Johnny interviews former MLB star, Rick Ankiel 04.20.17.

April 20, 2017



After being chosen as High School Player of the Year in 1997, Rick Ankiel was poised to be one of the great pitchers in MLB, being drafted by the St Louis Cardinals straight out of High School...but a meltdown in the 2000 playoffs led to a steady erosion of his confidence and pitching, eventually landing back in minors, where he reinvented himself as an outfielder, making his way back to the majors and winning a World Series with the Cardinals in 2006.
He went on to play for the Royals, Braves, Nationals, Astros and Mets before retiring in 2014.
He tells his story in his new book "The Phenomenon: Pressure, the Yips, and the Pitch that Changed My Life"

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