocks. You know they look at that that would combat may Captain America if that would it's settlement they look. He should be about history you think about World War II era in school which is cool. Captain America speaks media UT about the eligible for the thought. But the field the serve but he needed so they didn't even realize that me imagining all that it. How would really president Al the cricket he could ultimately be automatic and our president out great outlet around a rink with that there last night. That was that was the group at a with the Catholic school but the truth that you want to wish you would can't disclose. But not a bush. Let's rotting problem volatile or abort your home remember those nines the oh I don't Cabrera and no I crawl back. Oh yeah no I've read scared all the time and the wrong I never got hit by a priest but I used to get that. Reluctantly by the nuns in the full error mean they would flat beat you. Don't sit there then fail what a Federer. That that is the only in the week we brought in its system and what. Home for a day it's great like in. And in Brooklyn was in third grade. Probably will be leading a lap she got to block our people. Public. Key at. If it would work. Thought I'd love that I know the guy did it. Some argue these and they give them was elected in my boxer who's. It's like you know the bad thing about it we thought we had a win dated may grow even meaner. And she wore a great all the haunted. Is that the bull. We were in you know when you're Catholic here all the shame and everything happens and boys and girls as that's where the boy's bathroom. And the window opens up the big limestone building Hays Kansas. In the parking lot we'll circle you'd come around in particular Saturday we are so can toilet paper and those big huge round. I'll wash basins in throwing out the window to go. On the cars we thought we had some magical. Doorway that they couldn't get to a 'cause we're in the major European thought that she kicked that door open like him Chuck Norris let. Short. It was the area mole hill are. Raise anybody that would pick up which school they did that the experience that up because it is so I doubt it. Everybody that it would be no clue what chocolate. And there. She would you like to listen I wish we had I believe you bring back our core nines and implement an MMA cage and just letting them. All would should let them go at it as much that would sell. That that would change induce. If it. I can't wait to see you that I eagle tail you'll see he's gonna be. And Iraq procedure he's headline in the worth Harley-Davidson stage on June 3 and I know you got a full schedule but manager anywhere in the you know coming out coming. You should make you really shouldn't I mean you guys in black smoke they're going to be. This interview you can be on the hill store over there but. We'll do announcement will be chairing. If you government shell met a lot of oval where Iraq on a rain. Sleet. But I do think that you'll go up but you've figured he would give up there and do it I got the debate. Let rob do. If there. You wanna go. And I'll get a lectured his hotel room where we got to take care of and it just you know but to have their reach out to me and it will cover. I have commented on comic edit the item com be. Eager for the comic you know will be at full rock let them come. Corporate that it did go to the bill giveaway that surprised. I won't tell you what. Was comical degree April 28 in the third at the bar all of that of course June 3 hopefully we have to make it to Kansas Speedway for a rock as. Mammoth summer. Barbaric it celebrate now. I love it absolutely acknowledge could hear your voice and Shia. It's just as as always just energized nonfarm for an eleven. Be there if going to be better what do people who can bridge that everybody left is doubtful of that city I'm comedy over the important in the left. It. Did you grow.