Concerts 2017

February 7, 2017

Hey there friends! 

Undoubtedly you've got some concerts on your radar and so do I!!! 

Let's chat; 

First up is SUICIDAL TENDENCIES in Lawrence Fucking Kansas next month! I've seen these cats in action before but not as headliners so I'm stoked about this. 

BRING ME THE HORIZON towards the end of next month at the Midland. I only know a few songs from these cats but I'm always into checking out the new, up & coming, shit! 


KILLSWITCH ENGAGE & ANTHRAX - I'll be traveling back to KC that day but I have every intention of catching this show as I love both these bands!

OPETH & GOJIRA (with the DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT) I've been digging on Gojira for a minute now and am looking forward to what they'll bring to the Midland on May 12th!

There's a shit-ton more but I'll freshen up this blog after we get into the spring/summer concert series. And don't forget; the JOHNNY DARE MORNING SHOW will roll out all the 25TH ANNUAL ROCKFEST details Monday!