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Ready for some new Five Finger?

The wait may be less than any of us ever expected.
Found this today.
Chack it out!


Las Vegas metallers FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH have begun tracking brand new compositions for the follow-up to last year's two-album set, "The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell".
"We're at the studio right now, and we're recording some new material," FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH drummer Jeremy Spencer told Artisan News earlier this month while promoting his autobiography, "Death Punch'd: Surviving Five Finger Death Punch's Metal Mayhem" (see video below). "And after we finish the [fall North American co-headlining] tour with VOLBEAT, we're gonna go back in and try to finish up everything in the winter and then get something out late spring [or] early summer."
He continued: "We've recorded four [songs so far]. I'm liking what I'm hearing, but there's a long way to go, so there's no… We haven't, like, 'Cool, these are four singles.' It's not… We'll judge the body of work when it's done."
FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH's tour with VOLBEAT kicks off on September 16 in Salt Lake City.
The band will also appear at SLIPKNOT's Knotfest festival, scheduled for late October in San Bernardino, California.


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Motley 2014

Well after going to Motley shows for 28 years I think I may have seen my last one.
I know they are going to be in Nebraska in November but I don’t think I could top this last one.
I have seen Motley from the rafters, to the floor, and snuck my way up to front row many times. (I am not very sneaky I think the security guys just looked the other way.)
I have snagged may cool items over the years.  From picks, drum heads, and got a Jager bottle from Tommy a few years ago.
Nikki has spat blood on me, Vince and sweated on me, and I have smelled fresh brewed coffee on Mick as they came out for an encore.
I have had the opportunity to meet the band many times and I can say that for the most part they are a good bunch of dudes.
As a 16 year old kid seeing them (from the nose bleeds) in Iowa (never imagining I would meet them) to getting into radio and seeing them front row and meeting them.  Seeing them has given me an opportunity to flashback to those pimple faced fun days.

I know I have turned this into a long story but Motley has been such a big part of my life I just feel a little sad knowing it is over.
I have so many more stories of my Motley fun but I will wrap it up for now.
Till next time!
You know I'm a dreamer
but my heart's of gold
I had to run away high
so I wouldn't come home low
Just when things went right
It doesn't mean they were always wrong
just take this song, and you'll never feel
left all alone...
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So, I am all for bands making some cash.
But if you had told me 30 years ago while jamming out to this song it would sell cookies I would have said you are crazy.
But...just check this out for yourself.

SCORPIONS' mega-hit "Rock You Like a Hurricane" is featured in a brand new commercial for General MillsFiber One cookies. Check it out below.

Commercial description: "Be the man that every woman wants with new Fiber One cookies! These delicious, chewy cookies not only taste amazing, but they are amazing for you!"

"Rock You Like a Hurricane" originally appeared on SCORPIONS' 1984 album "Love At First Sting". The track reached No. 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, greatly contributing to the album's success. The accompanying video also received heavy rotation on MTV.


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Slipknot News!

SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor has revealed to the "Loudwire Nights With Full Metal Jackie" radio show that the band's long-awaited follow-up to 2008's "All Hope Is Gone" is "98 percent done." He added: "I'm in the process of heading to the studio to give a listen, see if there's anything we need to touch up. But yeah, it is very close. The next step is the mix, and we're going to try to get it out very soon. There will be big announcements soon. Big things to hear, soon. That's really all I can say about it. I know we're anything, if not diligent to our plan. The plan is to just slowly but surely get people to lose their minds for the next couple of months with just little stuff here and there leaked."

SLIPKNOT's next CD will be the band's first since the 2010 death of bassist Paul Gray and December 2013 departure of drummer Joey Jordison, one of the group's founding members and key songwriters.

Asked what has been most fulfilling about working on new SLIPKNOT music that he never experienced before, Corey told Full Metal Jackie: "This one, it just feels, there's something weird about this one. Obviously this is the first album we're making without Paul.

"After everything we went through, there's a catharsis that comes with this, being able to throw all the emotion and aggression out that we've been holding onto. At the same time, getting to be creative again. Feeling that juice coming back into us. It's been a real positive experience just from an artistic standpoint, a lyrical standpoint.

"We're making an album that's not just a reflection. Let's just get new music out there. There's something very vital with what we're trying to do. There's something very visceral with the emotion we're playing with and trying to tell the story of a band that's gone through hell, and yet we're back. It's been really fulfilling."

Corey recently described the musical direction of the new SLIPKNOT material as "a great mesh of [2001's] 'Iowa' and [2004's] 'Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)'." He explained: "You've got the gorgeous melodies and the artistic direction of 'Vol. 3' and then you've got the absolute brutality of 'Iowa'. And I think people are gonna lose their minds when they hear it."

Even though SLIPKNOT's last album, "All Hope Is Gone", came out in 2008, Taylor said, "The good thing is we've always been writing, so there's a ton of stuff that we're pretty stoked on. It's exactly what you want it to be."

SLIPKNOT percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan told The Pulse Of Radio a while back that he has high hopes for the band's next album. "That record is going to be, I predict, one of the most serious things that we will have ever comprehended that we've ever done in our life," he said. "And we pretty much say that on every record, but I really feel that when the time comes, what will be on hand is going to be something almost unimaginable."

The band is rumored to have recruited drummer Jay Weinberg to play on the new album. Weinberg is the son of Max Weinberg, longtime BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AND THE E STREET BAND drummer.

SLIPKNOT announced in December 2013 that it had parted ways with Jordison. The band has not disclosed the reasons for Jordison's exit, although the drummer issued a statement in January saying that he did not quit the group.

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Keepers Of The Fire BBQ At Prairie Band Casino and Resort!

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Rockfest 2014

It took me a week to recover but Rockfest 2014 was awesome!
Thank you so much for coming out and making it another sold out show.
Because of you Rockfest holds its status as being the biggest one day music festival in the country.
I have said it before and will say it again. The bands and location are great but to me the best part of Rockfest is you.
Seeing 55,000 people out there just having a blast is the best sight in the world to me.
After a day like that I am so proud of this city I call home.
Thank you Kansas City from the bottom of my heart!
See ya there next year!

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Now that I have your attention I must warn you that if you do see this it is not real.
Not been too bad so far this year but in the past I have had to explain to many people that the $100 that they spent on VIP to Rockfest was money down the drain.
If you have the opportunity to buy them THEY ARE FAKE!

Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest!
See ya out there Saturday!
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Busy Time Of Year!

Holy hell I have been busy!
Sorry it has been a bit since I have been on here but this spring has been kicking my ass.
Between doing house stuff, Sevendust, NASCAR, and getting ready for Rockfest the time has kind of slipped away on me.
Hope you have been having as much fun as I have and I hope you are ready for Rockfest!
We are down to 18 days!
If you don’t have your tickets yet keep trying to win them or just get them before it is too late!
Remember if you wait till the day of the price jump up more!
Hope to see you there!
And I will be back sooner than later!
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But They Made It!

I have been a KISS fan all my life and was so pleased to hear they made it but for many years I have really put little stock into the "Hall Of Fame." 
Too many non rock bands make it in then I read the treatment to a true Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band... 
Read for yourself.

KISS frontman Paul Stanley has slammed Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame co-founder and Rolling Stone editor Jann Wenner as a "spineless weasel," claiming that the guitarist/vocalist and the rest of the band were treated like "uninvited guests" during Thursday night's (April 10) induction ceremony.

"Our treatment at the [Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame] confirmed my worst suspicions," Stanley fumed via Twitter. "Wenner and the rest are spineless weasels." He went on to say that the people behind the Rock Hall gave the members of KISS "no passes" or "schedule" for the evening, but didn't elaborate on what exactly he was referring to. He concluded: "We were great and [Wenner] remains a small man."

Stanley's bandmate, KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons, also took a couple of shots at Rolling Stone on Twittermocking the magazine's original critical review of LED ZEPPELIN's first album, writing "Rolling Stone. Idiots then. Idiots now." He then posted a link to a video from the early 1970s band CHRISTOPHER MILK, which featured John Mendelsohn, the writer who penned the negative reviews that appeared in Rolling Stone of each of the first two LED ZEPPELIN LPs.

Stanley ended his Hall Of Fame speech on Thursday by calling the evening "vindication" for the fans. He also took a dig at the Hall Of Fame by saying, "The people, I believe, are speaking to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, and what they're saying is, 'We want more.' They deserve more. They want to be a part of the induction. They want to be a part of the nomination. They don't want to be spoon-fed by a handful of people. Choices. The people pay for tickets. The people buy albums. The people who nominate do not. Let's not forget that these are the people that make it all possible. We just benefit from it."

KISS did not perform at the ceremony — the Hall Of Fame wanted the original quartet only to play, while Simmons and Stanley insisted on the current lineup performing as well. In the end nobody won that battle.

The 29th annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony was taped and will air on May 31 on HBO.

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This Will Be Good!

Looking around online this morning I found this!

THis will be a hell of a good lineup!


Check it out!



According to Joe PerryAEROSMITH will hit the road in the U.S. later this year with support from Slash and the former GUNS N' ROSES axeman's bandmates MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS — Myles Kennedy (vocals), Brent Fitz (drums), Todd Kerns (bass) and Frank Sidoris (guitar). Tickets will go on sale in the next few weeks.

AEROSMITH frontman Steven Tyler is reportedly working on a solo album, tentatively due later this year.

The AEROSMITH singer issued his first-ever solo song, called "(It) Feels So Good", in May 2011 while serving as a judge on "American Idol".


Slash and MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS recently entered the studio to record the third album under the solo Slash banner. The follow-up to 2012's "Apocalyptic Love" is being helmed by producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette, known for 

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