Hope for the Holidays

Hope For The Holidays 11.28.17

11/28/2017 Dear Johnny, My name is Deanna and I'm writing this for my husband. On September 26th he had a serious accident at work. He fell 12-15 feet from a ladder and fractured his back, broke 6 ribs and had a collapsed lung. He spent 9 days in the hospital including ICU and is very lucky to be...
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Hope For The Holidays 11.27.17

11/27/2017 Dear Johnny, My name is Katie, I am a mother of 5 beautiful children ages 16-6 years old. My husband had surgery last month to have his gall bladder removed and missed a month of work, so we are trying to catch bills up from that but on top of that, my oldest daughter was born with a...
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Hope for the Holidays 12.23.16.

12/23/2016 Dear Johnny, My name is Anna, and I’m 25 years old from a small town in MO. Recently my family and I have fallen on very hard times. My husband was laid off from his job at the beginning of October. He has recently found a new job, but we have fallen so far behind on bills that I’m...
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Hope For The Holidays 12.22.16.

Today you helped the Emmanuel Family & Child Development Center in Kansas City. Tomorrow...you will have helped put smiles on the daces of 300 kids. Isn't that amazing? Thank you, Kansas City! http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article122232214.html
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Hope For The Holidays 12.21.16

12/21/2016 Dear Johnny, Hi, my name is Jessica. I'm 37 and have 4 beautiful children, ages 16-7. 7 years ago I gave birth to my youngest daughter, Kyela, who was born with a rare genetic disorder called Conradi Hunnerman. It's a very rare disorder that’s a form of dwarfism and severely affected her...
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Hope For The Holidays 12.20.16

12/20/2016 Dear Johnny, In January my husband and I found out we were having twins and were overjoyed. We also have two other boys, Dakota (4) and Zayden (1). March 17th we got our first sonogram and that’s when we knew we were having twins. Two days later, on March 19th, my husband was in a car...
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