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Monday, August 7th


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It is Monday guys most of jumping Q but of the week and I saw the wheel to think to make sure you know five fantastic. It debuted last night showing all week. I don't know how the yes if you go to site for comments on bounces I don't know how the ratings them I'm sure huge job evolving. Why didn't always trump. The story pops and it's all over the news that he was offered a role two movies ago and she answered with real. You know cute of you on the prince could have been bigger. Everything was to agree against such a it's a natural thing right there. But he was flirting with the idea of running for president went back end. That it's. He situation the contract it was dark. Nobody has anything to offer to Mark Cuban who's another well known TV guy on your money. Outspoken. Those 20. He's super pissed off the Mark Cuban descent take the role and Eagles all old school trump and shoot your ass off. Oh shut down production all of you don't ruin your life. Keep your kids it was going to be an important part of what I mean. He went he whittled schools goes the director the greater share gala net. Our next guest is a graduate of San Francisco State University who was a director. Producer writer and musician as well as being the man who brought us one of the most. Popular cable movie franchises a full time the shark meal movies. He made headlines last week when it was revealed that prior to his run for office. President trump was asked to play the role of president in the third installment of the franchise. Needlessly saw the debut of the latest in the series churn NATO five global swarming unsigned fine. Please welcome friend of the show and NEC for Ron taking. Anthony regulations on last night's debut. Arab country guys. It was black out really love. A preview. You he sound terrible congratulations on that. Certainly Eric on the error no decent there right now he's now that you've had a great night last night. Here it looked like or foreign born here and I know I know it and I hope that you at a party. And yet they get. You've got because be viewed party dealt treated lies. What are you thinking signing up for a round of interviews that day after the debut why you're in Vegas. You know it is. It's great people go forward we have. You grab a cocktail and just keep it rolled to go to sleep reduce you stay up. I don't ever like last barb I've been thought that definitely we view of this movie like few weeks ago she. Entered the the DDT on Friday so. Oh. I'm little terriers. Happy here or get any kind of let our right. But it remained by the that may not seem Chris crazy as you think. It. I'm telling you for anybody to release a movie that quick after you finally the fell final edit is done and then put the dvd together it never have a toll what everything movies and on our shelves for a year a lot of times. I'll never and I mean because these things in extra years of circus that it recently well. And he's probably got a lot virtually. We January. And like that can literally couldn't literate with the older about visual. You are the effect pretty brutal danger level for felt weak and they could turn over a thousand shot. So what what what people look at that got old so perfect fit the age maybe eighty jobs are these really rock. You admit it but we've usually enjoy BC variety creator writer director of certainly now five the net and at some point. C'mon you've got to put radio station as we can get killed just I don't care additional money I'll fly myself by the way the command your budget. Well it's. At the woodlands record was up and if you can't area. Yes. You think I won't let. Dude I will you know I do trust me anybody that knows me knows Ayers and I have no problem Clement a terrible flight and flying over before I got to. Well that the goal is that if you. Here ball. He's instructor here. If I hear you're involved there is no shark NATO country. Eight are gonna talk about. Trump that new story it's released. So that I really happened you guys offered him the spot which is a Smart Lugosi pres was huge easily to what little they each agree cameo. Yeah I am hearing here and during that doggone slippery prior year ability neutrons and so Lou talked up the current. It. And that we move very fast from so I think it's not hearing anything travel and so we've moved on the I think it would overclocking here and ultimately hired Mark Cuban. And then apparently look too happy to hire somebody else politically a pretty good tried it out. Of it or. They're trying to shut it down you know apparently shut down probably 80 circuit for 567. Well. It's it's such a great actually like spoiled brat is you know he's just pissed off his Cuban treated like the first place or both. Two similar boat in a lot of money both creating TV shows both becoming. That's the private sector getting known to be famous and all I must've been mustered just got his blue blood boiling. Or are our peril here with the part. It is going very well I'll you know it you know we take eternal. Well a hundred days but you know take eighteen page return. It county now he's now in the truck NATO president circuit precedent an army there's there's not a deal upset about it now you know now rule book the true well well. It's not enough until we made them Graham who bubble all things on this planet earth. But if I. Get my go to the consumer. Organizing camp. That they're industry here. It runs right by and argued terror well. So would it be great oh my god trump NATO. She's is current pace but then. OK so. It is a great idea the entire army clothes and just like a thousand you know their asylum. You can decrease in our battle that. You know they they didn't think you're weak and the headline without it how envelope will set up a dialogue on the tells us he's he's like shortly after he wants. The presidency of I mean there it'll get away you know the cold Turkey go president became true because of that that you are kind of interesting. Once you can do damage and yet I know this isn't lost on you you create a pop culture word lecture made however when you say to people all get and that's pretty impossible to do like. People just accept it. They don't think how many movies have tried this tried to come up with something memorable something that hasn't been seen before how many people turned you down when you're talking about him movies absurd shark NATO. And you know so much and always feel like the guys who run Hollywood almost never get it. And then they have to be taught by guys like you know personally yeah I know I always loved this project I knew it was going to be. Accommodation to work out come a lot of the tape you looking. Without TP. Street you know count this trailer is great and like I wanna see what we see how they get the budget and the conflict. And I think all the combined to distribute this opinion you know our fire wooten weren't credible phenomenon. You know it you know we love the idea. Low cost so they'll have for the concept he embraced. And it. So they're referring and so while you know particularly Chilean government that case it it is is what what attracted you. And you know audit these kids there who watch these top. You know people that well or use it without. And you know I urge yet but for the most part that yeah besides will be a little bit. Apple's part. This is by the late last. In Trinidad where we kick it was thrown by easy and Twitter every Sunday night not to. You're thrown harder but during Republicans would rather be. That. All that at bat. Well. How's he now I gotta get some of the cameo from being with roads and shark made six. Yeah me that that's what's so great about these movies as you can take the current pop culture like truly elective. Within the same year yank it and shove it in there and it still relevant when you guys hit that hit the airwaves and that's that's pretty magical could movie movies like Phil movies into it. At the theater which it just takes too long majority toward gone. Yeah. Big league in the exact factor than anybody. We actually get a it is seen as we've seen. You can help you that we wait Rick Whitley Greg could work. The networks for college is about etiquette challenge. And therefore we have there in Tokyo they all had a sudden stop jerk so it goes up. It is is it even knows actually what really got it seems to work. Yeah gossip web credibility to kind of if you were in the lead that would work try. See my thought is to have exact opposite where everybody cheers because that whoever's doing that whip in the Nene gets eaten by a shark but to jump up they try to sort of thing and said. So whatever whatever awful things are slid down the social media part and you know whether beat American challenge over the you kneeling with the Tebow or whatever it is the moment I think you should always find the worst possible thing I have a look here's an entire school bus what children eat shark. Well you know that a year from actually a you know good to try to big angry electorate about Michael well on on the cover channel were eat great shark and art with each year chart. And then find out auction block. Your the pressure. Or are they are. Logical and it'll be computer are well. It would hamper you know ticker gate like shark to. Well you know at least our Olympic skaters do something pretty amazed. Do you know we're going to Sturgis tomorrow it would you want. And multiple S and each course he should have been eaten. We're going to Sturgis tomorrow the world's biggest motorcycle rally at South Dakota the middle of nowhere. You know up on the border Wyoming there. And and that you know a big year can go as high as a million bikers. Just descend on a town of 80049. Days it's pretty amazing it would be a good to be a great place to shoot a little bit. Are. You and this is it's so funny because anybody reds Moeller says you've never hurt Sturgis. It is literally sort of 77 years ago in the middle South Dakota. Sturgis, South Dakota and we'll go this year probably Duke's off year probably do 65700000. People over the course of nine days in a town. That's twenty some miles from any. How at all. And most likely that all the old black and then he tried to wall we haven't really gotten the the three lead you didn't vote. Motorcycle broke into the formal oversight. It complicated. Never doubted in London. What worked well with all the well. Yeah or well. While I happen to know the owner of the world's largest biker bars the full throttle saloon. And I do and Mike I know would love that they need to put anything I mean he would work with the offseason on season it would be it and it's an incredible place I mean it's it's literally bit inside the bar the courtyard director motorcycle into in front of the biggest stage in the entire state. Can hold 20000 people. Well now it's it would be a cool place to shoot it it's absurd looking like it's all hand built like mad Max beyond thunder dome each Willy Wonka. And Dan how you do it John if you gonna remember that full flawlessly and and then keep it might actually be a lot of fun if you guys think. Let's listen we're a one appear tomorrow on our you Jake Kia. The sell or an email and of my producer at world is a fire off some pictures from this year rally. Just you get an idea announces and he real time you can know which currently. Parker. You and congratulations again. Now that you're you're you're. Four vote grade. By people who. Now we can we kept a lot of things are quiet. Excellent because at the end I'll. You know it was it was a great either action itself.