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Monday, June 19th


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Jeremiah Robinson was on the line right now from beloved church dot com with the most. Fantastic. Swimsuits on the planet well there's a couple of reasons I love this day it's incredibly creative and and really it's taken over the but also he was names turned out short to his arms sharp take and they couldn't come to a deal they've basically said to have good luck. And no word on your fingertips information technology dollars that's classic videos as two girls like I'd like his. Haven't seen that 1000 like gazelle or second bleach my brain but wait here's Johnny your morning Joseph understand that some better. Just like your job. New thing on the Internet. Otherwise there. But now there now and at least your memory technology here Thursday that Johnny ceremony showed great that looks great. Loving church that come lebed. Jim Talent. What good are you did congratulations on interrupting me that. No outward in a kick out of that's what you achieved theater. So good the sexy. Just one piece swimsuit has so much potential. It is only rival are asleep blank sample of other ways but the can jump England's Richard it's pretty disturbed. Yeah we've got a lot of attention on balance it is certainly get a bunch of being outside Japan. Korea has been saying just that set the jets got us on the map again and it's opening up a lot of other doors to laugh. How would you describe sexy chest to. Possibly who's not seen yet. Well it's. Hairy chested man body on one piece what sort of. Well bring stuff that earned them at the trump the shocked trump I love the fact that his his neck rules end up being over your betrayal. I guess but it screwed up candles. I know outside that if somebody that added that the senate is start to grundy. Oh I don't know what the right day you're totally different thing that. I like the pizza triangle Hooper that the Pete's Ekene. Absolutely one that started the ball awfully good you know had a lot of on the part of barber we're still doing more today itself. It is the throughout the week just a war. Hit the web site. Pizza baby made me laugh but you've got to get a woman. Eight months pregnant it. How vulnerable it looks like a attributes of the human body right work the womb would be just simply slice of pizza and and a select a perfect. It's the and we really isn't some great ideas how is how is it being received. Yeah like we were a little nervous when it starts to blow up there and there'd be a lot of negative press about it. But it really is it's kind of turns out that our intentions and doing that. What then. Anything extremely noble like we were trying to make a statement that. You know it's. This antibody shaming the. And her partner Peter one of stick as a meaning to everything they can't just left anymore. Yeah Alec we were on at least on the shock people that are all mention of the company we we get a kick out of computing. People. Creating apparel to warrant the reaction that's what we do. And that's just blew up in an awesome way so worked up about it. Yeah I'm telling you need to do another one. You do series of actually once and put that truck head on a baby also put Jesus in the womb. It's just a whole bunch of friendliness to alien. It truck maybe pilot areas fantastic. That would prepare and I'll be ideally you'd have a lot of groups that we started just for people but its ideas well. Church but who doesn't want French where slippers. Put. It is is truly ridiculous man the cast that was great and they have the volume. Of men women and kids and home decor accessories everything you've got there it is it's how many people are designing. So we have a feud that black as that we partner let a royalty basis but really it. Are we get one and helped design that does most of these people on the divide. That suggests there's just been proudly opt out. And now also we've we've been looked at Carlyle. And that's the untold story of the hairy chest swimsuit. Is is available on your website and know what happened Dolan shark tank. So on shark tank. I was really close in the deal and he gave me an offer 125% of the company I want and there are only. You know offering 5% and you know I tried to meet the magnolia. About earned 50% equity let's what you'd offered. It just wouldn't budge at all so that we could come to terms unfortunate. And how much would that be worth today is he had the percentage offered him well he's alleged actual numbers. How much would now profit percentage wise to what he was offering you for that that cut the company. You know I think carried the load out a little bit for about the chart and unfortunately but like right now I'd say we've rebound strongly to where. Yeah he would have definitely a process. His money what he doubled his money. So are I would pay pretty close in are the but in the short about crime whether it was a fight back. Quickly but definitely. A solid bat in my opinion at the other you know agreed to the 15%. Correct. They do love the fact it is getting so much press army from style from. A host the Daily Mail allure Emmy goes on and on and on and on and have you sold any of these two anybody famous. The other so new to celebrity's I'll have a let the people that I need to look out for let's start a video about it let. So far. You know Katy Perry ordered that she she actually in the big appetite at our Brandon. You know we've got cooperation there. And maybe she'll walk once they're what we should send a lot. Ushered in that I was telling the guys shlinder Obama's huge water park appear that all the female guards lifeguard if it before. How do you have anything to do was summertime now and you don't Wear these I have no idea I only wish you were stuff is cool for men as is that as for women is that these are our. About that let I got to figure out a bailout for a man who can come out like that vintage style soup that's similar to that well. And do the same threat there which itself. Listen I think it's a great idea and we need a large box stuff. Many different sizes. Yeah aperture Fleming on the side is the most if that's the territory. Still free to browse the site trickle every walk. Tonight at its it's pretty amazing in and how much is that swimsuit but it's like 55 bucks right. I actually 4995. And you think I did and I right now like it here if you click on. But widely in the old glory of the city we are about. A discount Corbett should pop up or if so I bought all. Attractions mightily from it are pretty fantastic. Doubt that we're like that's how are actually that the prime suspect jet design a bit out there are over year and we just now. On the left. And that I mean who doesn't want tracks it made entirely Mac. That all the got the astronaut went pretty fantastic. And of course the super creepy mask that the hoods that when they zip up over your face it's not. A speech from Hillary you've got. And as you and it really Bill Cosby. And so it's geez man owns shenanigans. Is pretty incredible and you can do custom ones that threat if we send you a picture you can print anything on any of. Yeah you just gotta cut inspection you can upload it right there on the site and he's been fortunate order. They're right on the spot or whatever and that is without being a decent resolution of the dispute ball stop on twelve. No. Well. Guys all you have to do is due to beloved shirts that come beloved SH a RTS dot com and ordered up in their house taken aback. I right now we're averaging about seven to ten days of a turnaround time everything is ordered California. But yet it'll take about ten days ship. Specially now all of the volume such suggestions. Human. It's human tracked into doing just fine and the web sites that. All I thought. It.