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Who's Working On New METAL?!

Motorhead - The World Is Yours - Feb. 8
Lamb of God - Late 2011/2012
Sepultura - Early 2011
Machine Head - Late 2011
Marilyn Manson - Early 2011
Testament - 2011
Metallica - 2011?
Rage Against the Machine - ???
Tool - ???
Jonathan Davis (Korn) Solo - ???
Slipknot - ???

What are we missing?

12/01/2010 4:42PM
Who's Working On New METAL?!
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12/01/2010 6:03PM
12/01/2010 6:07PM
josh bardwell
Bullet For My Valentine. Escape The Fate
12/01/2010 11:53PM
Bobby wickwire
Dude... Slipknot better be making their next album soon. It's almost been three years. And in my opinion, that's 2 years to many. My respects to the Gray family I hope Metallica keeps up the good work. I was impressed over the last album, but a few before that kinda scared me...
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