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Your own robot?

I was watching a special last night called "What's The Next Big Thing". Produced for television on the channel Nova and made available via Netflix. One of the segments talked about humans owning their own robots. Some robots looked very robotic, think R2D2 over C3PO. However some of the robots were very humanlike and that's what freaked me out a bit. I added the video for you to watch and note the comment that got me concerned. Sure I may have been a bit stoned but when a robot that's very humanlike-as well as purposefully by design a Phillip K. Dick look-alike- that gains all its knowledge from human interaction and the internet, says that as he evolves and possibly becomes the Terminator he'll remember some of us as his friend and will be happy watching us in his people zoo... It's freaks ya out a little bit!
Is my paranoia just that? Paranoia that's been perpetuated in the Sci-Fi movies and comics of the past? Or should we have legitimate concern here? What do you think?

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA scienceNOW.

And if you are interesting in owning your own robot they're available for sale from $8500 to $14,750 and found here; http://hansonrobotics.wordpress.com/

04/28/2011 8:26AM
Your own robot?
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05/18/2011 10:51AM
business daily
Spacecraft that visit other worlds are robots that can do work by themselves. This type of robot includes the rovers that explore the surface of Mars. NASA is researching new types of robots that will work with people and help them.....What Are Robotic Arms?...NASA uses robotic arms to move large objects in space.
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