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Wednesday, February 15th


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Born October 30 in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. We first met him is Thurman Merman in the classic film behind Santa. On to such films as sin love to. Trick or treat. High school. As well as reprising his role in Van Sant did to. Know that movie is out on dvd Blu-ray and on demand from. Greg Kelly. Hey man how are you mr. Greg Kelly. And dad on the hill haven't. A fan of what I've senior what you're if you're an interesting. Guy for a purely in terms of you you you're almost does that answer your. A real human innocent like you've gone to school regular high school board tutor Hewitt real universe he graduated. And that project you've got a movie that it's scary to go to iTunes and dvd. I'm very lucky you got the heat from both sides of life that. Nice isn't it beautiful movie thing to think getting. It appeared that will be my day. Light and kind of the middle Miller. It's nice tolerate that because he didn't miss anything some of them in the French you make growing up in those those formative years. You know the the Lindsay Lohan to the world we've seen where that goes out. You know if you're too much too young rate. Oh yeah like I did I'm very fortunate to have a lot of seen people in my life my camera with those. Always going to knock it depends what McDonald's isn't pitching big from glitches since my French side never really. Thoughtful blue beating the epic feel also. I would never allowed to get cute big and it was I can totally see that just in the little for the time I spent cabinet in LA and all our stuff. If you either the cute I totally get how it can completely caddie has walked. Your whole world like the people can like that liberal part child actors should go off the rails it. I think that we I'm of these people who didn't Q2 and stable environment further Ireland did not get away from and not have kind of refuge and I have it and stay normal so it's it took to the political world I got to experience. You take it knowing Billy Bob's a little bit through the shown some friends. He's a very real human being he's. You know the quirky Indy and and no nonsense but if a child actor had to earn any money is is is have is that movie is as many adult male filthy things get said. He's a real human like he he'd be OK to be around secure. Oh yeah he is the one thing ever I don't think Michael he must've been war as a child through bad movie and so much again. Just such an awful experience concept just seeing the abuse. Ideally the old I don't. I go to the one who is most uncomfortable all the swearing when I was eight years old Nike and Alou who cursor would not be shooting he'd be. Changing awards will be swearing or you keep covered my ears lottery at a certain blind ear person so. It was not exactly this. Wore it and firemen benevolent. I was at my interest and I and so that's the best people I've ever even. Work that they're just Matt. Don't you're aliens and he'll remember you to the day you die like he's he's one of those guys if you if you come to him correctly. And he'll always be a friend I think he doesn't Hollywood here not the same at the same but he he he. You know he finds its way to that world pretty well. No it definitely yeah he's definitely not the kind of hope that traditional Hollywood person like. Some people in this industry and been exactly what you think of your music or movies that kinda crazy person who didn't. Really know anything outside of the settlement street by billions just if you didn't know he was actor musician you it. Just think you'd. Normal average worker and factory on the street she. Completely. Right people people think that line where creepy as. I got people like oh my god what's it like the American. Because. Older homes that the he's like any other person you me and they're lucky important if you can't think of the other organisms. No I've really I've seen that close so I don't know you're telling the truth so you puke to finish that. You your very famous of course there's a period of time as you look obviously like you do in the movie. But as you get older you grew taller and thinner you you don't resemble as much and so that fades away you go through high school. And and you go to go to college or we gonna be whether it would be studied in college. I could bid that's a good thing is a human resource sites orders. I really took back his record that he EG a major source a and because it's human resource is all she wouldn't should we all know that at the end of the the way you like it that much good. Can it be that tricky and then. You've you've Fisher exams and then out of the blue you didn't know the call was coming right aged just that just happens. Why don't turn things little rumblings over the years simple it's. She core capital budget just naturally and I had it having been thirteen years you'd think it's never gonna get off the ground especially. Every year passing think it's more more likely. No I guess they call that we are in the sequel yeah description it was chilly and that's my last ever final forum for universities so. The timing could not work better and better. Peters too and they show you remember it was a little guy Thurman Merman and a bad Santa adorable little blond headed little chubby kid and then into that and chubby you of course grew up. And tall and and and thinner and has put fifty pounds on to play the role. Yes yeah. You are it with the blessing it was really able actually getting to eat absolutely anything else on the Wall Street Muncie it was. People angle it must fit or we'll talk on here how I'd picture what about if it's. It might not have been thinking so much about it afterward that work and had to put it afterwards so. What was supposed to be forty countess. Eventually turned to do about it because it sounds. So one of the vehicle or boat with what I needed to do it by attack. Now they hit them very well personal trainer everything also is you could kick it back. They say when you walk in the lead or music right now. These are who you look back into the into the stat that day that people were so shocked because you were. A tall older the older version of that same character Thurman chairman. I just ace that you you flawlessly walked back in and they were just stunned and elated that it it was such a perfect fit. Yeah I even to myself that it jawboning whatever. It has a referee in the church and they can click on well I wonder how does that work with so what looked and I felt like an animal obviously too much and wants. The wake up on the and then really respect hair she and the wardrobe with a great I look at the mere couple god this is. Freaky yeah it was really kind of jarring at first he got back into it by. Yeah I think it's one. Fairly well. Well look you have it that in that movie played that character one of that beautiful innocent goofy not understanding how odd he has little guy like it's. We knew how he felt love them Puget he was just such an odd little duck. Thank you so much. He definitely be. Sentiment that cut through the field for the injured and no I don't really important to us. Not only personal but that among all those. It's easy if you get the comedy what kind of have bought cheap joke machine but I. Better that was all the deal felt good what's bad part was had the heart they're barely. He was it merely comedy but it had that sentiment of those sentimental moments where it kind of redeem it help a little bit about how important have the. Look at that and you get a lot of interviews and threatens to meet you man I really do enjoy the first one now watch the second one. The other night trying to iTunes on demand a Blu-ray itself but you know like his. I can play a couple weeks I think of my inflight movie. Fantastic thanks so much them. I'm afraid to give it.