07-17-17 Seg 2 - The Mens Room knows the Call

Monday, July 17th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's real well miles and grab hold until he joined by WA AF in Boston Bob Boston's right. Station and down a New Orleans by united not examine act. How listeners RN question question is underway for 4999. Rattled off random friend Brian I don't know. Our friend well yeah we're all a ploy not. All things on these days tourists. There's going to defend bill BI and the will of billion old they're ready to move it lightning threat. They're radical Russell told us what tell what do you is completely overrated. It was if they are very secret. It's. Well there. Yeah ha ha ha apparently that Ryan Seacrest. He's kind of everywhere he says were all aware of them put no one would. No one I know likes them they don't personally dislike them but I don't know he does his job does a good job doing his job he's like People Magazine that the Dennis. It's like you don't even really care that it's there but we have nothing. Else to do it's good enough. To kill five men unique yeah I think People Magazine as the number one magazine of people who travel on planes like I'll just buy this and treated for three minutes there and various for hourlong flight she really does look veteran who's dressed in new album. Time to see if your I think for her head coming toward better that's all it ever has the but it's like yeah okay she looks better but you know what. Typically it's like here's Rosie O'Donnell and miss your Selena Gomez like this is the right to both wearing these yoga pants and both are you swept up. Yeah I guess what Selena Gomez most people voted to look too bad the other one. I like him in a magazine like people is like. That would take Chris practiced anybody kind of that bill who's a really shredded it's like he's hot dog just like you all right. The one hot dog easy my guess the last blog on the street and an ice cream governor yeah. I always says come on it's like the rest of us. Or what program not a plane was Reese Witherspoon right. And she's literally walking out of group historical bagging groceries summer doldrums with which is going to her at the car apart and luckily he's registered buys groceries just like to residents when. Yes she's a mom and I did probably needs to eat in stuff so. That would be what you do you know like who wore it better than I don't think I think guy. The proper technique who wore it better and you are like ten surprising things about Steve the thrown out he wasn't always in radio but yeah I mean he added that he did so then. Well they're not too far off but on the Internet site at that we have the president they have a bug buzz the darker. I have not gonna calls are rated yet and those needs different because it's cooler and I like it. Buzz feed is like pick your favorite vegetable tell you how many of your penises and all these surveys all the stuff they do all the time has absolutely nothing but we I'll click on him we don't so here's bus he'd come of the rescue again. And there in a survey asking a bunch of people random things and if they thought things were overrated OK and so basically they just. Whatever it is it's overrated or it's not so they said at the bachelor bachelorette that is 89% of the population by that those shows to be overrated. Again to me the like the Ryan Seacrest I work. We bitch about than good they they know it's because they exist I don't personally know anyone watches the show but the bit about like it like it but it's not like some huge majority of me. Even they admit its side and come on New Year's Z yeah got to be overall overall overrated to 70% of the population say New Year's Eve is is overrated I agree with that a porno is having a plot that's been a number of years in tomorrow's applaud her why why did you eleven if anyone watching crap reason. On the condos 64%. Said other condos overrated. I like avocados a lot I put avocado and everything but I do think. There's so much hype around Brett the prop over saturation yeah they get overrated 63% say it's over and I disagree that and the one reason I understand everyone's sick of Huey about it for sure. Like the avocado that's gone jumped the shark but but I maintain the one thing. Still when you go to a restaurant or new drug human submitted to eat that as he casserole would you Europe on the table. The go to who's always would have been can it might have to bacon. Always bring good that would break and so it's understood that bacon makes everything better Taco Bell on the list cats on the list summer is over read let let's. Oh easy now last summer over rated summer love going to brunch is overrated Reese Witherspoon is overrated Pete says over originally I don't know yeah oh I know I hope that you don't if you're not talk about it up Roger every room because she goes grocery shopping just like you Willis moody is overrated I agree with that but they do work better. Summer are 44%. So the the bulk of us still think summer school yeah but that's the high percentage of revolted to listen man I mean summer. Kids don't school miles parent Beckham sucks but I'm the same and her kid there's nothing greater than summer just it's a festive time people to the fuel better in the summer right. What to taco bells on here. How could Taco Bell be overrated their whole thing is you get a bunch of food pretty cheap. Does that mean I REG's Central America and I talked about you can pretty honest about what they're doing five things man. Actually just thought they were brought some are mild summer to me it's like bacon OK so. We'll do a long vacation and they typically go some more more multiple go man it is summertime what I would do is go to Iceland. Hey I want to go some refusal and that also during the winter ethical obligation. They don't go some work older. Like well the Minnesota so we decide to go to the Yukon Territory right because nobody really likes of that cold if you go somewhere colder in the wintertime fabrication. In total holiday trips that you wanna go on anyway they receive and that's the only time that happened was risky. Random friend down there out there goes Cleveland right periods but he said but I agree I hear Wednesday after the ball got good people are going somewhere and write I don't wanna go well yeah no I. But even in this whole goal on vacation from Hawaii. Would like go to Australia over the build digital hear them saying you don't know what a cluster groups. I know Yemen and also everytime I've taken a trip to like it cabin where useless risky I never goes snowboarding. And we just sit back up settled in got to get drunk to drive right you're outside. They have a great outdoors. Hello hey rich welcome to the men's room. Are all guy. I get Chris irregular on their own random questions question one for you what was the most disgusting thing that you ever found in a bathroom who. Get this thing up on a bathroom com. You see. I was under water and work through our local go through what you would directly saying only I knew that there was going right. And well. Not on her as I wrote thank you nor pro restorative and worst you're buying things that you went into place in your mouth. The don't play that notoriously is a girl's bathrooms to me has to be the grocery store out of what had an Arab a good job. At all. We know that we're human definitely not I mean they're loaded into our bedroom and a walk between the poor playing and their only hope that plane. And could I look at that outlook or outlook. There were those. Third Pete he's all over the bottom on the tour. I saw him miss the toilet. I know aren't all of its really morally and you're commanded to hit a very large Darden had the beer out and I didn't know what I want to let. Now. And I'm always there always it has pee on top of our Euro and also works in coming in my county held UP on top of the year that down on blows my mind you seven foot nine had this happen Brad and make. I've done it haven't done it often wrapped up what does that happen. I'm now you've doubled prayer I just wasn't paying attention and could go to Athens and I got to look Oca was the name you know what. All old all brushes are different. And I I had I should have been paying more attention in my paintbrush not to let it do its thing I got you okay John you'll press abstract gardens and you know maybe got to concentrate corporate I think. Mpeg four I realize those that aren't being on top of let's say on the canvas. Originally as most of discussing that you found about from this is just a great story we get a sand springs Oklahoma all wonderful voice and a woman's body was found in a restroom at a Oklahoma Wal-Mart three days after she was seen on score on store video entering the room. Police in the Tulsa suburb of sand springs in the body of a 29 year old woman was found Monday when you locked bathroom was finally opened that's right she'd been dead in their three days. The captain says video shows caraway entering the room at about 6 o'clock on Friday they found her again on Monday morning yeah. He says the store employee assume at Isidore was like that something in the bathroom needed to be fixed so they place and out of order sign on the door with her and there are about 8 o'clock watch Al. Is a bomber. Maintenance worker over the door shortly after all 3 PM Monday. The body listen to the state medical examiner to determine the cause of death and it doesn't appear to be suspicious which is even more suspicious. Ability of their for 69 hours that's 06. I think home friend hello Don welcome to the new group of friends are aren't. Okay. Hillary on home. I don't we're doing great John let's say dead apparently. John why did you take off for the last ten minutes ago for a what was your woes were you actually having good reason I'm assuming for the time you take off work what was. Are. Actually the buddy at bachelor party are not come back up court. Yeah it's always going to for some eggs remotely important new GA give all of the day after or majority planned to take into golf and events. I know I do not get it and I'd do it day after ops. I want them back I just wanted to stay up or it really hey there. I don't know what that means that they claim that it is for you pray I don't let them being John told you. 23 that is an incredibly mature pro moved to make it your age because we typically you into an okay three do we care and we'll announce a party you take Friday off to get all doomed up on the road arrived back Sunday you're just absolutely dying you know you're not going to be normal even if you have a beer in the afternoon it's still not gonna get your right. It's gonna take that a day off man that is a probe move that everyone should do we that's why we take the the day off after the Super Bowl that yeah black or while they are ladies and over the only. Think they intermediate type sport event so I don't at Earth Day out I pretty much don't get a day off. Do you work Johnson. Why are you weren't constantly. Pretty much like what you say you do. I'm gonna Bennett decorator but set up wedding corporate event but I could hear what I think it back does that did you laid setting up for weddings. I wish. Them nothing you know I'd what is the best I don't know boos Ameen has got to be something a moment. No I cannot create I RG yeah also I like hearing that don't bear it one I did it shop floor or the terrorists. And my mom didn't file which lets you open a spiral or. Should you come home like a tray of food some nights. Everybody thought OK there and I do have a girlfriend roommate your feet of the swamp and go moments I got left over Domino's as a numb fingers they are both a little taller taller. When bubble why are left over. I know Larry it's super tirelessly to grab the united every now I would not braced up I'll. And Jack the reason I ask why did you take time off work there is a company in Philippines and they are called idea X machine. Okay and they just started offering a quote break up belief which is paid time off after you get dumped. CEO says they decided to start policy magazine either staff to have maximum creativity and it's not possible after a break up. Don't they also had a new policies of the John help to step up thirty dollars toward dates up to six times a year you'll take somebody out nice and they're gonna kick in 3000 dollars toward employees letting that they want that mental health day because they figure the people come and then you know you don't look like after a break at Yankee mine's K hurting their life that that's great not a bad idea at all. As far as we are that no there are no other companies in the world that have any perks like this there were trying to started out there. Credit question question 8449990. LaMarr your calls coming up old line you are listening to the men's room radio networks. Did you see your. True it's got above the show your guess is as good as minor categories today's food and sweats your guess is as good as mine can and a better emails on our random question question. Kudos to prudence. Those CR and welcome to the major. Blow us all wow that I yeah that I say your name right. Hi. He IN GO burn just bought their own. Light comes our look what. Doctor Zhivago. Odeon Xeon. The aids yeah CA Xeon are you from another planet until it does the name of the armed Star Trek. How my dad premiere on bed bigger than California say the middle. So damn thing and of the planet are you manage your parents got a lot of we do believe. We have not at all actually. Could put a value. I smoked a lot of we knew there I don't work are good competitor party is we can't imagine we'd kind of floats in I ran. But you know he would probably feel like decapitated or something what and gold and I went over Gilmore is it just all the table. I think it like if you did anything they'll kill you. Are clearly not her mix that's. As a general rule do you listen. I have fun and the consulate man with the new drug relate to catch you they'll kill you now you're talking to turn people they asked questions about you do you know which people that say future safe zone is on saying that your Iran yen compared to sing your Persian have you figured out the you know like oh burn you late autumn Persian OK and Medco got her I would you know or rentals that way he could you can you can throw that those people off. Why don't you think curry and I never they're on the income thereon into. I found you know we do the same thing we drive we say we're gonna get people on your Washington really he would. I'm they have no idea what a pertinent news they didn't check his dad that's Jack ladies governance and a dry Amitabh Levy how are you growing. Yeah I don't ask you have a. You you have to listen my daughter want to kit kind of style miles an enemy that announces she's the bug in the liver and after our enemies since like last Christmas. I don't want a guy named cat in my house but. As a parent and you look stupid little faces like I'm debating it plot. I keep telling her look man this is on you because I don't wanna debt totals Obama won't go out I think they smell bad the crap and house. I don't really stupendous got name crap out here and I'm not gonna do you need to do and how I want to preface this by saying priorities all wrong and on the mend and doing all of that. You know you don't have to wake up in the overnight delay didn't compete in our law you're about to begin. If only it. Do that man Bulger glad normally I was getting my dogs by mark Kelly one down the middle and I don't be so tag you know wake me up out there and says I love god and values that shark just I thought heartland trying to give my daughter and do some responsible things around how all prove that we need to copy the and and then you can tell I'm. When you oh and I need entrepreneur Larry roast. Part here's your question what's and this is going to be a tough when they could be you can be someone else but what parts would you always remember. Good good question bit. Let's call probably when I was the kid in my eye. My eye. Yeah I have a bunch of Brothers and sisters that went from get her mom. And my brother and sisters mom herding Utah. Near. And she grabbed me and I Cuba really over we as he grabbed the piano like a rotten banana and you claimed that need. And then made like their growth is whether it's art sound like she shot part. Parents have been and I know there's probably one of the most memorable fired him now all the. Yeah really bad. The older you get the less you care my grandfather used to do the pull my finger thing into this day you're like. Miles browse it command of a quick quick and run look what green and putting up. Quick polo playing W. Does go Jeremy. My granddad an act. You know what because as a man who enjoy as far as sports are funny to kids for sure Dick and fart you can borrow all the time I think my. So my best my most member it was me a lot of balls in Baltimore only fifteen I'm sitting in the very. Back of the bus and all I did was. Right now was the beginning and end and now I get Whipple but I'm like this might actually be the worst for that I've ever smaller in my life right and it it did hear from you. Not till this day. Puree. Ted has since I don't mean it's the thing I remember the one with the idea over the whole floor but I got so but something similar to that but it's in the back to the boss now it is summertime so. I realize that the smile before is drifting for embassy because there's a guy maybe three seats in front of me. And he got a few heads turn from side to side and always is window wider and I just kind of chuckled to myself admin woman across from him does. And this it's progressively moved through the formal balls do keep opening windows. But give them out of this point one about forty miles about. And a bus driver breaks like every all there is and opens the goddamn door of the balls while he still driving. To air this thing out and I realized I am clearly responsible for this and maybe about eighteen people in Bosnia. Everyone's dying from as far now people openly talking about it which is the Baltimore than. Dirty as from the losses asked what was duke did a little bit younger than me but there giggling about it OK so they ring the bell bay golf balls like at the midway point. Everyone assumed it was then they go the balls like laughing about the far. And ever almost so angry demand but. I kinda joined him while mark and say hey get off the cases may have much yeah. Don't know if it's on the bridge is made a good amount of Baltimore who will meet in court of record territory. Darted. It was horrible and it lasted the whole rightly did never dissipated it was just fake and basically became another passenger plane could have paid failure to be on Muslim. Want to know what Farley always remember the reason we ask a question reports and an American Airlines plane at Raleigh Durham international airport were evacuated on Sunday after a passenger passed gas are untrue. Hello I'm burned. There's a. Hasn't from the airlines so they don't really specify with a one hour of that 1%. Okay flight now in 1927 from Charlotte to Raleigh landed at 221. Well sure Charlotte or Raleigh yes it's probably a 152 flight I'm not exactly sure what it says yeah Charlotte to Raleigh. From Charlotte took the plane flying from Brooklyn to Staten Iceland it's that area is called the Piedmont there are three main cities Winston-Salem. Raleigh and Charlotte are gonna make of a triangle down there they'll use the same media there at the right next to each I don't know how far it is away maybe two hour drive an hour and a half drive it's it's to whatever it is revenue of their own yet did Raleigh to Charlotte at 22 and a half hours to follow the flight you mean it's a joke OK don't ask for a to a chance got to be. 3040 feminists that includes sitting on the runway and waiting it's been all that money right. Well that's just crazy in the dormitory did they don't want a three hour drive you're taking a flight. Money to burn man. Well when it landed. After the plane arrived at the gate several passengers complained of an odor in the cabinet according to airline spokesperson Letitia brown. Smelly according to WNC in passengers were evacuated the plane after experiencing headaches and nausea caused by the owner. An airport spokesperson originally told WNC and the owner was caused by a passenger who fared the correct that's pretty well equipped you well and he's Damon spoke from the earth aboard referred to the president as a medical call. After the or planned to the plane deep planed normally I do know the role slow. Did you win that something went wrong with the flight match with the media's gonna reach outspoken opponents. They were in had a report that. The first person to come an official spokesperson says. Yeah yeah I guess nobody far and that's the first story that comes up the medical call came in from someone affected by the fart smell after the plane the plane. American Airlines spokesperson Ross Feinstein said the plane was removed from service due to an older. And a mechanical issue but not because of past that's ridiculous. We did have an aircraft in Charlotte to a relatives afternoon landed in arrive to gates 221 that's currently out of service for make mechanical issue and owner in the cabin. But it is not to pass gases and they didn't figure out how you would notre came Friday that you really did have a mechanical issue that didn't really have any you do with wireless smelling and that I want. More so like you forget other is a mechanical issue great but they say it's not connected to the smile you okay. What's this welcome mechanical issues also are not connected to people's butts and you know wherever and whenever something should the smile of a far. Those are really good chance of afar like you can easily when natural gas Mosley before but we also recognize that it's the stuff they put metro to structure a fart is a far you would have to far from but you numbers smelled before something inherently lets us know. This is gas from someone's Amos and if everyone on the flight think somebody smarter and I'm Tania so far it. Not only that but but but look this is not as an art this is not 767. Does it run its I guess when the smallest plane that in the airline has no matter what the airline is. Runs were to prop sunny side up all these little towns or is it like you know your on American Airlines but OC but operated by Ryan air. Or like you know like Jefferson Jones pilots or whatever but you don't even know who it needs it's somebody else. And it's a small plane. So the idea of no circulation air rarely works in there like it's like it did so far you're beautiful you know play longer than my two hours sure the most maybe you and means that if you fart in the employ it's gonna stay in its not gonna go and there's not a lot of air when I took one of those little ones from Knoxville Tennessee back up select outside DC area okay and it was just. It was humid it was growth in that playing yeah. The same thing plans like Philly to similar of new York state assembly but yet there's a 45 minute flight but they could fit. Six people on the plane and now is calling someone out or does. Does he biological imperative you will to leave your survival instinct as a trumpet some get on the plane may be five of us. One duty gets on plane had to be like 375. But he took the seat that was assigned to. Pilot climbs on account agreed to every once per person on the small planes and many looks have been born and based assessor aren't gonna need you to move to deal beside the point. Well I mean I. But he said it kindly. We all understood it before it over the my cup I don't know if you lose a couple like he's standing there Falwell are they physically stay informed about this and hey you know before department of why they do you know this is our flight attendant would've held dudes name is not a blob but as he's looked like five or about six of us to look at and tumor children. So it looks over and big dude looks at me conflict sides and an agent moved to domicile to play. Kind of doesn't with a smile when I don't backdrop regard alphabet and we will die if you stay there I was kind of report read a question questioning for far. 9990. Right and a duty to remove it by these people friend Brian saying welcome to pregnant girlfriend. I'd rather go Bruins. Cars change the world. I say hello you like sports. Yeah first go to those sports questions weren't good or bad what sports call we you always remember for the rest of your life. So glad to be back. Back in the day we'll move to know. Meant that the commanders of the bag game where. I can't remember what the call was very few. He ran out he ripped up second base so the ground and threw it started Biden in there and you know craziest that. Yep that is of great industry and highlight the confidential and Earl Weaver is now that's cold water. An update out of Baltimore met a guy would go nuts at least once a series. Illinois we lose pretty famous toward the yeah emphasis we lose weight you've got it right now they wanted you met nickname I mean he had been. Ten bases at a stuff for years in Cincinnati they needed Seattle north we are. Chicago there are some sports draw a lot like. And tennis now a guy calls ball outcomes where they say a few choice words don't go crazy but he's a few choice words to the judgment call and baseball manager goes out there he's all fired the F falcon on then always rips the bases out of ground for a bite. You've still got there didn't officials could discriminate face off it is what he'll go back and forth of the it's done you know it is just how little cocky though let's fight for a minute did that uses some. And I felt like did you even look at the guy across side another flag comes. Italy India Acker you know the team captain Norman you can argue the rep he's probably not going to bend you will but they let you bet they let your hitters out of a store. In 99.9 percent of potential Cole's stay and but diligent and again football just. Ma'am you say stuffed those refs all the time thing and it's more coaches they can they do what it's different man I mean even as my brother states has led the coaches. Will yell at you. But I you'll you'll but only the coaches like of the players getting your face the way the coaches to the dukes of the Tom Brady's could do some of that Ben Roethlisberger into those guys sure. They do get tougher treatment maintenance that. The coaches can get away but it's like if a player comes a few breach usually coach does. He's like that's an affinity yeah instantly but I do appreciate that baseball we should let commanders are gonna add your back he can go out Tampa and he will literally fight for. The best no call and ever seen in my life that ended in but by and high school my girlfriend that time was on the tennis team. So just like when she would go what's on my sporting events I go to they'll swim team volley ball. Tennis. No in no reason to understand what would you remove the swim team and all that well yeah yeah yeah that I didn't make the rounds of the well you can I don't know I remember everybody had everybody is doing so there was nothing else to do other that they didn't have any other groups you join opulent so. But the idea and in high school was was that it was an honor system in tennis so you made your own calls whether they be right or wrong and we both him and you know as they tell those things were like you both agreed whatever it was these two guys and they were from other high schools because they bring in like six schools to place your thought on who these guys are but they're playing. Beside my then girlfriend and whoever she's. These are clay courts in the way to clay courts where there were tape it was delegate a rubber strip that ran that was constantly there than did the Alan of the court yet and everything else was very very dusty. And so you can see where the ball hit in at the ball hit on the tape you would see a very profound bounce and you'd hear the flap of the ball hitting the capitals. On the line is still good but it was kind of called visible by to guy hop skip whatever the deal is but. It was definitively in admit that tape anything else you could see the mark sure. This guy calls album serve. And the other guy he's played against walks up you don't mean who served the ball is like what I can see the marked man that's that's the mark like you know they can't live this guy would not. Break it down as a nun and those northern mark behind the no look I think almost all the evidence and police that the mark is there actually turned around and like asked one of the coaches and goes like this is up to you guys to figure out this is how we we do this there's no official thing and guys like. OK that's it there's no it doesn't know what's out. We took the racket and hit the guy Edwards. Especially Erica. Wacky you heard of him and a guy goes down he's like you just call crunched up you know I mean of like oh my god is escalating quickly I think if you thought you knew that he had a forfeit the match of the guys who tends tie oh my god I was like you can be Kennedy. I reason we asked what sports golf we remember the most Karen called ease of Winnipeg up in Canada. Was very lucky when she was selected in a local supermarket promotion brought on by Safeway. To be an NNN in a deal. Where you could win the one that million dollars if to kick offs were returned for touchdowns in the CFL matchup who whose split. In this case it's the Winnipeg blue bombers in the Toronto market yes so to be any alien is a we just wanna drag it gradually Caron cold these area we have to return for a touchdown cared with one million dollars. Goalies very lucky win the first kickoff of the game. Was taken back to the house for a school the first take the first hole golf OK good start goalies appeared in a very very ideal situation. And then when Toronto's Martinis Jackson sprung free. In the second quarter. He headed down on the sidelines great to be a lot from the go good it's 55 wrecking yards a return undertake all I don't know I don't already own it if you're on the way through the end though 120 yards. You get the idea it's a long way. And he made. Karen won the one million dollars or did she. There was a late flag on the carpet. Oh. The our goals Levi and how old was flagged it cargoes a missile or go to deceive your fan you know there are denouncing what Daimler I'm an hour ago found more of them month program so some. Flagged for illegal block in man oh man was it bad. This guy was ten yards clearly behind the return man. There was another man following a pursuit just kind of jogging down the man in front of him fell. He did not get pushed he just kind of fell from running I like dumb and they called a clip in the back even though he didn't touch him and was nowhere near him. A little bit fishy. So to speak she said my heart just sank and I thought oh my content Safeway sort of look how close can I get to one million dollars you have got to be kidding me my stomach is in knots is is the worst call ever. Karin doesn't stand he went right to the CBC's and later this man is that we got some crap moment where many like that should have been a touchdown. I need to get in touch with the CFL big I was eight yards behind the guy running into the end zone in the bomber got fell down low all bonds. I mean I agree it's probably a poor call. But then he very he thinks somebody. Maybe hard to tell the arrest me like hey don't forget we got that million dollar thinks a throw throw bad flat cap imminent since when were the blue bombers won by the way 33 to 25. And Karen said that she didn't care. Yeah just soared during care she just wanted their money down a brand. I'm not roundup roundup roundup ready hello I don't I'm gonna let them and if we stay. With a sprained Jeffrey Maier. I'll hold the kiddie pool hall in New York Yankee pitcher hears a who read preached over the ball reached over in the field of play solo home run. That basically it turned into a home run because he allowed it to right out of the part. Not that I remember but Tony drafts go this is in the playoffs for the Orioles would have caught that ball right that that. I think the worst of the most memorable one for me and I didn't have a dog in the points for the most memorable one for me. My question was he failed marriage. Pack up yeah Seahawks don't vote vote fake wraps officiating this thing and me and I'll play that would have been cold with in the 32 podium place awarded a goal from the recessions lasted 1452. And enemy and made the dumbest call and if you remember on the NFL officials were back the following week now. Roger Goodell insisted. That the fail Mary had nothing to do with the NFL officials and current. I know some NFL officials at every goddamn thing on earth for them get right back in the reform in Atlanta there's every now. You were unsettled picture of the one got a delicate incomplete and a guy like to go. The team are Greta good to question 844999. All hold the line or your calls coming up you are listening to the men's room radio network. Men's room was smiles and thrilled voodoo the men's room roles coming up all the rules you may throughout the years admin. Room livestock on this and they've judge ruled issues and emails and enter amendments or mud duck got to make the subject men's room rules in the meantime it is our ran ran the price jump brands. Friends. Hello. I'm Jack welcome to the men's room. And hoe long we follow the road or without a bad how are you there. How bad Kelly yes they're still are. Right here you go Jeff is going to be a tough one and you've got to answer honestly. You promise I have yet will know who unlike Santa Claus. Do you regularly floss your teeth. You know like adults and these Bermuda where everybody needs to do but I often do you think you'd do. Our weekly YE a week maybe about how bad does not so bad really adamant. Yeah is that true though droids a week. Yeah it'll ever. You looked a little. Little handy hand held at yeah. Yeah I eat well I'd little bag delay. Did he or whatever it's funny music you buy a bag right is that the in a bag some theory in fifty to sixty days usually go on my mind probably mural. No then yes they think they hate the trash cans hard to get him in there sometimes or yeah I end up with those little things lay and around my thing. Our heads just how many times did you brush your teeth. I'd like just once in the morning alone tonight yup I got mine twice back to back him Italy afternoon what do you guys think about our random. Out. Were. Keith rusher. I'm not good on you for caring so much. For me personal and there's certain things you lose you go through life and juveniles not important and everyone is exposed to a it still ski jail so they even say things like look. Just your average home bathrooms. Your toothbrush should be knows closer banned but probably the premiere for 43. 66 and then you should close the limited just because I don't have seen us through the six feet from one side of the for the most liberals didn't graduate gutsy or interrupt you now resides and where I've in. There's something about the idea of a public bath and as I've been in there handling umbrella business and here's a brush your teeth and it's the solid coming quiet you know I'm trying to be rude about prop open. And I'm making the sounds and obviously suggests the zones whooping and I just find it crazy that you could then willingly open your mouth. Rom some water while you're listening to another he would be in you don't know who's in there so we don't name tags on some stranger is installed whooping. Five feet away from you with your malveaux from. Hellman and I'm okay I'll commit and I know I've got to go get off the bus in the you know but somehow lockyer I'm drinking a coffee in the coffee is working his way through me I'm like man when I get in the also have to lay down a little law here. And then I'll go in the bathroom like it I don't work with the coffee like I feel really like it there's a love your top lid of the class thumb hold the top Lydia don't mean like an MP and and it's become our you know look at animal wireless adoption of coffee in here do but I agree with that I do feel I don't doesn't give you wrong with that I. Maybe okay we're food man and girls think you'd get in and you have to go to the bathroom so bad news is old times you run and but the Baghdad on seeing take a leak in realizes he's wet it's probably water but it's a paper bags and looking at the bottom. And arrows and so through if I touch my sandwich and slate I can't eat this on him. Yeah I don't know old that this is water and until the people's dirty hand what a month why. Why did I bring this and here it is one of the worst things in the world unexplained wetness and man there is on to vet like you're saying like some of hand and like. And more so wet and so claiming there. A pro tip always have lost your desk at work mentally I had to sit there and like tongue your teeth for an hour after lunch because some stuck in there through third baseman yeah 65% of people brush their teeth twice a day according to a new survey 28% do it once six do it three times or more. And 1% of the population of the United States of America do not brush their teeth. And I want and 100 people do not brush their teeth at all the ways abolish errors like I'm homeless and I I don't I don't brush city. Story about I mean it's just for Belmont and I'm going to light up but in this rules guy in England who basically said I've never brush my teeth and and in my entire life. And a Dennis when aunts and on and on and Tokyo on a regular brand new teeth. But I mean isn't actually get a job I don't have a hard time just waking up in the morning and not brushing might again it's that simple pleasure generally you wake of Judith. Look we use things happen in your mouth but I have horrible visuals in the wake of a good morning. My amount should not place like this but it does and you're right like brushing my teeth into as good as they gonna bump you up on the weekend Mike I don't. I won't get up in the shower right away. But I'm gonna go get coffee in Iraq for the personally I'd better brought more I use a manual or electronic toothbrush allegedly let go electric. Yeah electric is the way to go 51% of people brush their teeth before breakfast in the morning. Most people use mouthwash 34% of the population never use mouthwash in her life in 51% so where they fly us. But 50% are lying they say. Questar Questar Morey calls coming out. The show and many pins continue I'm the men's room radio network.