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Wednesday, June 14th


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Son of the late great Chuck Berry Charles Barry junior is I think he's ready he's on the line right now on the new record chuck is outlets available. Mean his obviously is the losses bother to for him. Is even worse for the rest the world which lost one of the pioneers of rock and well being ripped off borrowed whatever you wanna call it. It all comes from that that that style that guitar playing a lean over and over and over can you hear it. In in modern music and old music from from since its inception it's been nonstop part of rock. Our next guest is the son of a singer and guitarist who to many is considered the man who invented rock and roll the legendary Chuck Berry. Sounds like Johnny B good. My dangling from the roll over Beethoven and the more he revolutionized music it is considered one of the most influential guitarists of all time. It's Saturday passed away the age of ninety on March 18 but now. His first new music in forty years with the album simply titled chunk has been released. Proving that this energy. Please welcome son of the late great chuck very Charles Perry junior. And it's. Charles welcome to the show. It very much man. I think is suspect championship and just musically because I was born Memphis and living Kansas City. You know it's it's all surrounding saint Louis the epicenter you know your funds that most of here's. Yesterday the state or rate its stated Saint Louis let them you know they edit property and in the bothers me it. They're property and and actually I was look for a long time but note you know we came home. Well it's it's. So legend silhouetted in one of those legends that Italy Johnny Cash like Elvis like any of the greats. It there was ups and the downs on the railings and just it was not an easy time to be Iraq or hospice to get a black got rock thrown fifty tree. It is your right but you know. To get its announcement yet you know that he he didn't have the he didn't have that extra little V. Of the lack of Melanie. So he had to you know Ian is it separated so that ultimately in the ban on Little Richard though it sure. You know they had some journalist is absolutely and that's what it and it specifically. Say. Challenges. Because that's what they that's how my bed looked it. Because he couldn't go into the front of the very place he was playing. You know couldn't eat at the plate that is and we're leaving him being going to go get a bite to eat it themselves. But he took it one of though is like okay public before we miss you. Yeah it's right down. It is wanted to listen to on the bed and though that the spectrum. Yeah. You. Charles you're doing all he was doing. Of course he could be used to listen to meet even better left fueled him any anger hatred towards your dad. It was fueled in the music in the music was a thing that it that broke out all the bears didn't matter blanket like kids didn't matter about that it was it was a musical about young years and injured rebellion and and get sweaty in the back of a caller it was sexy it was and it was him up they're delivering its a no matter what door they made him come and by the end of the night he owned the joint. Exactly exact you know yet if they'd present that to world but you know we broke stuff that the they'd be they don't market was on the white. And so cute with agency the liberal. No he could once. Separated from the other place. Well and everybody did dance with our look dance with the girl over there. And and that's that's the bottom line it didn't matter what color they Wear or what race religion any of it. It got build something I'd episode had put up a little bit about meat department do inequitable. And there are many seventy year old eight year old people that old theory and officials are barely inside look at that was probably it'll what it's one so involved. You know who obviously that would. Rate it could open source like laid a bit dark we thank you. Well and just think about while ridge you'd analysts that the music the style. It's very review people can practice and become good guitar player and a great guitar player but there's a handful of players in the world of such definitive sound a style. It's borrowed decade after decade after decade you know the forward Keith Richards worshipped at Keith loved him. It is really did but now. I kept saying it. You know my bed readily admit though he hit him what to do so you're talking about the rules and I'll hold it. People walk a lot of people walk. You know the big thing for those guys they were of the forty. Early fifties. But there have made that trip to Chicago. At the top of the bloody war to reconcile the two wouldn't want that. Liveable so that it affords them while Bob. Signaled in Britain the bubble and let's. But he may contribute to. Chicago is chess. Any if the chance to record. What he looked up I didn't rated. Which is on them relentlessly. Are what they take old. Bob will take place for themselves because they decide to raise it and is that we can't and so came out it didn't mean. With Albany it's. He rib each day is a good look in the want the son. Of the beach police learned that. The stuff you're hearing this from an out of my right to vote. What it's saying that are hurt when I was younger. But there's so you didn't include those. You did it this way it this way to and these. Well chuck out now in the record in years featured on a chip and weasel on it's it's it's it's the last great tribute. To legendary pledged. Itself. The gimme the retro Clinton has had such short time but that felt if you produce more press next week if you feel up to about. I'd love to gage I want to talk about stories the stones the documentaries. Of the world how they accept them everything all the way up through into is that these last few days I'd love to talk to you. That they've got these scrambling for them through we will. Also it will be down the road. B I'm afraid of you betcha I think during its. Let me add to. I still own a piece of that terrible.