Website of the Day: TaTa Towel .com 08.07.17.

August 7, 2017

Being a show populated mostly by guys, there are times we have to admit that we simply don't know all of the mysteries about the ladies....take for example: boob sweat.
Apparently, for ladies with larger breasts, sweaty underboobs is a common problem! Who knew? We sure as hell didn't.
But now, Erin Robertson has developed a new product that has taken the internet by storm! The Tata Towel!
Basically it's a sling hold yer boobs up to keep 'em dry underneath while you get ready to go out, just walkin' around the house or wherever you may end up with schweaty boobs!
And it seems women are crazy for it!!
Ya learn something new every day!!

TATA TOWEL 08.07.17..mp3