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Thursday, March 16th


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Born August 20 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He's a stand up comedian and actress started as touring career nineteen eventually opening for the likes of Dennis Miller and late great George Carlin. He rose to fame as one stars of the hit CBS series Mike and Molly and you can see him as the host of monopoly millionaire's club. And now you can see him as colonel Tom Parker on the CMT series sun records but please welcome longtime friend of the show. Really guard Dell. That right to order I order you want to do so it's meant Bisping shows in surgery the king Lawler was utterly. Jerry Lawler well agree Russia from. We're working it berm. How wonderful what should you do to use their morale up everybody. It it was great. That there's expert but I'm so you. Pound for pound never did a better work in the history of television in the Andy Kaufman David Letterman judge Jerry the king Lawler bit. All of up question we're not crushing I think Jim and have been Rick flair world. You perverts. As you'd like him as the story about. Uncle butch Barbara recuse buried. Pets and pared earlier. Oh yeah. And my uncle butch to tell that there's three kings. Are expressly geez. I. Out of there weren't ready so by the house which is that it's really it's O historically good. Often keep them number I would love and I think I'm mild problem I think it's struck a British court you know cable numbers insurer ratings Carol. You know how big it is our future cables are two million people you know sure it's smaller groups and also not as much exposure bullet. First week lounge in fear victory on election night so that they could grow rejection summer and we do 33 point two million. And we've got pulled just don't Sheehan she numbers alone at the bottom billion and four weeks of their furniture happier. You know we we we keep shuttle are there shall be dorm of the term a disruption extra picture and I really helped show because your there's a lot more toward the talent. I really love playing the kernel it's fun to be that the future enough. It's because I'm always have to warn about. Tumblr colonel Tom Parker who is a roker. He's totally out here are roller regular rear admiral. This that it on the side. You know he made Elvis Presley the eighties and come out in the world. And there was a lot of Arnold Tom and listen I was little talent but that was much bigger and he was. He was earlier it was ago and so bill which should be having really really got better than anybody how to market. And shop and say I would candor created. Elders believe about could have been even bigger. If you can even. Because of the bigger as the colonel turner had to keep them. In America because. And Harvey was a trait that she took him to Europe that the current market portraits it was a Dutch immigrant who was here legally from Paula. So he wouldn't go over there it would leave the country or strategic or they would have built some socialist principle which group of mop. So I think he could have been even bigger and I think you know he can. Few crucial on the river would promote reached in tournaments cheesy movies. But at the same time even those things changed in historical movie shoving its national park is war people still watching movies. So the colonel. How big guilt should be job. He got that he should be kicking around the world he he understood the remember doing it was an. Worse something later it was a gunshot numbers match country singer. This can draw from all the data get very very greedy she took too much money from obstacles. And then what he did was I think what do what do. And actually just my opinion but I think the relationship we have with them the reason which of which shall co dependent with the most. The culturally isolated. From everybody who anybody else you might have an opinion lies. And I think you're very unhealthy way she'd made him feel like the only safe place for the first Pacific Connell from a brigade. And his mom oh yeah we're outside world. All of this about you gets you you really added and you knew you study note this story which bought it. But you know I haven't noticed play him again I you know not a good guy number one and then I'll have to find a way to make him a likable doctored but I I didn't wanna. Anyone about Melbourne history you know what I mean I wanted to show and in particular not to do this for about brilliant researcher and commercial little fired on them. But the fact of who he was kind of interest. So that you wanted to get executed it crashed into this notion that didn't model. Oh absolutely no ligament and music nerd so I mean we are. Prepared you're out. What did you huge casting Smithsonian which I don't know if it's just click. But it was talking about it wondered if he. Colonel Parker had murdered someone in Ireland in it whether he was on the and that's what the other reasons. Well they shut that that was one of the the things that again you show little relationship. And ever judge Habibie if you shoot you literally at the bigger star. Ever. And he stayed in the shadows in the future real hard to find an internship. But there was a murderer pollen. And how upper a couple different stories and I'm just a few people without talked about Memphis. Certainly you know you get two different versions is yes she was all. And then you get he'd been the person that was involved and had to actually. So it's it's just very sure he's the reason the district of our football. It's it's such a fascinating time engaged and then you you put the bigger picture of America's changing in and Elvis was this dangerously. Between US mail and made me forget what we think it's a tough and like. Every beat Elvis has he ever loved him all the churches thought he was the root nation. I. Isn't the best rock tunnels always supposed to beat was the original. Doctorow is supposed to be. You know it's that the culture of bubble would have to do government solutions forget visible those places. And to be. In that place and would that should be you know I'd believe the city really be human character and show me it looks beautiful and with a trumpet yourself first because she. You know look I'm an era to roll this discrepancy because. You're you're civil rights be at fault for you know people can use the same drinking files and yet. Yet central shall auction of the term and has the stringent position. We shall be looking for and has the vision that and that and that progressive think in the garage or what you look forward. I'm a little Cilic holy war you come in here and you run the world and everybody is welcome to play. You have this first time ever collusion. Rock and roll. Becoming. A combination of the blues they'll believe music and the church all collaborating and some people you know terrible. And all these many of these you know through the actions. Elvis and proper concern and of course from the delta Lucia BB king and Jackie Burch and Ike Turner. I mean that you. It was just cringing and hit some sort that you'll. That I did know this. Structural brought coffee. District or you're sort cure O'Donnell who just. Have come to the door of the church such a great actor cool human being replaced do we feel strategic cracked. I'm duly put on. All the rock and roll that's if you shook different shouldn't since Phillips and do you missed the first DJ were were in the station manager Rick Perry Como so that. And do regarding okay great and regulatory Cherokee brand that are at play Eric turner play BB king include the Bebop boy or anyplace. You know I felt the party was first got to put all the songs. And he was really the first DJ ever. To play rock and roll and Alan freed. Got all of that all the credit for being the first truck rolled that it would American problem. At all look at but actually it was Dewey Phillips and Memphis. And that tortured him for electorate is days can he was that he was really that your. And he was considered classic disc jockey faction. Drinking. Pink car garment means you are. Wall Street wide open gone yeah absolutely but truly the first do it I mean we never really got credit so. I'm kind of odd that he's sure insurance global announcement. There was so much going on at indirect did you. That's why this ago ten seasons you look at the civil rights era with a renewed at the Lorraine hotel. I mean it's it is stunning and heartbreaking and it's so well done. Orange and adds relay event. Forty walked up on him and you get quiet and noted that Israel. Yeah and then you know you don't like the rock and soul music at least got to get a glimpse of what all came out about that. That region at the time. You know there's little emotionally up there to wish that trucker I mean it's it's lottery contract for him out of there and actually really. The party that if for the actual actual national ballpark in our church is an emphasis pretty spectacular for a first contribution. And Sachs was such interest thinking that I got Jesse James to pre from the rock band jackal it carried me to Nashville. To that bar called the cannery and that's I met the president that you look at those. You know we saw the bar k.'s reunite. I mean it's and it's it was insane to meet some of the most beautiful music ever made. Two point I looked over my friend who's a rock band until double platinum and ease crowding it's so good. Richard you really it's the kind of feel that the terms zero for a lot of a lot of Wall Street up and a lot of collaboration. And then you know and iconic times that you know influenced everything that you own on that. Well most of the and it bill that draw while it was time to do royalty royalty. Very cruel. It's got a lot of first real shuttle environment where you're usually true I'll probably condemned for Memphis and. Yeah after that should be all right on the old World League arm I don't know if we go again and optical film until June. Well what sort of looks blustery QQB got to come. Should be very very cool in this instance of something that. The city really opened its armed structure and other rarely got behind it should. You know I got a barbecue structure I think that a possible there were actually short lived there and I love and I love my programs. That. I jump on the motorcycle and then it's it's such a beautiful right between Kansas City and Memphis if it's just fantastic. How your dog or you could three of mayors and literally larger please let them visit basal. Bob goes you know. Mean even league long enough referred use eccentric but it. Could happen. Pretty sure sure sure little unsure of what might have problem here and we are and it's that's. It. Listen I believe them for game but that yanked graduation. Sun records because. UN sanctions the support of a man you know option that really helps to you know to collect from the pleasure you're still with me earlier which. And you can I love this I hope everybody wants if you like music I don't know how you can't love a show. I think your church record for but because young people really count on appeal from their generation actually she wouldn't shall came from and it. They're very talented and you know they're very. Charismatic young people like you know march on vampire that are energy short and categorical lectures and married. But the story in the history I think also appeals to. A little group judicial I think particular commitment across the board which you know that's remarkable courage ago. It's possible to auction and are you gotta go Laviolette much secure. There's start spiritual everyone whose stars who have them. Was it. And it's open that. We'll talk against to this episode double talking in the next couple weeks before an episode or are pretty sure you got adequate.