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Friday, April 21st


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Our next guests are members of the month Billy band that hails from bell flower California. We have released an amazing seven albums since 2000 and including her latest titled T surfing. They band is the box masters. And on Sunday may seventh you can see them lines on stage good enough grass. Please welcome from the box masters GD and doing Billy Bob. We thought our. It was I was down visiting for a week to go talking about your show. We look forward. But there's. Obama and they'll multiple air force are awfully lot like so much. It's a few months ago or. What first of all the people for the there. Little formal. Let people so old that all. Or what. They're so little. An awful. And what they're that's. All. Well. Yeah in the office all sorts of problems. I mean I mean it's going to be great I'm so excited about the guys that. JD how are you my friend. I remembered that and so you know look at or does it factor. They'll be equal obligation their you know all about chipper hurt the coastal are or should look out there though. It had gotten emails from people that I haven't seen it forty year that are you know it. Ultimately reaching your heated we're. We were corrupt and show. Put. Article about our. Elegance that Americans. They expect. An equity. You. Realize in for into this twit forgotten is actually. Was that the wing knuckle heads came about is when they had on cycles at the old guys motorcycles is great little roadhouse motorcycle shop. They would have street parties and that's where those guys the first time you wild bill everybody because they're street party so I control. That Hewitt beat them to do desperately and that's a knuckle heads beat but he never owned a club or anything like that unit and. Look currently. I didn't. That's when some good girls of Robert Byrd. There Robert certain people get older it's it's really incredible. I think it's because he has a real level of music and people and there's a funk in that in that building and it and that would end that streak that. It's so natural and legitimate that it's you. You know if you don't know any better you just do it normally. Yep absolutely. Anybody with the well I don't know government that they got. All of your. So. They're really really well with that with creep. And Pete are to be honest as it is both within the hype for the motorcycle. It. You know love affair or is there you go from one restart was a record together that were. To begin that what. Had to be included so you know their their server or too little workbook. Ideological. Well you know it takes me back to his. It reminds me of old the white love Jerry reed and you know songs like Amos Moses and it does is add a tongue in cheek good story just the stuff we all grew up like really enjoying about music. Now. Punitive where. The principles that should it's very cool to actually that it. You do new year that's fantastic. That's you know what we talked last month as Billy Jewish. There's always part of me that was the world to understand how great a song Gregory's and then there's the party that does anyone to skip because one doubled yourself. You don't talk about Billy. It will hurt or in the back woods it was. And if you could still hear that are. So. Yeah it he had built before Billy drop. Yeah. You know we're in the word. But that let we will leave green Bay Area about half hour ago. And now we're driving in the two lane road. Part of it is. Unbelievable. For drivers are going through this it's if you don't want Clinton in the middle of content. So. We apologize and it. Focal Burton got real. No worries at all listen I of the rockets this is such a big. Bringing you guys are touring and recording on stop. Did you ever think you'd ever and get this place that box masters that you quote you can go. Or orderly. A lot cheaper there. But what I'm that's this is getting that I get it you did you ever think the box masters would get big enough he could go full time like you're doing now and get really costly tour and record. Well. I I ever was sure that we would. You know we've got to get it where you know the first rehearsal for forty years we're together. You know here we're constantly. Bought it though it was. You know it was part that we were particularly bloody cut that it worked you know Robert richter for everyone else and so. You know is. It's taken us here at the computer sold years before we're able to break even and then all of it partly. Bigger call you. Think about what he can make you work order and you don't know what we're living our policy here that you know it. It's way better you make a little bit muddy you know what you get. Into the wife. You know or we get you know eighty. Or not in debt little further they go. You know it's so thankfully you know we kept it and here that are you know you know very COLT following it. It is sort of you know we hit the putrid weirder and government. And you know that in. It's been great. You know you look at that we will work together. And there's actually the ball well it really fulfill its. The last where four or. We're collections don't buy it on the important it's viable option for chores. It's also. Couple crucial component of. Thought about it. Is it really really help them quick knuckle heads by the way may seventy guys got to come see the show. And in the other thing I kept thinking it was men and love to see you guys glad decent dates for Blackberry smoke. We know are we. Currently. You know you've ever hit well. As. It's sold. All of the possibility when we get our people together well. Quicker. And quicker bigger show. So you know your great trouble full Austria. That was certainly could look at the murder you battled. Certainly a real well that's always going to be girls are Urquhart Stewart. Though that yes he manages an agency take the fun of every good thing. Exactly. A slightly and editor told the that it would think one of those. All of those things. The ability. A New York Alexander on the tour bus going through woods in Wisconsin so. The economic struggle forward but that we'll talk again before the show if not I'll catch up what you that day of the show Sunday may seventh that knuckle heads. And and you crucial have all your merge with the all the CDs people can pick up everything. Yeah you know we've argued that certain spot that looks Lola ultra picture perhaps all the itself there is of course. And you know that. Second selection for the worse so. You know I think about that shortly after I have a couple more great. Children and instead. There's certain critical to getting you know recover and but what trouble us. Guys take him have a statement and a good show night. It.