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Thursday, July 13th


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Core Albertson's Omaha and when we lost the senate podcast is our votes. Now all we were a little behind because Coleman's Evans of phony issues and Jake said you know what. Like we're gonna go ahead on O'Reilly on this after the we'll do it. I love caller ID beauties of it they got some of the best stuff ever mean. Honestly it it's a really. Major leagues the obvious one but I'm totally missed them all time. And. Picture did. Did and off our. Disappointed in you. Don't ever did this is why you need eight states. Up and meet perfect might not ponds and upcoming. Why you are. Before September 7 in north Hollywood California. A graduate of UCLA. He spent two years on the long running daytime drama Ryan's hope. Before landing the role that made him a star that if attorney Arnie Becker on LA law. He's gone on to star in such films as the dentist. Major League as well as on the daytime drama the Young and the Restless. In the USA series psych them and tonight you can see him on an all new episode of ABC's battle of the network stars. Please welcome Corbin. And so I. Just as bad as well. No I've earned her races it's got a what are important month. About you can get it. He went on when she's like just text me Corbin I'm done talking. Now. No now isn't horrible I love you that I'm excited to be a battle of the network stars remember when I was a kid watching it's. Yet need to get. Cute to watch. Oh are actually Wimbledon. And technique they're natural what's on the. And a year later. He got a close watch. It and it is fair. Heather Thomas from fall guy. Why. Or. Are you kidding me. Yeah you're. Well life. Waddle like you now would now in in in this what is your physical competition and because it's. The season's run around as he Coolio is a friend Jack Osbourne in Bonaduce crazy bridges super. Woody which would your competition. Well I didn't write openers it's. Give me anything like super running hard. As I. It and where it's due to milk and luckily during what are what. It's cute. Losing I am trying. Drinking drinking. Yeah I am Margaret Hamburg would argue that he can cause that's what. Yeah. I'll tell. I I can tell you an analyst is like a snake popped out at me at the wind not that long ago it took off across the dam usually it was a pretty good spread for my from a 48 years. Yellow six and two grant program regular thirty articulate. Changed this week. Alia. Let hamstring. We would let the even. Here during the. Yeah yeah I always make this a mistake or I think them pretty. Word got. It them enough to slow water. At least. Or you'll you'll see that could. So who and who would your competition against on the on the show what do we see. Wolf well White House. People with. Why else would you 2000 level charges they should should actually. Fortunately. It's a lot of television doesn't look like all law. Sponsor we we played lawyer. Out of the white lawyer to. We played quite peaceful community state junior league of its old fridge actual. Aaron corporate. And you better have beats are Max did you wind. I can't think and got to watch it on why. We keep. It. I think at least feed LT. Good to believe if there are pretty typical for. The eight. Hour. The war you know. Feel. Welcome step to war. Now and that's the one time you what the fact get a new team. Yet one. Or egg. Recall which would achieve this. And attention shouldn't object. A captured. Did you sports school college. It got knocked out quickly part of it all done it to victory in the principal player. Is quite. You can. And. The day you met Heather. Do you met Heather Thomas College. I met her college yeah her because that's what year realize Laporte but you know you. Have people. Yeah oh yeah I was streak in that. That's exactly what every single person little mistake that they're going to call it a target rich environment here good. There was great. And and I was trying to eat on site I was trying to appease a couple people showed not seen that genius work that is the dentist. That I'm telling you it's one of those such a great or movie. It goes so far over the top it will remain happily drinking because it's so terrible and it is one all time favorites man. Argued that brand directly. We need to get there they'll currently we have got an extra vehicles. Churchill. And you can only Ameritrade you know it's got a look at where terrorists. Could want rests with the patience of job. And the guys that bad and because sentient life and the important plastic surgery. Well. People in the same brain and so Djibouti could be huge gray. You're right yeah I. And which are completely differently because they're cute cute out. Particularly to see that and I gonna give you some love. For American gods that's one of those shows a watch and sometimes feel like it took drugs sometimes I feel like I'm pretending again but I don't. In the you know it's it's really you are reading it. It's really good I mean it really is fun and weird and and a deeply bullpen. Yeah bigger news in the interest in during that you are eager audience terrible watching. You units and kind of do for a TD as it is it's like a poem it. It is LT general he can be caught up in part to. Wrinkle on our coach. I figured out. That you're there for the sort of multi dimensional. Certain. Look like almost an all duo Richard you know old apartment all girls. To us and I don't get. Nobody in their. It's like to. I would never used to do drugs that also ahead of him and watched American gods work pretty well. What what you do your supplement you're viewing. And I want to make it at all. You are the great corporate birds. Awakenings. I'd watch that battle of the network stars tonight 8 o'clock on ABC net and again that was put him in the show and thank you. Are watching very closely watched as they. Are a body dictated that spirit we are. And note field. In the printing you have a day. It's funny I don't think his films who. I think he was leaning on it to stand I am saying hello. I'm Dana back.